Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sanders-Clinton Brooklyn Debate: Moderate Insanity?

The Democratic Party's debate in Brooklyn last Friday in preparation for New York's April 19 primary showed that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not too far behind the lunatic ideological standards of the GOP. Here's how:

1.  Bernie Sanders continued to call the 2003 Iraq invasion a mere "blunder."

When the U.S. forced Iraq to disarm and then invaded and massacred hundreds of thousands of civilians, this after a decade of imposing economic sanctions that UN Humanitarian Coordinator Dennis Halliday called "genocidal," it was a crime against the Iraqi people. The threat or use of force is illegal under international law. Washington did not care.  Bernie Sanders voted against the invasion; Hillary Clinton voted for it. Sanders should stop trivializing the crime by calling it a mistake. It's not just the right thing to do, it's also a good way to erode support for what Louis Farrakhan calls "that wicked woman" (Hillary Clinton).

2.  Said Hillary, with no trace of shame:  "I remain one of the poorer members of the United States Senate."

Whatever her relative standing in that plutocratic body, she and her family are fabulously wealthy. Daughter Chelsea recently moved into her new digs in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of New York City, which take up an entire city block. Of course she earned her wealth doing "charity" for the Clinton foundation. Right. And Hillary left the White House "dead broke," as she once absurdly claimed.

3.  Sanders referred to the U.S. criminal justice system as "broken."

Politicians love mechanical metaphors because when faced with mechanical break-down nobody cares about how the break-down occurred, only that it promptly be fixed. But politics is not like mechanical break-down. Politics is policy, and when policy leads to ruinous outcomes for millions of people over a long period of time, it's never in a fit of absent-mindedness, as the "broken" metaphor would have us believe. It's because of the vested interest of powerful groups who benefit from exploitation and abuse. So the U.S. criminal justice system is not, in fact, broken, but rather humming along nicely railroading the poor into prison, gunning innocent black people down in the streets, and generating impressive revenues for the prison-industrial complex. That's what it's supposed to do. 

4.  Sanders, in referring to what our nation's energy mix should be, said that "you certainly don't phase nuclear (power) out tomorrow."

This is intended to be a "reasonable" statement, implying that only crazy people would insist that nuclear power be banned right away. But didn't Japan essentially phase out nuclear power "right away" in the wake of its multiple-meltdown at Fukushima? [There are currently three operating nuclear plants in Japan; there used to be over fifty.] What are we waiting for, our own Fukushima? The fact is that nuclear power is not just carcinogenic, but mutagenic, which threatens the genetic fabric of life itself with uncontrolled mutation. Is that the future we want? Right now, Fukushima is contaminating sea life all over the world, with predictably horrendous consequences for marine life and for the human race, which stands at the top of the food chain. This is an energy form that was developed and protected by the government because no insurance company could pay for damages in a Fukushima-like accident without going bankrupt.  In short, it was never a viable industry and it's long overdue that we got rid of it.

5. Hillary said, "The Libyan people deserve a chance at democracy and self-government. And I, as president, will keep trying to give that to them."

This is a truly terrifying promise. The destruction of Libya, was for Hillary, as Diana Johnstone called it,"a war of her own." (See Johnstone's terrific book, "Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton," published by Counterpunch last year.) The daily terror bombings destroyed the country with the highest standard of living in Africa, handing it over to terrorist gangs. That is what her quest for "democracy" wrought. Before the war Libyans enjoyed free healthcare, education, electricity, water, training, rehabilitation, housing assistance, disability and old-age benefits, interest-free state loans, subsidies to study abroad, buy a new car, help when they married, almost free gasoline, and more. Now all that is gone, replaced by terror and chaos.

