Sunday, January 19, 2020

Legalienate Hails Self-Defense Assassination Policy

"The hits just keep on coming, if you'll pardon the expression," said Legalienate's Frank Scott in the wake of the U.S. assassination of Iran's Major General Qassem Soleimani, an enemy of ISIS who was deeply beloved in Iran for having protected the country against foreign aggression for decades. Scott, self-appointed U.S. foreign policy czar since last February, called the assassination "boldly prudent," explaining that murdering leaders who resist Washington's democratic invasions and defensive assaults are a form of "tough love," and the very essence of self-defense. "If I bomb your neighborhood and kill your family to save it from evildoers, and then you haul off and attack me without provocation, I have every reason to kill you," said Scott. "That's only reasonable."

"Absolutely," added Legalienate co-editor Michael Smith, who declared himself co-president of the United States in 2019, after a bitter sequence of American policy disasters had reduced the country to a failed state.  

"We can't think of a better way to celebrate Martin Luther King Day than by applauding drone assassinations of foreign leaders," said Smith. "We're well on the way to achieving the politics of love that Dr. King dreamed of."

Legalienate fact-checkers have confirmed that Soleimani's evil nature can scarcely be overestimated. As commander of Iran's Quds force, he fiendishly plotted attacks on American soldiers heroically defending Iraq by killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of Iraqis during an inexplicably prolonged liberation of their country. 

"He was pure evil," said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with customary Christian charity, "and we saved the Iraqi people from an imminent wave of anti-U.S. attacks." A grateful Iraqi parliament promptly voted to expel all U.S. troops from the country.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, President Trump explained his drone kill with the detached thoughtfulness that has become his trademark. "Everyone knows getting rid of 'bad hombres' prevents war, and nobody does it better than me," he said. Quickly backing up the president, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham pointed out that throughout history "peace has been the result" when deeply beloved military figures were assassinated by hostile powers. Legalienate's editorial board concurs in this sage judgment. Who can doubt, for example, that if Chairman Mao had assassinated General MacArthur at the height of the Korean War, the prospects for world peace would have been greatly enhanced? Surely no thinking person.

The anti-Trump resistance reacted critically to the Soleimani assassination. "Killing an evil adversary is a fabulous victory for the United States, though we deplore violence," said New York Senator Shuck (and Jive) Chumer. "But why weren't we given advance notice so we could claim some of the glory?" Chumer concluded his remarks with an appeal for electoral support in November: "Remember to vote Democrat because we hate everything Trump stands for except the results!"

Pentagon officials expressed amazement that President Trump actually carried out the assassination of Soleimani, merely because they had listed it on the menu of options. "What kind of nutcase would go to a restaurant thinking he could order something just because it appeared on the menu?" asked Major Spin, an assistant secretary of public relations at the Pentagon. Legalienate's Michael Smith, self-proclaimed democratic emperor of U.S. domestic affairs since last year, was equally aghast at such irrational thinking: "Who could have predicted that a thin-skinned narcissist who lives for taking revenge would do such a thing?" Again, surely no reasoning person.

On an encouraging note, the fiercely independent corporate media, fighting courageously to preserve its claim to being an adversary of state power, enthusiastically endorsed Trump's justification for the assassination. "No one disputes Soleimani's blood-drenched legacy," opined the Los Angeles Times, properly drawing attention to that long line of celebrated generals who won wars without shedding blood. American generals have been especially tender, what with the pacifist Indian wars, General Sherman's peace march to the sea during the Civil War, the bloodless trench warfare in World War I, and the virtually Gandhian atomization of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II, to say nothing of the Christ-like firebombings of Hamburg, Dresden, and Tokyo. 

So the obvious question raised in relation to the Soleimani assassination is not, "Was it right?", but "Does it make America great again?", which is, after all, President Trump's governing mandate.

