Friday, April 21, 2017

How Did They Know? Before Earth Day?

“One can look at history from two sides and divide it into the history of nature and the history of men. The two sides are, however, inseparable; the history of nature and the history of men are dependent on each other …Thus at every step we are reminded that we by no means rule over nature…like someone standing outside of it-but that we, with flesh, blood and brain, belong to nature and exist in its midst, and that all our mastery of it consists in the fact that we have the advantage over all other creatures of being able to learn its laws and apply them correctly.”

Marx Engels 1847 German ideology

This quote from 170 years ago clearly indicates that some people fully understood humanity’s relationship to nature as being familial rather than a visiting tourist exploiter long before “climate change” became a brand name at the market. Their political economic criticism of industrial capitalism was also years ahead of its time and made the connections between the anti-nature and anti-democratic tendencies of that system clear enough to still cause some to wonder at how they were able to analyze what some of us still haven’t learned to even acknowledge.

But far more important than who might have lead in pointing out that fire burns and water is wet is how much longer humanity can afford to accept the fanatic opposite notion, that fire is really cold and water is how we get dry. Which would approximate the idiocy of teaching that cancer, war and pets are privately profitable investments and that a healthy population, living in peace and not needing but simply enjoying animals would not represent private failure but public success.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

France: Boo! America: Yay?

Marine Le Pen Denies French Guilt for Rounding Up Jews

The remark was made on Sunday during an interview in which she referred to the most notorious roundup of Jews in France during World War II, when nearly 13,000 were arrested in Paris by the French police on July 16 and 17, 1942, in what is known as the “Vel d’Hiv roundup.”
“France wasn’t responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,” she said. “If there was responsibility, it is with those who were in power at the time, it is not with France. France has been mistreated, in people’s minds, for years.”


Americans are all responsible for rounding up more than 100,000 Japanese-American citizens and putting them in prison camps during the same war. FDR, Earl Warren and other authorities who were in power at the time had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Most Shocking Bulletin Since Last Most Shocking Bulletin! Assad Wants To Help Us!!

Legalienate, through its connections to international hackers, interplanetary slackers and more underworld overlords than it can reveal, has come into possession of a secret recording of a conversation between Bashir al Assad and his most loyal hench people.
It reveals, shockingly and for the first time, that he is actually intent on helping rather than hindering our great nation.
This translation comes to us through a former Israeli agent who once worked for Fox news, Msnbc and Sesame Street and whose work is highly regarded by gender fluid double agents and single minded pursuers of honesty, integrity and democracy among child molesters of all races, creeds and consumer tastes.

Prepare to be shocked.

recorded excerpt follows.

Sniveling Underling:
So, brilliant leader, now that with the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah we’ve gained the upper hand in the battle against the terrorists and their toadies and even the USA has defied Israel and dropped its claim that you must go, what have you planned for the immediate future to insure that we continue on the path to ultimate victory?

I have a wonderful idea. We make a chemical attack on our people, especially children and babies, and have film crews, videographers and others of our enemies on hand to record, broadcast and spread the information to the entire world that we have poisoned innocent babies, but especially to the most impressionable, sincere assholes on the planet, the pinhead americans and their semi-imbecile leader.

Groveling Servant:
But..but…respectfully, dear loving murderous tyrant, how can that possibly help your image?

Schmuck, where do you live? don’t you understand? the pinheads will be torn apart by the images and immediately attack us, causing far more deaths and refugees than they have already created, and given their past stupidity in fighting amongst themselves over accepting poor suffering orphans after they have murdered their parents, I will be able to sneak into the nation under an assumed identity, say, a kardashian or rockefeller or rapper – hmm, I could be “mc low i.q” - and eventually run for president as a democratic candidate once I have proved myself even dumber and certainly more dishonest than the republican.

Former western agent now working for evil enemy:

But gracious host and best employer I’ve ever had and whose sap I suck with reverence, how can that help the cause of global evil and murder which you represent with such talent and force?

Listen asshole, and learn about globalization. Once I take power I can appoint good buddy Putin as secretary of state and loyal comrade whatsisname from north Korea as secretary of defense and others of our cabal of evil and soon we will control the world, just as the americans have learned from their comic books, tv shows and grad schools, only now they will have been taken over by proven assholes from without, instead of continuing under the idiotic rule of home grown assholes from within who shame the nation and are leading to its downfall. In liberating it from these intellectual misfits and moral degenerates:

We will make America great again!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bulletin From Fake News, Fake Democracy , Fake Sanity and Real Surreality

Evidence of Assad’s responsibility for chemical attack overwhelmingly as foolproof and convincing as:

Evidence of Virgin Birth of Son of God

Evidence of Specially Chosen People of God

Evidence of Sani-Flush as Satanic Creation
Evidence of Easter Bunny as Main Source of Global Cholesterol.

President Pinhead so emotionally moved by loss of innocent life he promises to suspend activities to get even with Democratic imbeciles and morons to concentrate on saving more innocent lives by killing more innocent people and possibly starting a nuclear war.

Democratic imbeciles and morons relieved, since that’s been their policy since long before president pinhead had his hit show on tv, let alone backed his limo into the white house.

Americans advised to continue watching cable, nutflix, huha and nosebook while feverishly shopping for stuff they don’t need and leave foreign policy to experts.

In other words:

Stay Tuned Out.

At everyone’s risk.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wealth and Poverty, Guilt and Rationalization

"I remember one young woman whom I knew in college years. She had inherited ten million dollars at the age of twenty-one. Now, at twenty-two, she worked in Roxbury with some of the most badly battered children in the city. It struck her often as remarkably unfair that she, her brothers and two sisters, through the accident of birth, should have, each one, ten million dollars to protect their lives and to assure the safety of their children, and their children's children, too. It seemed unfair because she saw before her, every day, so many kids who were in every way the equals of her brothers and her sisters and herself; yet she knew very well these kids would, only by infrequent miracle, be able to break out of the entrapment of slum schools, parent despair, poor health, poor nutrition, crumbling plaster and the rest. The only way she might in later years know any of these kids would be if they were to become her servants, butlers, elevator boys or other kinds of menial laborers. The year in Roxbury hit her so hard that it grew into an ideal for her to go back home to her own family "place," almost a private village really, with two hundred acres of uninterrupted forest, fields and pastures for the horses, even cottages for "help." At home, as would not be unusual in cases of that kind, the servants all were black.