6.  Sanders called Qaddafi a "horrific dictator."

Except the U.N. Human Rights council praised Qaddafi in its January, 2011 "Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Libya Arab Jamahiriya," saying his government "protected not only political rights, but also economic, educational, social and cultural rights." It also lauded his treatment of religious minorities, along with the "human rights training" of its security forces. And Qaddafi enjoyed overwhelming popular support. After NATO attacked Libya, hundreds of thousands of people openly rallied for him. On July 1, 2011, 95% of Tripoli's population, over a million people, expressed their support in Green Square. Before the war, he felt safe enough to drive unprotected through Tripoli's streets, not something a "horrific dictator" would likely do.

7.  Sanders ritually genuflected at the reference to evil dictators that supposedly justify Washington's blood-soaked foreign policy, to wit:  "Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein are brutal, brutal murdering thugs. No debate about that."

There's no debate about that in the U.S. corporate media because of the ideological controls placed over debate in those forums. But elsewhere there would be plenty of debate at Sanders' assertion. In any event, Hussein's Iraq was a much favored U.S. client state for years, including when he killed dozens of U.S. sailors aboard the USS Stark in 1987, so why didn't Washington ever do anything to stop its "brutal murdering thug?" As for Qaddafi, aside from his domestic popularity and positive human rights record, already mentioned, he supported the Palestinian struggle for liberation, opposed Israel's occupation and the siege of Gaza, backed anti-apartheid struggles in South Africa, as well as liberation movements elsewhere such as in Ireland and Spain. Maybe the world needs more "brutal murdering thugs" and fewer "free market democracies" that kill millions with bombs, bullets and economic blockades?

8.  Sanders said, "our fight is to destroy ISIS first, and to get rid of Assad second."

Wrong. Our fight is to reign in U.S. imperial forces everywhere and develop a real national defense policy for the first time ever. Using state violence to "destroy" enemies created by prior campaigns of state violence just generates more and deadlier enemies. Sanders appears to be no closer to realizing this than Donald Trump.

9.  Clinton said: " . .  . we know they (Russia) want to rewrite the map of Europe."

Since NATO has violated agreements made in the Gorbachev era not to expand to the east, this is an understandable desire. NATO is far more the aggressor in Europe than Russia, and Putin has shown considerable restraint. When Cuba put nuclear missile emplacements 90 miles from the U.S., the Kennedy administration nearly launched a nuclear war, but somehow NATO is justified in moving nuclear bombs right up to the Russian border long after the demise of the "aggressive" Soviet Union terminated the ostensible justification for NATO to even exist. NATO should be disbanded, the sooner the better.

10.  Sanders described himself as "100% pro-Israel" while stating contradictorily that the U.S. should play an "even-handed role" in the Israel-Palestine conflict. He boldly stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu is "not right all of the time," which is like saying that Donald Trump isn't subtle and sophisticated all the time. He said that Israel "has every right in the world to destroy terrorism," but that "we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity," as though the effort "to destroy terrorism" weren't precisely the reason that Palestinians don't enjoy respect, dignity, or even safety. Finally, he said that Israel's 2014 Gaza massacre was "disporportionate and led to the unnecessary loss of innocent life," as opposed to the necessary loss of innocent life. Say what? Why is killing innocent people ever necessary?

11. Sanders said:  " . . . it (Palestine) is a complicated issue and God knows for decades presidents, including President Carter and others have tried to do the right thing."

This is a sensible statement only if "the right thing" is taken to mean provide cover for Israel to rob, swindle, torture, and murder Palestinian Arabs.


CNN debate transcript available at:

"The Illegal War on Libya," edited by Cynthia McKinney (Clarity Press, 2012)

"Queen of Chaos:  The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton," by Diana Johnstone (Counterpunch, 2015)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tax Havens: Minority Heaven, Majority Hell

 “To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.” 
Raymond Williams

An old story well known to a few has been brought a new life for many with revelations of the rich stashing their wealth in tax havens that cost the rest of us trillions in their unpaid denial of social bills and national responsibilities. A whistle blower-leaked tale about a Panamanian firm handling accounts for some of the global rich cheats and scammers is being carefully screened by mind managers and consciousness controllers before revealing names, but ultimately the public will be better informed about still another way that the rich rule by their profit and the rest pay for it through our loss.