So let us count the ways our Iran policy has been great. Were we not great in 1953 when we overthrew Iranian democracy to prevent Iranian maniacs from seizing control of American oil inside Iran? Were we not great in backing the Shah for 26 years as he enacted tough love policies that crackpots at Amnesty International mysteriously characterized as "beyond belief," finally ending in an anti-Washington revolution thanks to the ingratitude of the Iranian people? Were we not great when we encouraged Saddam Hussein to defensively attack Iran in 1980, which ended up killing half a million people due to the barbaric nature of Middle Easterners, but which was finally brought to a peaceful conclusion by civilized U.S. intelligence officers helping orchestrate gas attacks against Iran? Were we not great in 1988 when the U.S.S. Vincennes deliberately blasted a menacing civilian airliner in an ascending flight path out of the Iranian sky, killing 290 people? Were we not great in defensively assassinating Iranian cabinet ministers and a Supreme Court justice? Were we not great in selflessly invading and occupying countries on Iran's immediate borders, while threatening to bomb thousands of pre-selected targets inside Iran if its leaders failed to please our peace-loving leaders? Were we not great in imposing economic sanctions on Iran, denying lifesaving medicines and medical equipment to ill patients and causing airliners to fall out of the sky due to a shortage of spare parts? 

Surely Hillary Clinton is correct in saying that the U.S. "never stopped being great."

Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy New Year?

In its mortally dangerous and crumbling state, the global capitalist empire temporarily headquartered in the USA is showing more signs of ruling class behavior which would make that of a cornered rat seem passive, humanitarian and reasoned. The year begins with an American terrorist attack killing a popular Iranian leader seen as heroic by many of his people, ever more feverish stories of an alleged Chinese capitalist menace to humanity worse than Mao’s communism, and Russian capitalist threats to the multi-billion dollar perverted circus that passes for democracy in America. As these tales approach hysteria, we are also given wonderful economic news by our ministry of mind management showing a booming national shopping mall and ever expanding stock market, financed by increasing and staggering debt, while growing numbers of Americans are reduced to poverty and homelessness. Things are looking great to those of us who eat soup with a fork or rely on corporate media for trying to understand material reality, but a growing number are aware that we are caught up in a national act of political economic suicide. What is to be done?

While too many college educated Americans are convinced by corporate media that “our” democracy is under assault, first by Trump and then by evil Russians, the un-college educated majority are probably better informed by working class experience that referring to this thing as “ours” is like a domestic slave family in the old south referring to “our” plantation. The packed field of democratic party candidates for the November attempt at democracy are regularly rated by, first; their adherence to what is called moderation, which means keep doing everything we’ve been doing on the path to collapse, and then; how many millions of dollars they have raised in order to partake of this historic democracy which rhymes with hypocrisy but costs even more. So far, our collective fundraisers who are not billioaires have come up with more than 650 million dollars in pursuit of the subsidized housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and there are still 10 months to go. It will take more than a billion dollars to succeed in “our” democracy.

And as the nation prepares for that election in November - unless it's canceled by an even greater war in the middle east than the one that's  been going on for most of this century – we’re reading scare tales in the NewYorkTimes-WashingtonPost about ballot meddling by foreign invaders and fascist anti-Semitic racist misogynist bigots ruling everywhere  in america but in enlightened communities which read the NewYorkTimes-WashingtonPost. Meanwhile, MSNBC-FOX-PBS keep us all up to date on the terrible treatment dreadful China is giving it’s Islamic minorities by sending them to re-education camps to learn how not to be Islamic rebels. Forward thinking America tries to accomplish the same task by destroying their nations and killing hundreds of thousands of Islamic people in joyous, enlightened democratic action to transform their bodies into ashes so as not to need worrying about their minds. Earlier in our history of freedom and democracy and after slaughtering hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in building this great nation, we compassionately took their children away from their families and sent them to schools where they could un-learn their culture and values and instead of hunting animals and gathering vegetables they could learn to hunt for money and gather commodities, thus becoming civilized, democratic, freedom loving citizens of the greatest democracy the world has ever known. China may be trying to do something like that but without first slaughtering their Islamic people into not becoming terrorists. Can any graduate of an American institute of consciousness control imagine anything more horrible? Keep reading those profit making glorified “free”press businesses and watching those profit making glorified you-tubers and they’ll soon come up with more bloody, horrifying, and menacing to all we hold sacred acts of foreign brutality enough to make our blood run cold, our tears run wet, and our minds dissolve into further moral sewage.