"Each time, then, that she went home, - for instance, at Thanksgiving, Christmas or some other holiday - she found it agonizing to sit at the dinner table and digest her food. She began to vomit secretly upstairs, or spit out food into her handkerchief or napkin, hoping in this manner that her father would not see. Her father did see, of course, and spoke about it with his wife, then with his daughter too. Being concerned about the danger to her health, he made arrangements for her to begin to see a psychoanalyst in Boston. She did so, and in fact spent several years in therapy. Out of this treatment, which had been provoked directly by her devastation at the sight of so much poverty and pain, she gained at length a more relaxed and reasoned skill to reconcile the differences between her own life and the lives of those poor children whom she had begun to know. Simultaneously she learned, as well, to reconcile the differences between her own intense convictions and that style of life which, as she knew, lay waiting for her. Her hesitation and her gnawing sense of guilt at last abated somewhat: never entirely, but enough so that she could go home from time to time, accept the luxury of horses, servants and the rest, and summon up a kind of 'realistic' will to smooth away the inconsistencies. At length she married an appropriate young man and traveled, little by little, out of the orbit of her ethical upheaval. She settled down at last into a normal, quiet and unturbulent routine, learned how to keep that residue of guilt within control, and did not need to vomit after supper.

"It would not make sense, from any 'normal' point of view, to say that she had just been cheated out of something decent and profound when she learned how to live in luxury without a sense of nausea, and to eat well and accept the services of family servants without guilt. I would not try to say that she was 'better off' when she was throwing up her food. Yet I would wonder if there was not something wrong, in toto, looking back, in all that had just taken place. Expensive medical treatment, denied to all but very few, enabled her at last to share without a sense of guilt in use of just such wealth as made that treatment possible. Ironically, it also helped ease her back into a style of life in which she would be less and less exposed to the conditions that inspired her original upheaval. A vulnerable conscience, having been explained and 'understood' at last into a kind of quiet and serene capitulation, no longer trouble her now at twenty-eight as it had done at twenty-two. She became, in terms of the society, a 'better adjusted person,' able to leave at peace with the idea of an imbalance of advantage that once, in an earlier time, had seemed to her to be intolerable. . . . psychiatric exculpation on this scale would have been of great assistance to large numbers of those troubled and uneasy bureaucrats who were so necessary to the German leaders in the Second World War. . . ."

-----Jonathan Kozol, The Night Is Dark And I Am Far From Home, pps. 132-4

Friday, March 31, 2017

Trumpophobia: A Problem, Not A Solution

America’s ruling powers are practicing the trees vs. forest mind game as never before, with constant reminders given information consumers about how important a particular capitalist tree menace is, thereby avoiding awareness of how critical the capitalist forest menace has become. Now that the corporate circus of political lesser evilism has produced a genuine clown as its CEO the danger that his bumbling arrogance will reveal the sham and hypocrisy of the entire show is driving the owners of the big top to mass manipulations that drive their captive audience to desired distraction. But that could lead to a near - if not real - civil war if they succeed in destroying the clown while the circus continues on its death cycle, and that won’t be a laughing matter.

Since Trump took office the move to restrain him if possible and destroy him if not has become more frantic as systemic breakdowns become more numerous. Blaming Putin, Russia, Trump, Lady GaGa, the tooth fairy or any outside source for what ails America is a ploy that has worked before, but the current hysterical performance reflects the stressed state of the nation’s political economic structure, which is collapsing from its rotted foundation while attention is focused on the tenant in its penthouse. This search for individual villains on which to heap responsibility for things much larger than personal egos is also business as usual, but the commercial endeavor nears a frantic pace of irrationality as things show danger of getting completely out of control.

The Trump-ophobia promoted by a ruling class  - which is now referred to as a “deep state” even by anti-conspiracy types - has reduced a privileged sector of the population which needs a therapy session before ordering lunch into a near hysterical mob fearing personal demise as it desperately shops at a mental health mall and incurs ever more crippling physical debt in the process. A political paparazzi from what passes for a left helps induce mental coma while materially goading the lynch motivation that presents the latest capitalist monster in supposed bold light while still keeping capitalism in shadows. That political economic system is responsible for most of what drives an affluent minority to debt, drugs, drink and therapy, and a fast growing majority of strugglers to unemployment, poverty, environmental degradation and war.

Trump claimed his rule would create jobs and boost the economy and make America great again, while his allegedly liberal opponents claimed it was already great. This two party battle of the master race of self chosen people vs. the self chosen people of the master race was bound to lead to nothing more than continuity, however different it might seem to those programmed to think pimps are selling love and lies represent honesty. But a cottage industry of new fund raising for the political left-of-fascism has indeed created jobs and dollars, while popular entertainment feasts on both Trump’s idiocy and the mindless reaction to it that often makes him seem almost thoughtful by comparison. His war belching bravado about how our military is doing a much better job murdering people in Iraq brings reptilian tears to the eyes of the brunch brigades previously silent or barely conscious of the hundreds of thousands murdered by the other branch of the war cabal that – allegedly - ruled before Trump. Even greater military spending than indulged in by the Obama killers does mean more profits and more jobs, along with more death and more destruction. Which, in turn creates jobs for rebuilding the wreckage and repopulating the devastated nations. Isn’t free market capitalism wonderful? Yes, if the blissed-out-by-propaganda sector is kept from seeing the results of job creation and job loss by its own job and financial security that enables belief in material depictions of reality that only highlight the benign and give short shrift to the ugliness of private profit creation that reduces most of the public to market rabble frantically consuming at a fire sale of garbage, waste and murder.

Contrary to major media analysts, Trump is not responsible for the fact that an economy in which treatment of a disease is more profitable than curing the disease means the disease will prosper and remain uncured. Cancer is not a growth industry because of evil oncologists or mean delivery drivers or even a hateful CEO here and there, though all such are possible. But despite the billions spent on cancer, the number of people stricken by the disease increases, as do the profits of the cancer industry. In 2015, cancer pharmaceuticals crossed the one billion dollar mark, and while that means profit and jobs and investments for that disease, it also means that more than a million “new” cases of cancer will occur this year. Hooray? Yes, if you’re invested in the fight against cancer, which means, in this economic system, its continued profit potential. And again, that has nothing to do with an evil individual or abusive personality or wretched behavior pattern of someone who couldn’t afford therapy. It is systemic, not personal, and the most wonderful people, humanitarians, lovers of families, friends and neighbors, who wouldn’t hurt a soul, are buying homes, paying rents, eating, shopping, feeding their pets and living good lives based on that industry.

Looking for evil individuals and remaining unaware of a morally debased system is even worse than the identity politics that looks for blonde hair, brown skin, tall agnostics or short religionists as the source of the evils causing such pain and suffering to so many. The incredible wealth of a relative handful of people in the face of so much of humanity suffering poverty is well worth our attention, but not if we just settle for taxing them at a higher rate, which is the usual social democratic solution that helps maintain rather than transform our political economics. Nobody should have that much wealth – ever! – when there is so much that needs to be done to make life better for everybody. But simply raising the tax rate on the filthy rich and still leaving them with hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars for private profit making that must create injustice for a public no matter how clouded mass consciousness can be kept isn’t nearly enough.