Initial names dropped in the western, especially american, media repeat Putin and Assad as often as possible, in keeping with propaganda campaigns  of demonization that will not stop until the balance of global power has changed for the good of humanity and ended for the very rich these revelations may help finally defeat. It seems that Putin’s daughter had a wedding in a hotel owned by someone whose name appears among those so far revealed, not surprising given that Russia is a capitalist country and numbers a minority of extremely rich people among its population. And wonder of wonders, Putin may even know and deal with some of them. Imagine. Nothing like that could be true in the USA. If we keep our heads stuffed in a part of our anatomy that never sees the sun.

Actually, many American politicians are rich even before elected, and many who aren’t become so shortly after. And ex presidents, and their wives, often become multi millionaires upon leaving office. This should not be a late breaking bulletin to our citizenry but given the status of our education and information dispensing institutions it may be. Nevertheless, with selected releases and even attempted censorship this enormous cache of elitist cash swindling info may ultimately drop some American names. Maybe.

It is important to know that our richest thieves and legal book jugglers really don’t need offshore tax havens since there are many right here in the USA, with Delaware and Nevada long offering comfortable places to incorporate firms without giving any names as to who actually owns them and thus protect identities and avoid responsibility. The issue of money remaining free from tax collection and being laundered so as to clean it from the criminal ways it is often procured by organized crime, corporadoes or politicians, are really very old stories which may not have originated here but have a long history of practice in the good old marketplace culture of the USA.

Still, and despite this silly Putin-Assad stress that not only leaves Americans unmentioned but also seems not to notice quite a few Israeli firms and stockholders among the wealthy welfare chiselers – imagine that! - there is much that may be revealed to people for the first time, teaching them more about how they are robbed by the oligarchs in their societies. This, at a time when Americans and Europeans are under great stress having had government services and public spending viciously slashed in favor of private profits for that class of global royalty, may even help produce a bigger vote among the already great outpouring of disgust for established power through new parties in europe and for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump here in the almost endless American primary race. Sanders and Trump hardly speak the same language but attract some of the same people totally disgusted with the establishment parties they belong to but whose politics they hardly represent.

While the mass of information collected by what seems a major financed media funded source has led to healthy speculation, it has also caused much of the suspicion fueled by establishment lies that finds anything and everything that happens that seems to be even slightly anti-establishment to be a plot, conspiracy or twisted scheme organized by that very establishment. Or nearly mystical manifestations of power attached to often biblical codes, racial theories born of those codes, or simple beliefs that only a chosen few can possibly understand anything and the other billions of us are too dumb to fathom anything beyond the Super Bowl, the World Cup or Downton Abbey.

Just as many if not most american voters are brain bludgeoned into the crack pot realism ordering them to vote for lesser evils since nothing good can ever come from voting, the despair of ugliness at the core of so much of perceived reality can reduce once hopeful people to give up and accept less than half a loaf or no loaf at all.

But the growing reaction of anger at things as they are and desire to transform reality to something much better may ultimately bring even some of the most despairing to see a light at the end of humanity’s tunnel. We should expect that every step forward, including this small one towards revelation of another way in which the rich minority takes advantage of the majority, will be seen as just another ploy by “them” to further induce ignorance and despair such as the wise ones are all too aware of, and continue us on the path to failure. Truly, some of this could almost make the Pope succumb to cynicism, but his inherent hope and faith based on spiritual yearning balanced with material intelligence is very much like what is going on in the world among growing numbers of human beings of different nations and cultures.

Facing a near total breakdown of political economics and the environment that sustains us all, many are saying: enough, we can’t go on this way and must have radical change or the human race, let alone our various nations, will face disaster. Whoever the original revealers were and whatever provoked them, ultimately it is humanity which will be served by what is revealed, however established authority will try to suppress that information, and its gullible handmaidens in communities of perpetual doubt will innocently help by spreading their message of hopelessness and despair.