While a small minority of a relatively privileged class have only recently discovered that despite their good fortunes the nation is in dreadful condition, they tend to think everything was just fine until the born rich real estate genius who became the political pinhead in chief somehow twisted our sacred and biblical constitution – a document written by and for the original 1% and many of them  Indian killers and slave owners – taking out all the good parts about peace and love and democracy and  justice and replacing them with hateful racist bigotry and turning good old everyday sexism into grad school misogyny and other big words for small minds. Under these terrible conditions, what’s a nation to do?

Spend more than 700 billion dollars for defense, that’s what. And said defense of our sacred shores and holy documents and enlightened citizenry means we need hundreds of military bases in foreign countries, which is like allegedly defending New Yorkers by sending the New York police department to Seattle, Oakland, Toronto and Berlin in order to protect them from the menacing inhabitants of those places while New Yorkers contnue to suffer from the same American free market political economic idiocy the nation enjoys.

We especially need to surround Russia with bases and missiles all around its borders to stop it from, uh, meddling in our cherished democracy by perhaps tossing a few million bucks into the coffers of a candidate who might cut the military budget, stop menacing them, and begin housing and feeding its ever divided and expanding “minorities” who need to wake up to this malevolent hustle and become a real majority to end this colossal death trip before it ends all of us.

The murder of the Iranian military leader will create far more danger to the world, but possibly even more to Americans, and blaming it on the white house pinhead while excusing the congressional boneheads who have previously set-up the imperial global forces that have murdered millions long before the current brain-dead and Israel manipulated egotist took office compounds the felony. The boneheads may think they can offer safety to Netanyahu and perhaps put him into the white house if they can just impeach Trump. Those of us paying the price of this failing-by-the-minutes social degeneracy need to bring about a radical reformation of American society before the worst happens.

The best would be to make this the last year of the destructive forces of international capital and the first of a global move towards a democracy to transform reality into something based on the value of individual human life, and not on a profit based individual rush to disaster. This horrendous murder of an Iranian leader, mistakenly labeled a “war crime” by some of the well meaning, as though the usual war slaughters are not also representative of disgusting evil only conceivable by the lowest form of social degeneracy imaginable, may bring the world closer together to fight the menace of America’s minority rulers who think themselves a master race of self chosen people. We’d better start acting as a conscious social and truly democratic force and not leave it to the rest of the world to transform our nation or it may leave us only slightly better off than before. If that. Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

"Free Speech" For Capital Is Oppression For Everyone Else

"I don't think any progress can be made on anything in America until the media is destroyed and replaced by something with integrity."

                                      ------Ann Coulter
"Zero Tolerance": Ann Coulter Interview/PBS Frontline
                     You Tube, October 22, 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019

Impeach The System

Impeach The  System

The annual season of joy, compassion, and frenzied shopping with money we mostly don’t have to buy gifts people mostly don’t need, has competition in the market this year. The impeachment fiasco has only appealed to a minority of shoppers among the multitudes, but they number many and are mostly good folks honestly reacting to the program being forcefully fed us by our mind managers. If any American president were impeached for leading the country into murdering foreigners, dumping Americans into poverty and prisons and polluting the environment almost into ending its capacity to reproduce itself, that might be revolutionary. But while Trump buries his face more deeply into Israel’s crotch than any previous CEO of corporate America, we are bombarded with drivel about Russian meddling in the multi-billion dollar perversion we dub a democracy.

Trump’s presidency has introduced something beyond his own simplistic rich boy assholism to this era. While a near mindless assault on his personal character flaws approaches irrational frenzy, he introduces more criticism of the American political system –consciously or not – than his critics can muster, often because they are part of the problem and hardly its solution. Pretty shameful when this billionaire boob calls more into question than alleged protectors of minority rights, who might just as well openly support the minority they enrich: the 1%. He has created more problems for NATO, the WTO and other aspects of global capital’s imperial domination of the world than any liberal president, willingly or not, and the schmuck is a chapter and verse fervent believer in the system! He is such a threat to it that the owners and rulers have been out to get him since the day he backed into the subsidized housing in D.C., threatening to mess up their good thing even before nature destroys it.