Ultimately, someone driven over the edge by that inequality that is absolutely necessary to sustain the system will bring about an act of madness, terror and murder that can only be avoided by an economy that does not create inequality but promotes the well being of all, and not just some. Trump merely promotes the system more blatantly, and honestly, than the apologists who call him a liar every time he truthfully speaks to the horror of what makes him rich and keeps them in professional class comfort. That failure of anti-democratic capitalism becomes clearer as a result of this egotistical pinhead, but it isn’t very smart to villainize him while the wretched excess of the crime against nature political economic system of capitalism remains invisible. Those who keep it that way are the problem and as things stand, his blatant, open, egotistic honesty may be part of the solution in revealing that fact. But not if good people continue to be herded into the political identity of individualist grad school that makes most high school dropouts wiser about the economy, since they suffer it materially and not just while visiting therapists. Trump is indeed a boob, but he is the logical culmination of a system that is falling apart while its unmindful supporters feverishly work to chop down a tree while the forest is in more danger than ever of becoming an inferno that consumes not just some, but all of us.

Monday, March 20, 2017

American Gourmet Politics Haiku+

pan seared dog shit

sun dried cat shit

identity horse shit

mass consumed bull shit

Bulletins From Fake and Real News

The F.B.I. is investigating Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election and its links with the Trump campaign, the agency’s director confirmed
Monday, March 20, 2017 10:42 AM EDT

Trump Ties to Russia?
How About U.S. Ties to Israel?

We need an investigation of the entire American government for its ties to a foreign nation, Israel, which have cost the middle east and Islamic world, beginning with Palestine, hundreds of thousands of lives and the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars. And they have brought bloody war home via terrorist attacks which would never have happened if the government hadn’t done the bidding of the Israeli Lobby and its supporters in politics and media. These employees of the lobby put the interest of a foreign power ahead of those of the American people. Are they, and their supporters, traitors?

Are you?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Minority Un-Consciousness

Which Minority Warrants More Concern?

The total population of the countries affected by the "hate" inspired Trump immigration policy is 225 million.  
Roughly .004% of that number have been part of the traveling, business, tourist, refugee or immigrating population coming to America.
The death toll directly connected to American military attacks and American arms, training and finance supplied to local killers in those countries is well over 1 million.
It continues while Americans remain unconscious of it or helpless to stop it if they are conscious, and are moved to scream about hate when people escaping American murder are given a difficult time at coming into the country most responsible for the degradation of their homelands and the mass murders of their people.
Which minority should Americans be most concerned about, and which active majority of concerned American humanitarians – if such exist – should be most responsible to take action on their behalf?

1.4 million Americans are estimated to identify as trans sexual. That represents .6% of the adult population of the U.S.A.
It is also estimated that half a million Americans are homeless. Among that number there are many children. Together, homeless adults and children  are less than 3% of the trans sexual population.
Much of the nation is concerned over the right of people who are biologically one sex but mentally and/or spiritually of the other to use the public toilets assigned to the biological opposite sex.
Homeless people do not have any toilets at all.
Which minority’s toilet needs and humanity should be of the most concern for the active, involved, humanitarian segments organized to fight against “Trump’s hate”?

There are more than 45 million Americans living in poverty. That represents 14.5% of the population. In addition, 97 million Americans are “low income”, defined as having income below twice the poverty income level. Together they add up to more than 140 million people who are poor or low income, nearly half the population.
21.8% of American children, more than one in five, live in poverty. This, in a nation that spent 600 billion on warfare in Obama’s last year, and 60 billion on the pet industry in Obama’s last year.
Both of those years came before Trump’s first year, for those who think the CEO is more important than the business the CEO works for.
War and pets are more profitable to that business than those poor people and those poor kids.
Which minority-identity group should “love” people be organized to fight against the “hate” of such political economics?

The top 1% of the U.S. population owns 43% of wealth ($24.4 trillion); the top 5% of the population owns 72% of wealth ($40.8 trillion); the bottom 80% of the population owns 7%of wealth ($3.9 trillion).Many "love" fighters against "hate" think the U.S. is a great democracy, ruled by a loving majority which shows great concern for all minorities. Which minority, using which toilets, escaping which wars, buying which products and confiscating which wealth, should that population be most concerned about?

A minority owned corporation that manufactures yarn is planning to make caps with small penises at their peaks and organizing a massive March of the Dickheads on Washington D.C. to protest minority abuse.
Which minority should purchase the caps, wear them, join the march, and continue preaching the politics of love while practicing the economics of hate?

All figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau and Kairos Center

Friday, March 3, 2017

George Carlin, Comedic Nihilist, 1937-2008

 Always a comic genius, George Carlin improved over time, achieving a philosophical depth rare in the comedy world. Where once he playfully wondered why there were no perfectly round frozen peas, by the end of his amazing comic career he had retained a mass audience while commenting critically on war and peace, wealth and poverty, and how the owners of the private economy "do what they want" with the rest of us. There was no other comedian with similar range and courage.

Where he ended in life, admittedly deeply cynical, he was far funnier and far more profound than the Danny Kaye type character he modeled himself after at the beginning of his career. As an analyst of dishonest language he had few peers and no superiors. One must turn to literature to find anything like Carlin's penetrating gaze. Perhaps only James Baldwin achieved anything like a Carlinesque appreciation for American euphemism. Both men believed affluent white people instinctively turned to dishonest speech to conceal their sins. Where Baldwin was the more brilliant, Carlin was funnier.

Carlin's political radicalization emerged from the Vietnam War, one of the most destructive and criminal invasions of a blood-soaked 20th century. As U.S. political culture turned increasingly reactionary in the decades following the end of that war, Carlin became deeply cynical, though still explosively hilarious. He conceded that he was a "wounded idealist," but insisted that the human race had squandered its unique evolutionary gifts (the ability to think in time, discern cause from effect, coupled with an opposable thumb) and was headed for extinction sooner rather than later, a prospect he encouraged one and all to be entertained by and "enjoy." As for politics, he considered the people as culpable as their leaders, and characterized Americans in particular as greedy, dumb, and bereft of constructive idealism.  U.S. culture was nothing but a "freak show" that tried but couldn't hide the "circling of the drain" of a dying species.  Politicians were a reflection of the "garbage in, garbage out" relation with the citizenry, and the decent people who might lead the country in a more hopeful direction were all "down at the mall pulling their wallets out of a fanny pack to buy a pair of sneakers with lights in them." He suggested that instead of "politicians suck," we adopt the slogan "the public sucks."