We live in a time of no secrets, anytime, anywhere. While it can seem that only means gossip, trivia and propaganda, at least to some, the rest of us are learning that there will be no place to hide for anyone on earth if we allow our world to succumb to the ravages of it and its inhabitants being treated like nothing more than a “branded” commodity for sale at a market. We also know that those most responsible for bringing us to this point have to be removed from power and replaced by democracy. Echoing the opening quote, it is time for the truly radical to so convince those remaining in despair.
That is our only hope, and it should be no secret anymore.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fake Protest vs. Real Change

"The brutal way in which America's hardest-working folks were historically forced to internalize the values of a gangster capitalist class continues to elude the left, which, with few exceptions, understands not a thing about how this political and economic system has hammered the humanity of ordinary working people."

                    -----Joe Bageant, Deer Hunting With Jesus

The voters are speaking, and the urge-to-change is more evident on the political right than the so-called left. The Democrats are divided between the DLC and the Sandernistas over the issue of whether or not to revive and expand the New Deal, aka the "nanny state." The right is increasingly unified behind a USA-First agenda, which has no necessary conflict with a social democratic form of governance, though one wouldn't know this from the deep hostility that divides the Sanders and Trump campaigns.

The Democratic primaries are a contest between "socialist" Sanders and Wall Street's Clinton, while on the Republican side voters are united in contempt for all establishment candidates. In short, the GOP base has escaped the control of party elites - hallelujah! - whereas the Democrats continued to be a house divided against itself.  So what do these independent-minded Republicans want? If we count the Cruz and Trump voters together based on their similar stances on immigration, it is clear that a large GOP majority wants (1) a border wall, (2) deportation for those here illegally, and (3) less immigration in the future.

This is a message the Republican establishment, the Clintonistas, and those feeling the Bern can't bear to even hear, much less intelligently do something about. In their minds, the immigration-phobes can only be motivated by racism, an ignorant and hateful unwillingness to welcome the great unwashed to America's shores, which is supposedly what our "nation of immigrants" should always be prepared to do. Never mind that real wages have been in stagnation or decline for a large majority of American workers for decades, and that white working class males are dying younger than their parents did due to the accumulated effects of outsourcing and mass immigration:  "Diversity" is self-evidently wonderful, and the more poor uneducated people there are here, the better.

It is deeply unfortunate that immigration is discussed as a racial rather than a class issue. For the plain fact is that the growth imperative behind capitalism is uprooting hundreds of millions of people all over the world and depositing them in alien surroundings, occasioning fear and resentment in communities that experience their presence as a loss of local control. As the world heads for a human population of ten or twelve billion, even a low growth rate - two or three percent - promises to deliver a forced diversification of human communities in the next few decades that will be simply unendurable, no matter what people's personal attitudes about ethnicity and race may be. In short, the owners of the system need perpetual mass immigration on an ever expanding scale, but the workers who sustain the system cannot indefinitely endure falling wages, rising underemployment, and endemic ethnic conflict stemming from capitalism's permanently rootless existence. Something has to give.

At the moment Donald Trump is the prime beneficiary of voter anger at Washington's acquiescence in the cheap labor economy, as his criticism of job-destroying free trade treaties is hitting home with laid-off blue collar workers. Apparently lost on anti-Trump protesters is the fact that Bernie Sanders and Trump have a very similar message for these workers: Washington elites don't care about you and have let you down. Unfortunately, however, there is no chance at all of the two candidates' constituencies finding common ground, as identity politics trumps class consciousness at every turn. Recently, the most militant Trump opponents have somehow convinced themselves that insulting Trump supporters and invading their rallies is the best way to get political traction for their cause. The predictable consequence is that they get their lights punched out, while Trump the shameless remains unshamed (He just recently assured the world on national TV that he has a big penis. How likely was a shaming strategy going to work with him?)How this is supposed to expand the ranks for progressive reform is anybody's guess.