As our political economic system gets worse for more people everyday, the spectacle created to distract us has become more bizarre for minority rulers to remain in control. While consuming vast amounts of commodities in celebration of the market forces of ancient capital in Israel and modern capital in America, we are programmed to see signs of collapse in that system as simply the fault of individuals and identity groups falsely labeled the source of our troubles. But the only label we need to really learn about and use, and the real source of our problems, is capitalism.

That is the system that survived under fascism in Germany and fascism is nothing more or less than a stage of capitalism. There are many similarities between the evil Nazi and benign American mass murderers of World War 2 but we are programmed to forget some and buy portions of the lie that their alleged “genocide” of Jews is somehow worse than our alleged “genocide” of indigenous people to establish our country centuries ago. The  “g” word is over used and murdering people is bad enough without having to prove allegations that the murderers wanted to kill everyone and not just a helluva lot of human beings. We need to grow up and get over it; we nearly destroyed the people who lived here for thousands of years before Europeans had any idea the continent existed let alone its people, and we shot, stabbed, exploded and deep fried hundreds of thousands of Japanese and Germans in war 2 without needing any camps or gas chambers and handled possibly even more innocents - which most of those Japanese and Germans were - not only later in southeast Asia but on the way up to the minute in the middle east. It’s got to stop before it's too late and we need to counter minority control of this nation and the world by working to create real democracy, the real power of the people, which will make it necessary to stop crapping on members of the working majority, worldwide, and concentrating on the tiny leisure minority presently controlling us into an uncontrolled and disastrous future if we don't change our, in order to change their, ways.

Unending hatred-fear-animosity directed at those labeled "fascist" now, frequently bald headed tattooed alienated people making spectacles of themselves so the comfortable class can aim its hatred at - relatively speaking - scapegoats while remaining helpless to or unconscious of Wall Street-Pentagon forces and the tiny minority of billionaires and multi millionaires who run this show. We make a really dirty joke of calling this thing a democracy because some of us get a chance to vote for a class of professionals of all sexes, skin tones and ethnicities sometimes truly wanting to help but mostly helping the system to survive by helping themselves.

Programmed divisions among   the American "brand” of the human race are assuring that owners of the brand and profiteers from selling it remain in power while various "identity" groups declare war on one another, claim the most suffering for themselves and aim hatred at those in rare cases only slightly better off than they are, materially, while in most cases even in worse social condition. Who the hell else is going to shave his head and get a swastika tattoo and parade around in public than a totally alienated person? Or, an agent of the Southern Poverty Law Center, among those who make a great deal of money from the "fascists are coming" market?

The fascists, or those taking us in that direction, were in power long before the present rich pinhead moved into the white house, and they aren't alienated jerks marching in the street so members of the psycho-neurotic comfort class can make sport of them and feel righteous in doing so. They took and continue to take trillions of our dollars for war, to bail out banks, to manufacture the death and destruction of millions the world over, and they don’t wear tattoos or swastikas but ride in limos, live in mansions and laugh at us while we carry on about criminals in the ghettos and attach racist names to them about skin tones and other meaningless bullshit that defies science, religion, politics, economics and all other systemic excuses to cover for immorality.

Those who don’t accept human responsibility for climate change are dubbed anti-science but the dub-ers are part of the same system as the dub-ees. Islam says there is no god but god and that's religion, but science says there is no race but human and that's fact! Cultural differences can be profound, but they are not racial. People who are very tall, very short, very fat or very skinny are not members of a different race. They are simply tall, short, fat or skinny humans, and their skin tones, genitals, ethnicities or languages are meaningless on human grounds and only made to count among humans socially programmed to believe in such fanatic bullshit. Ending the divide and conquer minority-identity program currently in force is necessary in order to truly start a program for the democratic salvation of humanity.

