Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Police and Racism

It's unfair to blame the police for the racism of the entire society . . . . But we have to face the fact that incarceration of blacks is four to five times their portion of the general population, and CRIME IS FALLING, and has been for about forty years. As for risking their lives for protecting the community, the police love to say it, but it's not true, especially in heavily black areas. Loggers and truck drivers and coal miners die at considerably higher rates than do police officers, but you don't hear them whining about how they're risking their lives for us all the time. If the job is too dangerous for you, then look for a safer one. Bottom line is that I'd love to hear a police chief announce that he's sick and tired of getting into unnecessary conflicts with black people due to a racist society's determination to lock them in jail rather than educate and employ them. But that would be a "political" statement, and the police aren't permitted a political life. In short, they signed on for that they're getting the day they took the job.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Obama's Political Instincts Impress Black Radical

"He tends to punt on second down instead of fourth down."

                                                                       ------Cornel West

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Biblical Retribution?

Israeli Forces Demolish Home of Palestinian Who Used a Car to Kill 2

Security forces evacuated a five-story building and destroyed the apartment of the mother of Abdel Rahman al-Shaloudy, who killed a baby and a young woman last month.

ISIS Forces Demolish Home of American President Who Used Military to Kill Thousands

Fundamentalist Muslim forces evacuated the White House and destroyed the apartment of the First Family ( not Adam & Eve ) who they accused of murdering thousands in the Middle East

Monday, November 10, 2014

Resetting U.S.-China Relations By WANG DONG

with commentary by Legalienate's Asian analyst, Dick Long

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Democrats Keep The Republicans Winning

The Democrats have reached near genius in their ability to keep a widely disliked GOP on top in the United States' fake democracy.  Consider the recent electoral rout that the Democrats deservingly suffered.  Apologists for the party claim that the "dumb" Republican voters rejected the Democrats' sterling record of (1) 65 straight months of economic growth (2) 56 months of private sector growth (3) Unemployment falling from 10.1% to 5.9% (4) The budget deficit reduced by two-thirds (5) Fewer American's "in harm's way" in war zones  (6) Zero attacks by Al Qaeda inside the U.S. (7) Record stock market growth.

Of course, this is a very self-serving and highly skewed portrayal of political reality.  The "economic growth" is the weakest economic recovery in all of the post-WWII era, if indeed the anemic Obama performance can even be called recovery.  In any case, economic growth tells you nothing about the DISTRIBUTION of wealth, a point that liberals regularly bring up when Republicans tout the growth record of "free enterprise," but just as regularly forget when it shows Democrats in a bad light.  For the record, grotesque maldistribution of wealth in the Obama era is at or near an all-time record.  As for private sector job growth it's mostly a mirage, with lots of low-wage contingent jobs without benefits that can and are quickly eliminated at employers' convenience.  The same goes for the unemployment rate:  people who have given up looking for jobs that don't exist are no longer counted as unemployed, though they remain jobless.  So the "falling" unemployment rate disguises increasingly hopeless economic misery.  The budget deficit reduction is precisely due to austerity policies that liberals supposedly oppose, but actually support, like extending the Bush era tax cuts for the rich and failing to effectively protest the cuts in social programs that inevitably followed.   This is progress?  Fewer American's in harm's way in war zones?  Re-positioning of U.S. troops while the U.S. continues to maintain a global military presence and starts wars right and left, not in war zones, but inside other nations where large numbers of civilians are inevitably tortured and killed is nothing to boast of.  Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama has attacked seven, or is it eight, sovereign nations since coming to office.  Henry Kissinger must be seething with envy.  Zero attacks by Al Qaeda inside the U.S.?  This is largely luck, as there can't be any question that U.S. policy in the Obama era continues to fuel bitter hatred of the U.S., portending further horrors inside the U.S. as well as elsewhere.  Record stock market growth?  Don't we have to mention the trillions of dollars of liquidity injections from the U.S. taxpayer that are fueling this "growth?"  Six years after a near-fatal heart attack the patient is still on the operating table receiving constant blood transfusions, and somehow this equates with robust recovery.  Sure.

Keep it up Democrats, and you'll soon be extinct.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blatant Anti-Semitism: Pogroms Feared: Israel To Welcome Escapees

Voyeur Case Spurs Rabbis to Add Post for Women

A week after a Washington rabbi was charged with videotaping women disrobing for ritual baths as they converted to Judaism, the national association of modern Orthodox rabbis said Monday that it would require the appointment of ombudswomen to handle any concerns from women about the conversion process.

Legalienate has urged that the new "omboobswomen" all be lesbians.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Great Unhinging

“The defining economic challenge of our time is secular stagnation. It is the risk of inadequate growth, leading to inadequate potential, leading to inadequate growth.”