Meanwhile, the liberal ideology of victimhood becomes ever more absurd. A New Jersey Board of Education recently punished a child for criticizing vegetarianism to a vegetarian classmate because overtly disapproving of vegetarianism is bullying! Beware of "microaggressions," which lead directly to genocide.

Or how about the brave social justice warriors at UC Davis, who days ago accused the campus student government of "fat shaming" and "culturally appropriating the traditions of the Japanese people" for renting out two sumo suits for an annual campus block party.

“My overall impression is that this conversation is in itself an expression of white-supremacist anti-Asian structural racism,” student Scott Tsuchitani told The California Aggie. “Asian Americans are treated as mute, hapless victims, devoid of agency, a.k.a. the ‘model minority’ stereotype. That is what is being re-inscribed by this conversation.”

Student Phil Jones, shocked at the student government's insensitivity towards overweight students on campus, demanded financial reimbursement for the emotional distress.

Such is "protest" in our degraded era. Right now, Trump, the demagogic master of reality TV, is more than up to the challenge posed by the perpetually aggrieved.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Market Forces - Class Conflicts = Democracy’s Defeat

Market Forces - Class Conflicts = Democracy’s Defeat

America’s history of subjugation, slaughter and enslavement of  “red skin” Indians and “black skin” Africans by more economically powerful and better armed “white skin” Europeans may be the root of a most malevolent superstition that still has believers in the mythology of racially superior and inferior peoples. It may be in the tradition of older biblical tales of special people favored over all others, these brought about by suffering which could only be rationalized by myths about a god offering reward in the hereafter to whoever suffered most in the here and now. But such gross reductionism in the American tradition brought up to date would have a hateful slack jawed moron with a gun being racially superior to a loving brilliant person without one, or a brutal, drooling sex fiend rapist racially superior to a kind and innocent victim.

Simple gradations in human skin tones have everything to do with our different geographic and genetic origins but absolutely nothing to do with the social, political and economic construct we’ve been taught to believe makes us different races.

The most profound and meaningful difference among members of the human race is that of sex, without which there would be no human race. But African, European or Asian men are not only the same sex but also the same race, as are Nigerian, Italian or Vietnamese women. Still, you’d have a tough time convincing most of us, especially in the U.S.A., since we’ve been divided & and conquered by our rulers for so long that we all but have to identify as one or another minority in order to band together to achieve some alleged equality, often only in our minds. But we have reached a point at which continued belief in racial and other socio-ethnic division only plays into the hands of the most powerful economic minority of all, which becomes more falsely multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi –cultural in its employment policies as wealth skews up to it more unequally than ever.

While identity politics play greater roles in the divisions that prevent democracy, some members of supposed minorities become stock holders in corporate capital’s upper professional and leadership classes while those lower on the economic spectrum continue suffering the slings, arrows, bullets and bombs that come from the same power sources always rewarding some at the expense of others. Our system of private profit for some only at public loss for the many has maintained for generations, most recently with the added fiction that there is strength in accepting the role of a minority within the minority, accepting affirmative success by acting as such, and thereby making a better living and sometimes idealistically thinking others will be helped by such individually allowed affirmation once it is wrapped in the social packaging of equality-for-all rhetoric.

Unequal wages paid to men and women is one of the glaring economic injustices that draws attention and should, but without forgetting that women who are unemployed or not professional bear burdens worse than making less money than men. The skin tone racial wage disparities in the marketplace are even more unjust, but again, increasing-equalizing the paycheck size of a female or “person-of-color” in the professional class does little or nothing for those reduced to working class lives with no hopes of achieving professionalism and worse, those who suffer the injustice and deprivation of poverty, an absolute necessity in an economy of profit for only some, with increasing loss for most.