The climate crisis - the threatened collapse of civilization - is a problem humanity must deal with but is hardly caused by humanity. Several billion people didn’t decide on it. The move to democracy and away from minority rule must deal with the system that has transformed people, earth, air and water into commodities for sale at a market bringing private profit to individuals before any notion of the public good. The public good must come before, not after, private profit, and bringing that about means developing some respect for the public itself and not just one or another minority of it. The class ruling America - and their most important servants - is now composed of members from every identity group possible, even if most may still be of European descent. The rest of us in the ruled majority have to act consciously of and about our common predicament, whether we are of color, no color, multi-color, have nipples on our testicles or a penis between our breasts. We are the human race; we create material reality and need to take control of it for the betterment of all and not just some. Impeach the system.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Legalienate Hails Democratic Coup In Bolivia

November  24, 2019
by Michael K. Smith

Legalienate editors Frank Scott and Michael Smith, who declared themselves co-president of the United States in February, today hailed the self-proclaimed presidency of Jeanine Añez in Bolivia as a harbinger of democratic self-determination throughout the world.

"Juan Guaidó in Venezuela was just the beginning," exulted Smith. "On the eve of Thanksgiving, we are deeply grateful to have yet another self-proclaimed president, especially in Bolivia, which suffered the indignity of majority rule for 13 long years, and couldn't have been expected to take it much longer."

"Their long national nightmare is over," added Scott, who observed that Morales's "insane socialism" had sent the country careening disastrously into sustained high economic growth, increased literacy, and sharp reductions in poverty and inequality before rich white Christians restored the natural order of looting and burning homes, teargassing funerals, and firing machine guns into unarmed crowds.

"That is what democracy looks like," said Smith.

Añez's democratic legitimacy is beyond dispute, as her voter support soared to nearly two percent in the October elections, while her Democratic Unity Party did even better, claiming a massive 4.24% of the vote. The deposed and disgraced Evo Morales could only garner a meager 47%, just ten percent more than his nearest rival. Fortunately, the Organization of American States cried fraud, so the top vote-getter could properly be declared the loser, an increasingly common electoral standard famously celebrated by the United States in 2000 and 2016, though with a much wider margin this time.

Unexpected condolence calls from Al Gore and Hillary Clinton coached Morales on the art of showing grace under pressure. "Just bend over and take it," said Gore, summarizing wisdom learned from his 2000 campaign. "It worked wonders for me."  

"Blame everyone but yourself," recommended HRC, who revealed that, though widely detested, she is thinking of running for president on a third party ticket if Bernie Sanders wins the democratic nomination in the United States. "The challenge of our time," said Clinton, "is to prevent a raving lunatic from destroying our democracy." She added that she opposes Donald Trump, too.

President Añez, her smooth diplomatic skills already on display, announced from La Paz that "our power is God," and humbly entered the Bolivian presidential palace toting a huge Bible while tweeting subtly that Bolivian Indian rites were "satanic." Fortunately, Indians only make up a large majority of the population, so no repercussions can be expected.

Many experts object to describing Añez's ascension to the presidency as a coup, insisting that Morales voluntarily resigned his post. Williams Kaliman, head of the Bolivian Armed Forces when Morales quit, insists that he merely suggested the former president step down, either before or after police finished ransacking his house. Kaliman, a graduate of the United States School of the Americas at Fort Benning, famous for democratic practices like mass torture, rape, and murder, said he had "no idea" how people got the idea that force was involved. "I left the matter entirely up to Morales," he said, describing the atmosphere in which the decision was made as "completely calm," except for the unrestrained arson, assault, and looting by democracy-loving police officers.

There is no truth to vulgar Marxist claims that the change in Bolivia's government was motivated by a U.S. desire to gain control of the country's lithium, (70% of the world supply), a crucial metal needed for mass production of electric car batteries.  Such conspiracy theories are based on the long discredited notion that private profit has something to do with a market economy dedicated to maximizing private gain.  

 Bombshell! Trump Era Over As Legalienate's Editors Proclaim Themselves "Rightful Democratic Rulers" of the U.S.