Unfortunately, even Hitler had more sense of reality than that. Keenly though he realized that immense concentrations of private wealth were the key political problem, Carlin never thought of the slogan "capital sucks." He criticized greed, corruption, corporations, and "owners," but never capital, whose concentration has now reached levels that threaten the survival of the species. For Carlin this was nothing more than grist for his comedic mill. He urged one and all to simply give up, "become spectators," and be entertained at mass suffering unto human extinction. Hopefully he didn't act on that, especially towards his daughter, but if he did, he was a moral monster ideologically worse than Hillary and Trump and GW and Obama put together.

Carlin rhetorically asked, where are all the decent people ready to lead the U.S. in a different direction? His "wounded idealism" kept him from seeing that they're all over the place, like on Legalienate blog, but also in many other places. Obviously, there are decent people all over the world struggling to put profit in its place and have a broader and humane set of values infuse our institutions. They may not succeed, but if they fail it will be anything but a laughing matter.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Ties to Russia? U.S. Ties to Israel?

Trump Ties to Russia? U.S. Ties to Israel?

We need an investigation of the entire American government for its ties to a foreign nation, Israel, which have cost  the middle east and Islamic world, beginning with Palestine, hundreds of thousands of lives and the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars. And they have brought bloody war home via terrorist attacks which would never have happened if the government hadn’t done the bidding of the Israeli Lobby and its supporters in politics and media. These employees of the lobby put the interest of a foreign power ahead of those of the American people. Are they, and their supporters, traitors?


Monday, February 27, 2017

The Trump “Resistance”: Liberal Fascism?

Calls for impeachment of a president are fairly common among justifiably frustrated Americans, but the conditions of failing global capitalism are bringing about less predictable and more dangerous reactions than usual. The shrieking use of the I word began almost before Trump was sworn in but has now assumed mainstream acceptance with passionate support from what are called liberal and progressive sectors. These camps find nothing odd or inconsistent about taking in poor people from other nations while totally disregarding poor Americans, including hundreds of thousands without housing. Next to that sort of mind numbing moral idiocy, claiming a democracy while planning to throw out someone just elected by however corrupt and debased a system - formerly found acceptable by the same people - strains the imagination of all but those lacking the capacity to think at all, let alone imagine.

Trump, as a mix tape of modern American politics represents such a different CEO type than the usual corporate state employee of capital that just about everything that has happened, beginning with his election, marks a brand new phase in a system more threatening to earth, its people, and especially the USA, than ever before. He truly reveals the usually hidden face-mind of the nation, a split personality of ego mad psycho capital fixed on individual profit as the meaning of life under a market god. This rich, egotistical blowhard who can begin a sentence from a position left of the Democratic Party line and wind up to the right of the Republicans at the end has provoked psychotic reactions from a previously neurotic ruling class. It is passing its condition on to a people approaching the behavior of a mob at a mental health crisis center during a full moon and without any meds. A potentially violent and heavily armed population is being driven close to emulating its murderous programmers, but instead of slaughtering foreigners it may wind up slaughtering its own. This would probably make much of the world cheer but reduce the nation to something much worse than it already is; instead of a minority of us reduced to hungry, homeless and destitute people, a majority could wind up in a state of bloody material chaos.

It’s hard to choose only one aspect of the social condition as an example of near hysteria among those previously given to at least acting as normal individuals, even in a political economic environment that regularly defies rationality and almost demands psycho-neurotic mental conditions to tolerate material reality. But the acceptance of the rich minority rulers’ mind management dictates by those previously claiming, if not practicing, humanitarian values, is getting dangerously close to activity that might make real nazis blush. And these, coming from people all too ready to toss around labels like fascist and hitler while almost unable to speak of the arrogant leader without use of zombie like repetitions of “xenophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, homophobic” and more grad school multi-syllable terms that apply to the nation and its practices far more than to any individual, including this particular one who has had little to do with shaping the mess that we are in other than showing up for it the way everyone else does, though with far more money and power.

While Trump certainly represents what passes for a right wing populist reaction to the tragic contradictions hurting more people every day, he and those he speaks for are only further proof of a bankrupt politics that fronts for a criminal economics but only offers as alternative what, up to now, has been wimpy social democracy that sustains the problem instead of radical change that would solve it. Obvious to all but diehard liberal conservative supporters of and believers in capitalism, that system is failing and threatening humanity and not just one or another nation in its failing stages. Since we in America have had the weakest political reaction to that failure from what passes for a left, what passes for a right has come into power as a result of desperation and the lesser evil sweepstakes run by our billionaire owner class that we have been trained to call “our” democracy. Instead of trying to think about how we have failed and what we must do to arrest the rush to ruin, we are being mobilized into a national lynch mob in an identity political herd that further strengthens our divisions, the very weapon of control used by our ruling minority of corporate and individual wealth.

We live in a world in which less than 100 billionaires – most of them American - own more wealth than three and a half billion human beings combined, and the USA’s top 1% of rich people own nearly 42% of the nation’s wealth. Welcome to the world’s greatest democracy? Or the world’s greatest asylum for the mentally handicapped? The identitarian politics that help prevent unity and any hope of real democratic action are seeing to it that evil individuals are blamed for injustice so that systems can remain profitably unjust for  ruling minorities of wealth so great it would make feudal royalty seem paupers. Their control of almost everything, especially what passes for news reporting, can reduce the process of political economic immigration to the individual plight of an immigrant in order to disguise a national problem by reducing it to personal suffering that covers a social disgrace with romantic tales of individuals.

Real American history is about tens of millions of immigrants, kidnapped from Africa and forced out of poor countries in europe, Asia and more recently south of the border, to become slave and cheap labor for american capital and its professional class. These are reduced to individual stories of suffering blamed on villains guilty of “hate” by people socialized to “love” pets more than some of their fellow citizens. Thus college educated and alleged civil libertarians can dismiss voters for Trump as deplorable, low life, white working class uneducated, racist, and worse while extolling mythology about immigrants being the back bone of america as though all of them- like my own grandparents and tens of millions of others - volunteered to not only help us, but were welcomed with love, comfort, security and high wages. People who can swallow this line might believe a pimp who claimed all his sex workers were virgins.