 A higher minimum wage for all workers is far more socially beneficial than improved rewards for a minority of better paid people in some cases already somewhat privileged if only in lesser evil terms. Affirming some supposed minority members of society with college educations while continuing to negate, deny and treat with bigotry all those with no chance of such professional achievement is, unfortunately, not only the rule but accepted and passionately protected as a socially liberal concept. This anti-social political economic arrangement is strengthened by recruiting a leadership class from relatively privileged sectors of the out-groups who then convince their less privileged members to maintain the system since someday they too may rise to a higher economic level simply by mastering minority market forces and forgetting about majority rule democracy.

This helps maintain the glaring inequities of a system which threatens all of humanity, in a truly global sense, while most of that humanity is controlled and manipulated into accepting social organization which works against the best interests of the human race, and not just one or another supposed minority of it, however blatantly discriminatory things may be or seem in a selective, personal way. From that standpoint, people are manipulated into believing privilege is enjoyed only by those slightly above their own economic level, while blatant inequality allows incredible wealth to pile up for a real and tiny minority while great majorities are kept in needless, often violent competition among themselves.

For example:

400 U.S. billionaires have more wealth than 197 million Americans combined. Twenty of them - 20! - have more than 150 million people. Rest assured that there is ample “minority” representation among the 197 and 150 million but they – we – represent a majority if we ever demand and exercise democracy, which is why we are mind managed and consciousness controlled into acting like minorities.

In a nation in which so few have amassed such fantastic wealth – and most innumerate citizens cannot fathom a billion, let alone billions – at the latest count there are 46 million of us who are poor. What might a judgmental, righteous and vengeful god, favored by many biblical believers, do to such a people and society?

We Americans owe more than $940 million in credit card debt, $1.3 billion in student loans and $13.8 billion in mortgages. Who do we owe it to? Mostly to those 400 billionaires and their professional servant class. If that is democracy, then cancer is good health. And according to the rules of capital and private profit, much about cancer is a sign of financial health; it is a multi billion-dollar industry.

Last year cancer pharmaceuticals crossed the billion-dollar mark in sales and in economic truth, a cure for cancer would represent staggering loss for the industry. Not only oncologists but also thousands of workers in the drug, therapy, medical, therapeutic, home care, wheel chair, and countless other businesses related to such severe illness would be unemployed. That crippling diseases exist and need to be fought and controlled is one thing, but that they are profit creators in a market place without morals, where weapons, housing, pet food, clothing, autos, bombs, cosmetics and everything and anything else are sent to the market to create profit by being sold only to those who can afford them is great for the minority that profits, but deadly for the majority that carries the financial, political and moral burden of loss.

The social disease of capitalism has created a financial, environmental, moral, intellectual and philosophic form of cancer that can only be cured by democratic restructuring of the political economic system. That cannot come about in a divided population, which is why rulers work to keep it that way. We are forced into fictional combat over allegedly shrinking resources while a small group consumes incredible amounts of the earth’s wealth as that consumption pattern brings about a dangerous ecological condition that threatens all and not just some of humanity.

And humanity, we need to learn or remember before it’s too late, is neither hyphenated, color-coded nor a marketplace product available for sale. At least it shouldn’t be. Our class needs to come to attention, focus on our problem and work to solve it before the divisions we have been physically and mentally forced into help to destroy not just the school or the educational system but the entire society in which they function. The majority democratic forces of the people must control the market before minority control brings the global mall of weapons, war and needless consumer waste provoked by psycho-neurotic controlled needs crashing down on all our heads.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

U.S. Elections May End All Life on Earth; Details Below

Rubio, Cruz, denounce Trump as "racist, misogynist, genocidal xenophobe" who is leading the GOP to  "total disaster;" pledge to "support him 100%" if he's nominated.