February 23, 2019
by Michael K. Smith

Inspired by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself president of Venezuela a month ago, Legalienate editors Frank Scott and Michael Smith have announced that they are the legitimate leaders of the United States and have begun performing executive functions to "restore democracy" and bring the era of "capitalist usurpation" to an end. At a press conference in a bus terminal in Richmond, California, the two men took turns swearing each other in, after which they denied that their action constituted a coup d'etat.

"The people are with us," said Scott. "We represent the majority: Those that refuse to vote, plus those who back candidates opposed to the fake democracy. We are deeply humbled to be the first truly popular government in U.S. history."

"In spite of unique and massive advantages, the country is in disastrous shape, and has been for some time," added Smith. "That alone justifies regime change - check with Thomas Jefferson."

After a brief power struggle, Scott emerged as foreign policy czar and Smith democratic emperor of domestic affairs, although experts warn that further self-proclamations in the near future may alter this state of affairs.

"This is a democracy," said Smith. "Everything belongs to the head of state." 

"That's us," observed Scott.

The two men immediately began forming their cabinet, giving appointments to friends and family members with long records of public service undermining capitalism and imperialism.

"My cousin Vinnie punctured both his eardrums to avoid the mass slaughter in Korea," said Scott. "He has trouble listening to advice, or listening to anything, but at least he knows war is our enemy," said Scott. 

"He'll have peace in a week," added Smith. 

An urgent text message from Kim Jong Un quickly lent credibility to the prediction: "I'll scuttle the nukes for season tickets to the NBA!!!!" Reached for comment, newly appointed ambassador to Pyonyang Dennis Rodman said, "I think that can be arranged."

In order to bring an end to the "pointless wars" Donald Trump promised to terminate but never did, Smith has frozen U.S. government bank accounts around the world.  Newly sworn in Defense Secretary Tulsi Gabbard, ordered by Scott to "cut the crap" about Putin, Assad, and other stand-ins for Satan, announced that the Pentagon will be converted to peaceful production, principally hash pipes and male birth control.

"Make love, not war," said Gabbard, who served in Iraq in 2005 and saw the worst of it. 

In a spiteful move, Donald Trump has refused to leave the White House, citing his "democratic" election in November 2016 as justification. But those elections are widely regarded as fraudulent. "Trump got 46% of the vote in an election that had 58% turnout," said Scott, "which means he won less than 27% of the electorate. That's lower than Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, who got 31.7% of the electorate there."

"And just look at the mass demonstrations against Trump," added Smith. "Overwhelming numbers of women, ethnic minorities, youth, and gay and transgender people openly dispute his right to rule."

"That's why we have to take over," said Scott, who called upon the armed forces to cooperate with the transition to people power and "do the right thing" with ex-president Trump.

"With that hair of his he actually looks good in an orange jumpsuit," said Smith.

Smith and Scott face accusations that their calls for international "humanitarian aid" to help Americans dying of opiode addiction, poisoned drinking water, and lack of access to medical care, are a Trojan Horse to allow foreign interests to take over the country.

"They're a front for Vladimir Putin," declared Rachel Mad Dog, a popular television talk show host. "Just because we can't give people clean water, medical care, a decent wage, or relief from constant despair, doesn't mean Russian troll farms aren't our biggest problem."


Friday, November 22, 2019

Male, Female, Slave or Worker: Class Rules

“To make a contented slave it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken the moral and mental vision and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason.” 
Fredrick Douglass

Douglas was probably speaking of the house Negroes of slavery days who lived far better materially than the field Negroes, but his definition fits present members of comfortable class minority humans of the “house” and over worked majority humans of the “field”, both products of our great and diverse multi-ethnic multi-cultural capitalist society. Things have become much better for a minority upper middle class that is more diverse than ever, while the majority working population survives in debt when not sinking into poverty. The material conditions of life are different from Douglas’s time in the 19th century, but all workers are “darkened in moral and mental visions” by capital’s consciousness controlling servants in politics and media. They have replaced the physical whip with the mental bludgeon so as to make us hyper aware of everything but our class position in society while manipulated into looking down on those below us, too rarely up at our rulers and identifying only with what we’re taught to see as “our” minority. These identity groups neglect the most important one; the wealthiest class who own, rent and otherwise operate the majority.