The reality of our history is radically different from the mythology and fables we have been taught in creating our master race of self chosen people – which is how we are seen by much of the world – with these myths and fables carrying into the present moment but more dangerous than in the past. Then, suffering was not as likely to spread as quickly to other places via a nuclear menace currently deemed more threatening than ever as previously peace oriented types are foaming at the mouth over alleged crimes committed by Russia and Putin which have as much foundation in reality as the stories of immigrants coming here to warm welcomes and offers of wealth, comfort, free housing and eternal security. The situation changes by the hour and is more dangerous now than it was a week ago. Given that there is anything but relief offered by mind management and consciousness control here, it may take outside information sources to help us gain, if not regain, our senses. Ironically, sources like RT from Russia may become more important in helping America out of its crisis in hypocrisy and help it towards finally creating real democracy. If so, they, and we, had better hurry. The self-righteous hordes being brought closer to a civil war are not just a threat to us; they are us.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


A continuing and possibly unending series:

Americans who tolerate spending more than 600 billion dollars on war and 60 billion dollars on pets while half a million people are homeless have been found guilty of Hate Crimes by an international committee of better educated, higher income, morally superior and much smarter global residents.

The national committee for IISS – Intellectuality In Social Sewers - has found all Americans who allow the incredibly large inequality gap between the richest fraction of one percent of the population and the other 99+ percent guilty of really, really, really stupid Hate Crimes.

Americans who know that President Trump is a misogynist and have done nothing to rescue his poor wife and daughters from their dreadful lives of terroristic brutality have been found guilty of sexist Hate Crimes committed against all women too dumb to know they are married to and fathered by misogynists.

American entrepreneurs who have not profited from the Hate Trump movement by producing hats, bumper stickers, placards, t-shirts, buttons and especially earned interest through commercial fund raising for non-profit NGOs in opposition to his invention of capitalism, war, slavery, famine, tooth decay and ingrown toenails have been found guilty of anti-marketing Hate Crimes by the Better Business Bureau of Albania

American individuals and businesses which have not hired an immigrant worker at lower wages than they would have had to pay a native born worker have been charged with Racist Hate Crimes, a more serious offense than simple Hate Crimes since Caesar Chavez became the original criminal so identified when he not only criticized immigrant workers whose cheaper labor threatened his native born union members but referred to them as “wetbacks”.

All American residents of homeless encampments/tent cities have been charged with Hate Crimes for not having toilet facilities for all non-gender-specific homeless people to use - and no excuses accepted about nobody else having such facilities - by the committee on creating gender choice equality even before housing, jobs and education because let’s face it, what good are housing, jobs or an education if you can’t use the toilet of your choice?

America accused of Hate Crimes against Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians, Muslims, the Islamic world and the thinking people minority of the west, by committee to create global toilets to be shared by all faiths. Committee calls for investigation and urges charges of treason, impeachment, and denial of toilet use for all guilty American politicians and their flunkies, considering the high place in their consciousness of facilities for excrement and urine release which only recently became socially significant gathering places.

Guilt ridden professional upper middle class “white” Americans charged with Racist Hate Crimes for labeling those with less as enjoying “white privilege” despite no evidence that there is a “white” race any different from the human race and in complete denial of political economic privileges enjoyed by all   “ people of color* ” with money.

*Except for Albinos who may have money but have no color.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Bulletins From The Garlic: Fake but More Real than Major Media

The Homeless, poor and those without health care are organizing to leave the USA and return by sneaking across the border in hopes that immigration supporters and other humanitarians will lavish attention and care on them. “We may need a false flag attack, like bombing a tent city and killing some of us to better assure that we‘ll be treated like the Muslims we murder whose next of kin are welcomed with open arms by their murderers” said a spokesperson who refused to identify himself in fear that he might not be allowed back into the country of his birth if it was known that he was a gender specific person who hadn’t eaten in 24 hours or bathed in 24 days. “Maybe if we can return this way we’ll be treated better, maybe not as well as dogs or cats but at least with a chance to get what social services remain, the way immigrants can.”

Those living individual lifestyles without social content threaten March on Washington after Costco ran out of bagels. “This is an outrage which has happened before and we will not tolerate it again,” said chairperson P.P. Dickie of the Committee To Serve Spoiled Brats The Way Their Screwed Up Parents Did. “It’s time for personal lifestyles which demand bagels when we need them to stand up and be counted. We may march on Washington!”

Stocks soar and bonds boom as American marketplace enjoys meteoric rise from moral cesspool to moral toilet. “We’ve not seen anything this big since Cancer pharmaceuticals crossed the billion dollar mark in 2015” said Goldman-Citi-Venture-Capital ethicist Diego von Lipshitz. “It looks like the best bear market until the next bull market until the next bear market until the next bull…” At this point the Legalienate transmission broke down due to our technicians projectile vomiting. Legalienate, even in its lower budget Garlic division, does not use robots and only hires human nationals, paid union wages, which we borrow from public banks.

New Washington Think-Fink tank invites contributions and suggestions from possessors of ideas on how to enable corporadoes to make even more money, pay even less taxes and even lower wages and raise profits even higher without anyone noticing. Ideas must be submitted by college educated upper middle class people of all races, creeds, sexual preferences and belief systems acknowledging that something with a penis created the universe and who can prove that they have not yet been convicted of a felony.
No submissions from white uneducated working class people, please.

Trump accused of anti-semitism for putting America first, before Israel. Trump apologizes, gives Netanyahu backrub and leads parade of Israelis into Jerusalem with Palestinians carrying their bags and weapons.

Experts on Trump’s psychological problems very experienced as to psycho-chronic conditions common to people with intense focus on self , having been born during their mothers’ therapy sessions and starting their own treatments shortly after bottle feeding. Their mothers did not have breasts. Some speculate that their fathers did not have reproductive organs either.
“He’s clearly suffering from severe retroactive matrilineal sexual depilatory tenaciousness which is obvious in the way he grabs microphones, combs his hairpiece, waves arms when he speaks and makes lots of noise in the toilet, as many observers who hang out in his toilet have told us. He’s a very very sick man and we’re all in danger if he ever becomes president, which luckily is impossible” said Dr Phil Empty, star of the network-cable-nutwork TV show “You are a Friggin Nut until I say you’re cured, which will take many visits at $400 an hour”.

Cesar Chavez posthumously indicted for racist anti-immigration stance in his bigoted defense of his union workers against humanitarian agribusiness’s  heart-warming desire to import cheaper labor from across the border. “Those companies were just trying to help poor foreign workers to plan for better futures and dream of college. Profits had nothing to do with it and I hate to say it but Chavez was a traitor to the cause of future careerists in the government and NGO market”, said spokesperson Pato Batista of Latinos In A Rage.

Corporate and Silicon Valley support for immigration is all about humanitarianism and has nothing to do with what humanity gets paid for labor. They do not import foreign help because it’s cheaper and far more profitable but only because they love hearing workers speaking Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, and Arabic and enjoy eating foreign junk foods in their café health malls.