Sanders slams "my friend" Hillary Clinton for "drowning the Middle East in ocean of blood" and "empowering Wall Street financiers to destroy U.S.;" promises "unconditional support" if she succeeds in buying the Democratic nomination.

All mental hospitals in Israel to close; Jewish Institute of Mental Health claims concept is "meaningless"  in nation that talks only of "who to incinerate next."

Hillary Clinton proposes Medicare For All who invade Russia to topple Putin regime. Trump sticks by his "something terrific" plan to replace Obama Care.

GOP presidential candidates found to be infected by Zika; virus shrunk Republican brains while leaving normal-sized skulls intact. Trump insists there is "no problem" with size of his thinking organ.

President of International Congress of War Refugees calls for Hillary Clinton to win U.S. presidency. "The destruction of all we know and love" would be handled more humanely by a woman, Ima Dunce tells the New York Times.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Brave, Bold, Courageous, Angry American Speaks Out

What is happening to this great and wonderful and exceptional nation? How can the greatest country in the history of map making allow this fiendish monster to not only dominate our Tv screens and newspaper headlines but threaten to become president of this greatest country ever in history not counting ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt or other empires too old to really matter compared to this one?

This rhetorical nazi, racist, sexist language spouting rich ego maniac may be the darling of nazi, racist, sexist language spouting working class and poorly educated unwashed stupid dopey moronic people who actually run this country and secretly own it, but we americans who stand for truth, justice, common decency and loving our pets while thousands live in the streets will not stand for this madness! And I for one declare here and now that if is this vile filthy pig is elected I will take my family and move to Russia or China or Mexico, where the free market will afford us the opportunities that were our heritage in the old America. The one we cherish and love and honor and get tears in our eyes when we think about it, or something.

You know, the one before this beastly monster and his rhetoric made us all ashamed. The one that drove the Indians off their homelands, slaughtered them if they resisted, and put them in concentration camps called reservations so it sounded like they were going to dinner. That great originator of freedom and justice that brought Africans over in chains so that their labor could be used to build a mighty fortress of agricultural capital in the south that we had to destroy in a civil war to relocate as industrial capital up north. That great nation that saved the world from evil fascism or communism or some other really bad thing by blowing up much of europe and Asia, especially Germany, Japan, Korea and Viet Nam, and did it unselfishly, with little or no concern for the young men and women who had to die in order to perform the slaughter of millions. How can we let this filthy demonic Trump creature destroy that with his nasty rhetoric? Even as we continue doing it in the Middle East, as always, saving the lives of thousands by murdering millions?

I’m asking all Americans of good conscience, all decent people who employ cheap immigrant labor to pick our crops, bus our tables, clean our houses, take care of our kids, do our gardening, and work cheaper than ungrateful americans who used to do that stuff, to come together and buy tickets to other countries if this monster somehow gets the slack-jawed dumbo majority – you know, the ones that elected Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and them  - to make an even dumber choice.

We can create a newer, greater America in some foreign country that will be like the old one, only better. It will be much easier for us to get rid of lower forms of humans than it was in the past, and if we’re careful we can rid ourselves of all stupidity, venality, immorality and other stuff that will help us rise to an even higher form of the master race of self chosen people we were, before this vicious creator of filth, hate, racism and sexism came along.

It’s not too late. Check out our fundraising site online, send all the money you’ve got, and join this effort to save our nation from the deepest, darkest threat ever in the history of consciousness controlled creation of demonic individuals to take people’s minds off the need to change corrupt and murderous social systems. Join the real conspiracy for humanity, give us your money, stick a false flag up your ass and join the parade for freedom!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sanders, Social Democracy, and Socialism

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon is gaining momentum in the wake of his strong showing in Iowa and twenty-two point margin of victory in New Hampshire. In this year of the outsider, voters are flocking to Trump and Sanders, and, though there is a long way to go, it's not impossible that both corporate parties will see their voting bases in full revolt. Let us hope so.