The abuse of individuals and groups that keep minority wealth in power has not changed since this nation’s founding on the backs of England’s poor and peasants who were dumped here to seek a better life than what they had there, and African slaves who had no choice in leaving their homeland having been treated as absolute commodities and purchased outright rather than cheaply rented. Later it was other Europeans and Asians followed in recent history by Latin Americans coming here for a better life, and often suffering hardship beyond current experience – including lynching - before becoming acclimated to their new country, sometimes after a generation or two. Nobody leaves a homeland to escape to a foreign nation unless life is pretty bad in the homeland or there’s an outside chance of getting a job and doing better in a faraway place. The mythology about immigration is a typical sanitizing of a process of rupture with a homeland and all but being thrown into a strange new place, to provide cheap, profitable labor for investors while frequently encountering animosity from those whose jobs they take and who absorb the social cost of immigration. In any case of an influx of poor and working class foreigners to these shores, many benefit while many more bear the cost. Welcome to the marketplace of capital, private profits, and increasing public loss.

Eventually the newcomers, after a generation or so, become acclimated and nationalized, until a new group of immigrants respond to capital’s need for a new cheaper labor force, and the cycle repeats itself. At present and due to geography that affords people from south of the border more ready access than those who had to cross oceans in the past, we are told of ridiculous numbers of illegal immigrants, some as high as 11 million. Alleging a system of laws that allow that many humans to break those laws and get away with it is a stretch but somewhat possible given the marketplace reality. Legal immigrants are cheaper and thus more profitable than native workers, which is why we let them in, contrary to fairy tales, but illegal immigrants are even cheaper and therefore even more profitable. This economic reality is not helped by PC language changing “illegal” to “undocumented”. Given our wretchedly unjust drug and legal system, should a man reduced by circumstances to being a dope peddler be better understood by calling him an “undocumented pharmacist”? Does the economic plight of a woman reduced to renting her body for sex become more humane if we call her an “undocumented sex therapist”? Try escaping poverty by committing felony tax fraud and claiming you are an “undocumented tax accountant” Word games do not solve political economic problems of the magnitude of millions of humans the world over reduced to having to leave their homelands to try and find better survival opportunities in strange new places. The fact that so many are reduced to breaking the law to escape poverty does not change by renaming the law breaker but rather by changing laws, and before that, political economic systems that thrive under those laws. And that is true when the illegality is forced by the material circumstances of those without economic power, which is the case for most Americans who break the law.

 Bulletin for those of us among the comfortable “house” dwellers: the majority of people who rob convenience stores, snatch purses, break into cars or steal packages delivered to our homes don’t do so in order to join country clubs, vacation in the Bahamas or make dinner reservations at expensive restaurants. For further evidence, check our jam-packed prisons and note that they are populated almost entirely by diverse people of minimal, low or no income. Those who advocate deporting immigrants who break the law in entering the country may be heartless bigots, as are some professors, lawyers and elected officials, or just ordinary citizens confronted by a social situation affecting their lives negatively and lashing out in frustration and ignorance, like many professors, lawyers and elected officials. But the blanket application of the ugly and stupid label “racist”, as though immigrants are all members of a race other than humans is more bigoted than those it is applied to by people who should understand the difference between: immigration, a political economic policy which profits some at the expense of most, and the plight of the immigrants, which has been the same throughout American history.
They come as cheap labor, are abused in that capacity, resented by previous generations who finally find a place for themselves and are suddenly reduced, again, to earning lower wages by the competition of cheaper foreign labor, and bearing the social expense attached to introducing large populations to communities without any planning except to use them for profit at that community’s loss. This benefits capital lavishly, along with its professional class servants who frequently gain their own cheap household help, not to mention being able to take cheaper shots at those who make less money than they do and are always fair game for the upper classes to dump on and blame for social problems. Somewhat like immigrants, you might say.
We live in a time in which divide and conquer ruling powers are having a field day in exploiting often legitimate grievances among us by setting up scapegoats that make democracy nearly impossible and continued destruction of people and the planet more threatening than ever. Feelings are important but when we are programmed into emotions being “triggered” by behavioral prods that make us weep and moan about personal or “our” group injustices while remaining in the dark moral and mental state of the opening quote that keep us blind to social atrocities that find us spending trillions on murderous wars and billions on pets, we may need to have our shoulders shaken more than learning new labels to attach to sometimes real problems but which in comparison to mountainous reality are relative molehills.