America’s Classical Economic Institute study finds rape a cost effective form of dating. High unemployment, low savings and high debts make dinner and a movie out of reach for some formerly affluent workers.

“Even dining at Denny’s and taking in a movie at the Octoplex can run to more than $50” said Dr. Milton Testa de Mingia,  director of the Institute and Nobel Prize winner for his explanation that lack of personal budgeting skills are behind the problem of homelessness in America. “A little rough sex can still leave room for one or the other before or after, but both dinner and a movie can be very expensive.”

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Only Thing Dumber Than Trump? The Reaction To Trump

“Capitalism develops the social process of production by simultaneously undermining the original source of all wealth: the soil and the worker”
Karl Marx

The attack on mass consciousness by America’s ruling powers that began with a campaign to assure Trump’s candidacy so that their wholly owned subsidiary could win failed miserably but continues at greater excess and with dangerously traumatic success since his victory. Every ignorant, undiplomatic or semi-stupid action or utterance by the new CEO of corporate america is met by imbecilic, bigoted and near moronic reaction from capital’s billionaire central through its professional upper class political/media servants. While conservative America has long been accused, often justifiably, of waving the banner of reactionary politics and narrow thinking, a failing economic system is helping reduce liberals and progressives to those who are simply not members of the American Nazi Party. Yet.

It has reached a point at which if Trump were to pass wind in public the NY Times  - followed by the rest of american media - would charge him with conducting a gas attack on America’s children, pets, immigrants, gays, women, epileptics, dyspeptics, people of color, people of no color, jews, agnostics, republicans, democrats, and other alleged minorities depending on which fake-media outlet was carrying its owner’s message.

After a shocking Trump victory, assured by our ruler’s destruction of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the reaction has been to whip large segments of the public into a frenzy of often well meant if tending toward lynch mob behavior that focuses on one or another appointment of a business-as-usual figure to the corporate board while remaining nearly comatose to the ever more deadly dangerous commercial endeavors of the firm.

Global capitalism has been ruining earth and destroying humanity at an even faster rate than the national form of the past, and Trump, a nationalist economic numbskull as opposed to the global numbskulls recently in charge, could even mean buying some time by continuing to damage the essence of life mentioned in the opening quote, but perhaps at a slightly slower rate. And maybe without a nuclear war.

The old conservative anti-Soviet anti-communist madness of the past is being replaced by a liberal-progressive anti-Russia of the present with alleged intellectuals herded like cattle into a two legged stampede of idiocy about our democratic process having been sullied by Russian theft, said process being a product of minority wealth since it came into being and having no more to do with democracy, on a national level, than an alleged free market where there is no such thing as a free lunch has to do with freedom. If you haven’t enough money for housing you can live in the street, as half a million Americans do, and if you can’t buy political power you can remain politically powerless, as 95% of Americans remain. This despite what we’re told by our owners about our supposedly cherished and sacred freedom, which is like masters telling slaves they own the plantation. When the slaves believe it and start arguing about which of them have better positions in the house or the field, the master, slavery and capitalism is strengthened. But all of us and not just the convinced suffer. That’s where America and the world are concerning the political economics which rule and have ruled since long before Trump, creating situations of dire crisis for billons of people and the earth itself. And the marketing of new brand names and new product lines like “climate change” or “immigration rights” do nothing but perpetuate the overall systemic crisis by isolating and mis-identifying many of its problems in order to make a solution more difficult to achieve.

The possibly largest contradiction in profit and loss marketing under the control of capitalist billionaires is mentioned in that opening quote and desperately needs the attention of those justifiably concerned about environmental destruction, appalling poverty and endless wars over control of capital. Which is why we are to be kept mindful of which individual hero or villain sits in the CEO chair following the dictates of minority banking, and treated as a mindless minority concentrating on one or another identity group that separates us from the only identity group that really matters; humanity, which is only divided by skin tone, religion, sexuality or nation for the purpose of keeping it/us from identifying as ourselves, and demanding and enacting democracy in material deed rather than meaningless word.

In the american political economy that spends more than 600 billion on war, more than 60 billion on pets, reduces millions to poverty and hundreds of thousands to being homeless, to mention only a handful of the staggering contradictions that were and are our reality whichever clown prince sits at the surreality seat in DC, we need to become conscious, active and truly resistant to it and not simply individual or group personalities. Millions have been murdered in the Middle East by that system and now its unconscious supporters are maneuvered into standing up for the rights of immigrants we have forced out of their countries by our murderous practices. It would be like a Polish Jew trying to escape the nazi onslaught by trying to emigrate to Germany, with decent if terribly uninformed German citizens crying out “we must help them”.

We need not attend graduate school to understand the dreadful idiocy of conducting economic affairs in adherence to practices that reward fewer and fewer people, at greater cost and poverty to more people and the earth that sustains us all. Unless we change that in resistance to problems that threaten humanity, any resistance offered one or another villain, manufactured by mind managers or real, will amount to nothing.

Merely consider what any of us marketplace survivors deal with every day but try thinking about it in substance instead of just reacting as we are socially managed to react. How can a gallon of milk be more expensive than a gallon of gasoline? What does it take to create the milk in the cow and how much labor is involved in milking a cow? Anyone can understand that gasoline comes from petroleum, which is not as accessible as milk. After you milk a cow, the next day it will have more milk. But you don’t just squeeze earth’s teats to get petroleum and when you take it from the earth it won’t reproduce for millennia. And the process of changing it into gasoline is massive and costly, even before the pollution it creates. So why is milk more expensive? Market forces of supply and demand? Of course, especially if you believe the slaves own the plantation. And why are organics only available to people with more money? Why is it more expensive to buy fruits and vegetables that are simply planted and nurtured by nature, rather than jacked up with expensive chemicals, fertilizers and other petroleum by-products? Market forces of supply and demand? And how do we meet the demand for weapons and satisfy our demand for pets while leaving so many humans with so little “market force” that they lead lives of abject misery? These and countless other contradictions cannot simply be reduced to heroes and villains and must be seen as the workings of a system that can only benefit a few at cost to very very many. Billions of humans on a global level, but millions just here in the USA. That is a much bigger problem for us to deal with than the identity, personality, skin tone, religion, or sexuality of one or another individual or member of a group. And all of us, once we deal with the political economics that rule our lives, will benefit, not just some of us. In other words, stop worrying only about Trump and start worrying – big time – about capitalism.   

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Inaugurated: A Look Back At The Experts' Predictions

Chris Wallace, Fox News: "Let me ask you a couple of questions. How should Republicans handle Donald Trump?"