Lawrence H. Summers, former U. S. Treasury secretary, now teaching at Harvard

­Summers uses jargon familiar to those who make financial policy, teach at Harvard, and are in process of destroying more of the earth and its people for short-term private profits that guarantee long-term public loss.

Did you know that the signs of systemic breakdown we are experiencing were due to “secular stagnation”? You would have if you majored in the theological economics that are the foundational beliefs sustaining our global place of worship: the Vatican at Wall Street. Heretics understand it as a Ponzi Scheme but that ethnic and criminal sounding title is too close to the truth to be allowed in popular terminology.

Once we understand “secular stagnation” and other philosophic claptrap we can fully accept all gibberish explaining what is, at an ever-quickening pace, murdering greater numbers of people, degrading greater parts of the environment, spreading inequality at a faster pace and causing those who rule to sink into terminal mental disability while increasing physical, mental and moral breakdowns among those they dominate.

The day after our secular god, “the market”, had its biggest stock price increase of the year, it had its biggest stock price decrease of the year. Huh? People who act that way might be diagnosed as bipolar and given drugs, if they were affluent members of the professional class. If only workers or poor people they would more likely be called deranged and imprisoned. But we have no class system in America. Santa and the Easter Bunny bring us secular stagnation, equally.

A booming market, when stock prices increase and the minority owners gain more wealth, is supposed to cause joy for everyone as that wealth trickles down to the great mass of the people. And when the market busts, as it always does after it booms, the loss also trickles down to that same great mass, who are told we are experiencing a “market correction” and not to worry. There will soon be another boom and there will be more crumbs falling off the tables of the wealthy minority and into the grateful hands, mouths and other body parts of the great majority who patiently wait. Sure.

There are signs that the majority is becoming more impatient and critical which makes the rulers more nervous and they begin saying things like the financial genius quoted at the top. Don’t worry, be happy. It’s just “secular stagnation”, a term beyond your understanding. But those losing their jobs, savings, homes and minds are beginning to understand that there is a system at fault and not, as they’ve been led to believe, their personal shortcomings. This makes the rulers and their servants more likely to kill even more people than usual while they are rationalizing collective madness as “secular stagnation” and “market corrections” and other assaults on language and logic.

Further signs of structural collapse both physical and mental can be seen in the seeming outbreak of abuse upon women, athletes, reporters, whistle blowers, and more innocent people unlucky enough to have their phones tapped by government or their lives intruded on by gossip pimps.

Highly paid athletes whose work involves physically abusing other highly paid athletes seem to be indulging in abuse of their mates, girlfriends and wives at epidemic rates. Who could have anticipated that rewarding violence might create more violence? Meanwhile more nerdy college students are said to be conducting a collective sexual assault on campus women. Even allowing for overstatement, distortion and the usual twisting of fact into fiction that makes money for corporate media, something terrible is going on here. If the NSA is frightening what should we think about the invasion of privacy being conducted by non-governmental sources which make viral the innermost conduct and behavior of people being filmed, recorded, taped and photographed by devices either wielded by their mates or the paparazzi or public eavesdroppers supposedly fighting crime but often helping in its creation. Or maybe this is just “free speech”?
An allegedly liberal administration is assaulting those trying to report on government overstepping its bounds and has gone so far beyond the Bush gang of conservatives that so called progressives are looking more like fascists. Freedom of the press?

So we have the current CEO of American capital threatening to “degrade and destroy” the latest alleged menace to americans as we watch that menace win more victories and control more territory despite our multi trillion dollar military power killing, destroying and degrading all the wrong things, people and places. Hatred grows for all of us, the threat of terror – originally the rationale for slaughtering tens of thousands all over the middle east – increases almost exponentially, and the CEO is thought to be a savior of freedom by a minority of those waiting for the crumbs to fall from the tables of wealth, while another minority, even more distant from reality, thinks the CEO of capital is a socialist or communist who means to take what little they have and give it to someone else.

Neither minority understands that it’s all due to “secular stagnation”. They are poorly informed and often tragically misinformed, but they are not stupid. That makes the rulers even more nervous.

While some claim that something called black power is destroying something called the white race, young black men are regularly shot and killed by the police and vigilantes for suspicion of being young black men. The first group is genuinely powerless and alienated enough to believe almost anything it is told while the second is far more alienated and powerless while subject to the same rule of “secular stagnation” that makes both extremes sadly equal in one important area: being powerless against their social, political and economic rulers.

They, and we, will remain so as long as we swallow the foreign policy propaganda that has us up in arms and fear over apparitions and created monsters, and especially the economic fanaticism that rationalizes everything by calling capitalism’s collapsing reality a simple matter of “secular stagnation”.