Extreme imperialist Hillary Clinton is particularly unappealing in her identity politics quest to be the first woman president of the U.S. While Donald Trump calls Vladimir Putin a genuine leader and trusts in his negotiator skills to deal with him, Clinton regards him as the personification of evil and eagerly courts WWIII to put him in his place. On Sanders, her sound bite of the moment is that she agrees with his "democratic socialist" analysis, but as an experienced politician "knows how to do it" (i.e., reign in Wall Street), better than the (allegedly) utopian dreamer Sanders. Given her $200,000 lecture fees on the Wall Street circuit, and the avalanche of corporate money inundating her campaign coffers, it's not a very convincing claim.

Meanwhile, the corporate media seem to have lost themselves in the Bermuda Triangle of spin vis-a-vis Sanders, eager to find some means of discrediting his surging campaign, then simply lapsing into silence at their inability to do so. This is the common fate of New Deal holdovers like Jerry Brown (1992) Dennis Kucinich (2004) and Jesse Jackson (1988). They are either slandered or rendered invisible by non-coverage. Such contemptuous treatment extends to populists of the right as well. When libertarian Ron Paul finished second in the 2008 Nevada primary, the corporate media reported the first place finisher and the third place finisher, but ignored Paul.

Although Sanders supporters may not know it, their candidate didn't necessarily win the New Hampshire primary in terms of delegate count. There are hundreds of "super-delegates" in the party that do not even have to consider the primary results in deciding whom to support, and the vast majority are in Hillary Clinton's pocket at the moment. These are Democratic Party elites, not average Joes, and very subject to the crackpot realist philosophy alleging that liberal populists like Sanders "can't win" a general election. After the tie in Iowa and the 22-point Sanders rout in New Hampshire, Clinton has nearly four hundred delegates and Sanders around forty. It's actually possible for her to lose every primary from now on and still take the nomination via her control of the super-delegates. But according to what Jeffrey St. Clair calls "the Sandernistas," the super-delegates will shift their allegiance to Sanders once they see how popular and inspiring he is. Sure. This ignores the fact that the super-delegates were invented precisely to ward off liberal populists like Sanders. Do we really think it's an accident that the Democratic Party has collaborated extensively in the erosion of the New Deal for the last forty years?  

Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist, but there is really nothing socialist about him, which is not to say he is undeserving of support. Sanders stands for a deepened and expanded New Deal, which was slandered by FDR's enemies as "socialism," though it never was that. FDR claimed his achievement was to have restored the capitalist system after the 1929 collapse, and he accused the rich of ingratitude for his efforts. This is quite correct.

As for socialism, if it means anything, it means the workers are in charge of the economy, primarily by deciding what to to with the economic surpluses their labor generates. This would entail a fundamental restructuring of society, with corporate boards replaced by worker committees, which would be free to create a radically different society. Sanders is clearly not calling for this. Tellingly, Sanders backer Robert Reich (Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton) has a new book out entitled "Saving Capitalism." That is precisely what the Sanders campaign seeks to do.

The social democracy advocated by Sanders and Reich has been proven to work elsewhere (Scandinavia), though it does not do away with the divide between wealth-makers and wealth-takers, i.e. social classes. To his credit, Sanders wants to reduce inequality, though apparently without realizing that "inequality" is the wrong term to describe the relationship between a parasite and its host. A fungus and a blighted potato do not have an unequal relationship, they have a parasitic relationship, and there's no way to end up with a healthy potato without eliminating the fungus. The big banks and insurance companies are the "fungus." They produce nothing of any value to society, merely reproduce diseased social relations.

Yes, we can reduce the extent of the fungus, and should, which is what Sanders wants to do. But we should be clear that social and economic health require that the body politic be fungus-free. Would you trust a doctor that said the best treatment for cancer is to keep a "balance" between healthy cells and cancer cells, in order to take advantage of the "dynamism" of cancer? This is the liberal line on capitalism. It's a crock.