Karl Rove, Republican Strategist: "Ignore him. Look, he is completely off the base. . . . This guy is not a serious candidate."

-----Fox News, Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Jeb Bush, who might be president, and Donald Trump, who won't be president, competing for media oxygen, and well, it was a contest."

-----Howard Kurtz, host, Fox News' MediaBuzz, June 21, 2015

"Anyone who takes [Trump] seriously should really, really, really be ashamed."

-----Michelle Bernard, president of the Bernard Center for Women, MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, June 23, 2015

"Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee. There's absolutely no way - his unfavorables are above 60%."

-----Lisa Booth, Republican Strategist, CNN's New Day, July 4, 2015

"Let's start with this: Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016."

-----Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post, July 12, 2015

"I don't think Donald Trump is going to be the nominee of the Republican Party."

-----Rich Galen, Republican strategist, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, July 15, 2015

"Trump's support will probably fade. Or at least, given his high unfavorable ratings, it will plateau, and other candidates will surpass him as the rest of the field consolidates."

-----Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, July 20, 2015

"The Donald Trump candidacy is almost over. Don't be fooled by Trump's double-digit lead in a new poll:  He is not going to win . . . Donald Trump is not running a real campaign . . . Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him. Unlike Trump, they'll use real oppo, tested and targeted messages - ads built not just to cut, but to kill. They'll break his operational tempo, get inside his OODA loop, and turn his circus into a crispy ruin. It's what real campaigns do."

-----Rick Wilson, Republican message and media strategist, Politico, July 22, 2015

"Trump's unfavorable ratings are extraordinarily high. So this is not a popular person. And people tend, in the end, to vote for people they like."

-----Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, CBS News' Face the Nation, July 26, 2015

"Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee, in almost - almost all certainty."

-----John Heilemann, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, CBS News' Face the Nation, July 26, 2015

"At the end of the day, [Trump] is not going to be the Republican nominee."

-----Sara Fagen, Republican strategist and former political director for President George W. Bush, NBC News' Meet the Press, July 26, 2015

"I think Trump is not going to win the nomination."

-----Ron Fournier, senior political columnist for National Journal, NBC News' Meet the Press, July 26, 2015

John Brabender, Republican political Consultant: "Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee. I'm telling you that right now. But . . . ."

Don Lemon, Host:  "How do you say that?"

Brabender:  "He's just not going to be. My experience of doing this for 30 years. I'm just telling you he's not going to be the nominee."

-----CNN Tonight, August 3, 2015

"Donald Trump is doing well now, but I rather suspect the air will come out of that balloon at some point in time. I don't know when, I don't know how, but it's very difficult to imagine him being the Republican nominee for president."

-----Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, CNN's World Right Now with Hala Gorani, August 5, 2015

"Trump's campaign will fail by one means or another . . . . If you want absurd specificity, I recently estimated Trump's chance of becoming the GOP nominee at 2 percent."

-----Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, August 6, 2015

"Let me go on record saying this right now: Donald Trump will not be our next president. He won't even be the GOP nominee. And I know, I know: We've underestimated him before. But still."

-----Amber Phillips, The Washington Post, August 10, 2015

"Our emphatic prediction is simply that Trump will not win the nomination. It's not even clear that he's trying to do so."

-----Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, August 11, 2015

"Virtually all the political prognosticators are united on one point: Donald Trump's surge is fascinating, but of course he won't be the Republican nominee."

-----Howard Kurtz, host Fox News' Media Buzz, August 6, 2015

"Whomever is going to be the eventual nominee . . . it's not going to be Donald Trump."

-----Robert George, editorial board member of the New York Daily News, MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki, August 16, 2015

"I do think that Trump will hit a ceiling . . . So, at the end of the day, I don't believe that Trump will be the nominee.

-----Mindy Finn, Republican political consultant, CNN Newsroom, August 18, 2015

"[Trump is] here to stay for a while, maybe through a few primaries. But he is not going to be the nominee . . . When the field narrows, he won't go very far."

-----Charlie Black, NBC News' Meet the Press, August 23, 2015

"Donald Trump, who is not going to be the nominee . . . "

-----Alex Castellanos, Republican presidential campaign veteran, NBC News' Meet the Press, August 23, 2015

"I'm going to show you Donald Trump will not be the nominee of the Republican Party!"

-----Adolfo Franco, Adolfo Franco, Republican strategist, MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, August 28, 2015

"I am sure Donald Trump will not be our party nominee."

----- Adolfo Franco, MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki, August 30, 2015

""[It] won't happen, won't happen. I mean, Trump has . . . I think he's hit a ceiling of about 30 percent . . . We're at peak Trump. Of course, I said this about six weeks ago.  . . . Maybe peak Trump will last for another, two, three weeks, but I don't think so . . . . I do not believe [Trump] can be the nominee."

-----William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulus, September 6, 2015

"Last week's debate could mark the leveling off of Trump's rise and the beginning of his deflation."

 -----Thomas Fitzgerald, politics writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 20, 2015

"He is getting boring. That's what destroys Trump.  . . I will be stunned if the next time you and I sit down at this table he still has the numbers that he has now."

-----Ian Bremmer, political scientist, PBS's Charlie Rose, September 22, 2015

"The entire commentariat is going to feel a little silly when Marco Rubio wins every Republican primary."

-----Ross Douthat, columnist for The New York Times, Twitter, September 25, 2015

“If you bother to read some of the serious analysis of Trump’s support, you realize that it’s a very fragile thing and highly unlikely to deliver what he needs in the crucial first phase of the primaries.”

-----Niall Ferguson, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, January 2016 [How the Davos Pundits Got it Wrong: President Clinton, Anyone?"Bloomberg Politics, January 15, 2017]

“By the time we get to March-April, it’s all over. I’m really looking forward to it: Trump’s humiliation. Bring it on.”

-----Niall Ferguson, at a 2016 panel co-hosted by Bloomberg.[How the Davos Pundits Got it Wrong: President Clinton, Anyone?"Bloomberg Politics, January 15, 2017]

 “It doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up. Hillary will win.”

-----Martin Sorrell, the chief executive officer of WPP Plc, January 2016 [How the Davos Pundits Got it Wrong: President Clinton, Anyone?"Bloomberg Politics, January 15, 2017]

"She [Clinton] has everything under control."

-----Michelle Goldberg, Slate, September 27, 2016

"Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory."

-----Natalie Jackson, Senior Polling Editor, Huffington Post, November 7, 2016

"Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the first woman to win the presidency tomorrow, decisively defeating Donald Trump in no small part due to unprecedented Latino turnout."