Sloganeering about fascism, which is not simply some comic book image of an alienated fool with a swastika tattoo, or white supremacy, implying that all who fit the racist label white are somehow equally involved , miss the point, which they’re supposed to and why they were created. The biggest problem is fascist capitalism, private profit supremacy and the domination of a ruling class of wealth and power that must be contested with and defeated for there to be any future for the race. That race is not simply people with testicles or vaginas or light skin or dark skin or who are married or single, but more people with less survival opportunities as that system creates far more profits for an ever smaller group of humans of a ruling class and its professional servants while dumping the loss on more and more members of a “diverse” working class and the poor who need to act up, create democracy and transform the world. Fast, if not sooner.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Bulletin: NFL, NBA Teams Enter Crowded Democratic Party Primary

NFL, NBA Teams Enter Crowded Democratic Party Primary

Facing seasons promising little if any success, the New York Giants of the NFL and the Golden State Warriors of the NBA announced their teams entering the party primary as offering them much better chances of political rather than athletic good fortune.

“We haven’t got a chance at playing .500 let alone making the playoffs, but along with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard, we think we can offer America diverse leadership and a chance to defeat Trump next year” said a spokesperson for the Giants. “Our team is composed of all skin tones, ethnicities and faiths, our administrators and staff number many women, we’re all college graduates who’ve paid our student loans, and though many of our male homosexuals are still in the closet we’re assured the male gay vote since we all regularly get naked and take showers together. We’ll be an electoral force to be reckoned with, for sure.”

A Golden State spokesperson claimed that even with most of their players unknown to the overwhelming majority of the population they still offered more name recognition than most of the other Democrats running for the nomination. “ We can’t even spell let alone pronounce one of these guys names and we’re all as educated as any other college graduate in congress, on Wall Street or in organized crime, which is what some of us call congress and Wall Street”

When asked what they would do about important issues like health care for all, war and peace, the Giants said they would disband the armed forces and use all that money to take better care of Americans while offering to block, tackle or otherwise beat the crap out of any country that gave us any trouble. “Right now most of the trouble we see comes from America so we might have to kick some local ass, but when people see how big, strong and tough we are there probably wont be any trouble from terrorists at the Pentagon or street criminals or whatever.”

The Warriors claimed that their great height advantage over most of the nation and the world would afford them great opportunities to act as visionaries and make some of the changes needed to bring about a more harmonious and peaceful world. “We can see beyond the horizon while most politicians can only see the next paycheck from corporate America, the Pentagon and the Israeli lobby. We’re also employed by rich people and are rather wealthy ourselves but since we have to run around in our underwear in front of thousands while making athletic moves beyond the capacity of most humans, we understand hard work. That’s more than can be said for our rich rulers.”

Sanders, Warren and Gabbard welcomed both teams entry into the campaign and said they would offer interesting participation in the debates but since being teams from the east and west coast it might be better for some teams from Middle America to enter the primary as well. “Cincinnati and Detroit aren’t doing so well so maybe they can be urged to toss their collective jock straps into the fray and give the party and the nation even greater balance.”

Democratic Party financial owners are said to be in a state of shock at candidates calling for relief from the anti-social economics they favor and support for socially conscious democracy and against inequality and war. Rumors on social media, tweets for twits and memes for morons claim they are thinking of starting a new party if these athletes follow through on their threat. The athlete’s representatives urge them to call it “ The Neo-Liberal Worship of the Rich Party”. This would be in contrast to the Neo-Conservative Worship of the Rich Party currently calling itself Republican.

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