-----Cliston Brown, The Observer, November 7, 2016

"Robert Reich: Don’t worry, Hillary Clinton will win the election Reich explains why there's no worry to worry (sic) about Tuesday night"

-----Don Hazen Alternet, November 8, 2016

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bulletin: Legalienate To Boycott Inauguration!

The national and international staff of Legalienate, a blog more famous than the NY Times , Fox TV, SlimeFeed, Bogus Newz and ScumBook announced its boycott of the Trump inauguration.
Spokeperson Frank Scott said:

"in keeping with our long cherished and sacred policies and on a moral  par with the U.S. Constitution, the Ten Commandments and our even more sacredly cherished Hypocritic Oath, as in all other inaugurations dating from George Washington, our dedicated staff members, born, unborn, zygote, fetus or whatever, will not attend in protest against political and media hacks and in order to get some free publicity like all the other nobodies, nothings, losers and pretenders who are claiming fame by not attending a public spectacle they were never invited to either."

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Psycho-Social Breakdown

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Bucky Fuller

America’s ruling powers have maintained control by utilizing the divide and conquer strategy of identitarianism. Avoiding democracy by keeping people in real or imagined minorities has worked well, but there are times when that ruling force needs to unify people in order to keep its dominance and in those circumstances what works best is the outside menace that threatens “all of us ”. In the recent past it was an alleged international communist conspiracy, centered in the Soviet Union. When that ended more than twenty years ago, the terrorist menace presented itself as for the first time America experienced a threat within its own borders as a result of murderous policies acted out elsewhere. While that real fear has been fully exploited and is at least based on a material rather than mentally created reality, the present endangered status of our ruling oligarchy has brought about a new alleged menace for public consumption, this time from a capitalist Russia and embodied in Vladimir Putin.

An individual leader always plays an important role in the demonology productions of our consciousness controllers, who may have suffered a loss by killing Osama bin laden. The transformation of a Russian who played a major role in bringing his country back from near economic disaster to a position of global leadership into an alleged fiendish menace to all that Americans hold dear has been a dangerous success, so far.

Supposed liberals, progressives, and some who call themselves leftists have been swept up in a reactionary frenzy that makes past conservative foaming-at-the-mouth anti communism seem almost benign by comparison. Charges of Russian interference with an already corrupt electoral system entirely dependent on funding by the richest people in America have been swallowed by people who consider themselves more knowledgeable than those fed up with that system, however confused they might be about what changing it actually means. If Russia doesn’t listen in on official American communications as America listens in on those of the entire world, it would not only be led by but also populated by incompetents on a par with some of the think-from-the-armpits types in our government. The USA has not only spied on but also meddled in foreign elections whenever it deemed the outcomes not conducive to its dominant role in the world. And American computerized communications are regularly spied upon by some of its alleged allies, most especially Israel. The shocked reactions to learning that others do what we do is in keeping with the psychosis that rationalizes present forms of colonialism, mass murder of foreigners and the destruction of nations deemed problematic to the supposed master race of self chosen people cult. But when alleged critics of that cult calling themselves not only liberal but also leftist become willing believers in its worst created fantasies, America and its people are threatened as never before.

A lynch mob composed of supposedly progressive liberals is no different from a lynch mob composed of supposedly reactionary conservatives. Whether fueled by wine, cheese and the New York Times or pretzels, beer and Fox TV, it is a lynch mob, and the nation is presently in danger of becoming a manipulated mob of uninformed, misinformed, bigotry enacting lynch mobs engaging in righteous psycho-neurotic behavior patterns that get closer to psychotic violence every day.

The victory of Trump in the election triggered an increase in the revived cold war behavior as a corrupt electoral system was suddenly discovered to be unfair when someone who was not supposed to win actually did win and bring on this new chapter of mental maladjustment bordering on physical breakdown. It has brought to the surface long suppressed but very American hate tendencies in the individual blame game that serves as cover for the social crimes of capital.

The sordid celebrity gossip reporting that passes for political analysis has reached depths to shock thoughtful populations here and in other countries that may live in fear of what total breakdown could mean for the rest of the world. Irrational bursts of brainlessness emanating from the professional servants of power in our politics and media that used to be occasional are becoming everyday reality. The newly elected president, who may be the most open and least sneaky of the dimwitted breed in his unabashed Americanism of supremacy, has set off explosions in the national oligarchs reflecting their mortal fears of losing control. It has taken a billionaire, not a revolutionary, to scare the hell out of the billionaires who own the nation. Go figure? But the danger of a lone nutcase losing it while in possession of a gun, knife or bomb is multiplied hundreds of millions of times when the nut is a class in possession of enough money and weaponry to destroy much of the civilized world. When a rich, egotistical, arrogant and often ignorant loudmouth begins to sound like the most rational voice in a debate, those being made to pay for the argument need to take action for sanity before the nut-cult ends all possibility of not only thought or logic but life itself.

Headlines in publications supposedly dispensing news sell claims about Trump and Putin that embarrass gossip hustlers. Enormous attention is given a slur by a professional actress that allegedly brings tears to the eyes of well meaning if ignorantly gullible listeners, claiming that Trump trashed a physically disabled person .Simple investigation would find that he used the very same movements to trash political opponents whose only disability might be mental and not visible to the naked eye or empty mind. The need of our oligarchs to make this unpredictable individual weak if not feeble even before he takes office has led to speculation of his being impeached or possibly murdered, all of which finds previously rational types clucking in agreement while accepting claims of his being the source of all the ugliness at the core of national policies which date back not just to previous administrations but to the founding of the nation. All of this individual bashing neglects the enormous social power and its murderous affect on the world, especially the middle east, being acted out every day regardless of which party clown, oaf, servant or competent professional serves as CEO of our corporate warfare state of social welfare for the rich and individual sink or swim for the rest.

An obsolete model based on the acquisition of private profits in a market as the primary motivation of life itself has been criticized almost since the moment it became evident to thinkers who could see beyond the end of their noses. We are dealing with a system in danger of not only further corrupting life but possibly ending it for humanity if it is allowed to continue under control of minority oligarchs and their servants. Concentration on individuals exclusive of the social forces they serve is long past tolerable for humanity and only profitable for a tiny population even if ultimately damaging even for them. But nonsense about one or another president or ceo that allows the corporation to continue its business is worse than criminally ignorant. It is racially stupid, as in threatening all of humanity and not just the relative handful buying into the master race of self chosen leaders that passes for western capital’s american centered domination of the globe. Different political leaders may be nice, wonderful, rotten, diseased or whatever else, but the system ruining the planet is the problem, not some individual’s talent, personality or lack of both. It is capitalism that is obsolete and we need a new social model . Continued tolerance of the malevolent ignorance being forced on us by consciousness control is a critical part of our problem and we need to stop it, before it makes us, obsolete.