Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Whatever It Takes

by Ann Coulter

The Democrats' current position on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is: We cannot have someone addicted to beer on our highest court! What if a foreign power were to ply him with this nectar in a can? Talk about taking control of our government! Suppose they throw in a case of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier?

A bitter college roommate is going whole hog, wailing, He lied about being a beeraholic.

By the media's account, Kavanaugh was a bounder, a brawler and a drunk. And yet he still managed to graduate at the top of his class, go to Yale, then to Yale Law and work in the highest positions in government.

I am in awe of his manliness. Hemingway has nothing on this guy! He should be our president. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln after being told Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, let's find out what Kavanaugh drank and send a barrel of it to every college student. At least the Democrats have moved on from Crazy Ladies Who Must Be Believed.

Kavanaugh's first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, doesn't remember the time or place of the alleged high school groping, and all four witnesses she named deny any memory of such a party. (They don't deny anything; they simply don't remember the event Ford alleges occurred - ed.)

Forcing our first one-week delay, we were told that the poor lady was so traumatized by being groped in high school that she couldn't fly. It was the worst thing that ever happened to her, compelling her to do what any reasonable person would under the circumstances: Add a second front door to her house. She was supposedly terrified of small spaces, and an airplane, one of her friends told CNN, "was the ultimate closed space where you cannot get away."

Then we found out that Ford regularly jets off to Hawaii, Costa Rica, the South Pacific islands and French Polynesia . . . to go surfing, one of the most terrifying activities around.

It sounded like a joke. I was so shattered and broken, I could only go rock climbing in the Grand Tetons. After that, I'd repair to my room and curl up in a fetal position. Then I'd go rock climbing again. 

An ex-boyfriend has come forward to say that in six years of dating Ford, she never mentioned a sexual assault, had no fear of flying, lived comfortably in a tiny home with only one front door, once coached a friend on how to take a polygraph, contrary to her sworn testimony - and also lied about stealing $600 from him.

Kavanaugh's second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, jumped in to help, dusting off a memory of the nominee pulling a Bill Clinton on her (pulling out his penis and putting it in her face - ed.) as a freshman in college - but only after she spent a week huddled with her attorney, "assessing her memories" and calling classmates to ask if they thought it was true.

And did she have corroboration? She doesn't need any! She's a 'survivor.' Even the New York Times - the newspaper that believed the Duke lacrosse rape case until about five minutes before the prosecutor was disbarred - said Ramirez didn't have enough evidence to meet its standards.

His third accuser, our heroine Julie Swetnik, is the woman produced by porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. She claims that she repeatedly attended gang rape parties in the 1980s - and she saw Brett Kavanaugh there!

An ex-boyfriend says Swetnik once threatened to kill him and his unborn child; she had a restraining order taken out against her; was sued by an employer for engaging in 'sexually offensive conduct,' making 'false and retaliatory allegations' against co-workers and also lying about her educational background and work history.

A Democrat and Emmy-winning meteorologist wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee stating that, soon after he met Swetnik in the 1990s, she proposed group sex to him. Some years later her own father told him to stay away, citing Swetnik's psychological problems.

She is now the Democrats' leading contender for 2020.

Poor Kate Snow of NBC News thought she had landed the interview of a lifetime with Swetnik. Within about three questions, it became clear that she was talking to a lunatic. At that point, most of Snow's energy went into hoping for a building-wide power failure to shut down the cameras.

Of the four witnesses Swetnik provided to NBC, whom she claimed would confirm her story, one denied knowing any Julie Swetnik, one was dead, and two did not respond to the network, perhaps wishing they were dead, too.

By the end of the interview, Snow's purse was missing.

But the Democrats are energetic devils. They've been poring over Kavanaugh's high school yearbook and exclaiming, He's a beeraholic!

With grim passion, they say, how dare you laugh at this? If he were a teetotaler, they'd say, We can't have someone on the court who's so nerdy. How can this weird aesthete sympathize with murderers and insider traders?

They've already won a second week's delay by having two deranged women scream at Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator.

After wetting himself, Flake insisted on a seventh FBI investigation. For weeks, the Democrats have been demanding an investigation - of an incident without witnesses, on a date unknown at a place unknown - by saying, Oh, you big babies, the FBI investigation of Anita Hill only took three days!

The FBI wrapped up its investigation of Kavanaugh in a few days and then sat around wondering how long it had to wait before producing the report. So now the "it will only take three days crowd" are saying, Keep investigating! We don't know how long the probe should be, but the minimum standards of decency require that it last at least until there's a new president.

Whatever they find, they will argue in the alternative and just keep doing it and doing it. If Kavanaugh stepped on a bug, PETA activists would be screaming at Flake in an elevator.

The Democrats have a pair of twos, but they expect Republicans to fold. Why? Because that's what Republicans always do!

Unfortunately, this time, Kavanaugh's supporters are not accepting surrender.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and the Culture of Hysteria

 As the establishment's coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of Donald Trump gathers momentum, readers are invited to read Ann Coulter's latest book (Resistance Is Futile: How The Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind), which the author says is a "self-help book for liberals," though their hysteria about Trump will insure that few of them read it.

Psychologists have been treating "Trump anxiety" for some time now, and judging by the reaction of liberals to Coulter, they may soon have to treat Trump Tantrum Disorder as well. As Coulter points out, liberals have grown furiously unhinged by isolating themselves in self-righteous bubbles of Trump haters that exchange indignant comments about his latest outrages, most of which are simply imaginary.

For example, whenever the specter of American fascism is raised (every five minutes) we are told that Trump is a virtual Hitler clone. Uh, right. We all remember from our history books how Hitler went around boasting of his opportunities to grab women by the pussy, promising to replace the Treaty of Versailles with "something terrific," and engaging in fawning adulation of anyone he hoped to get something from. As Coulter puts it, "I don't remember Hitler or Stalin going around saying, 'These people are great. Incredible, outstanding, quality people.' And who in the WWII era would have described Hitler as Coulter describes Trump:  '[He's] utterly undisciplined, runs his mouth, flatters everyone, and agrees with the last person he spoke to. Why, it's right out of the Mein Kampf playbook!" 
The rage against Trump is proof that the election of 2016 never really ended. In her first post-election interview Hillary Clinton declared herself "part of the resistance," rather than the customary "loyal opposition." If Trump had lost and declared himself part of the anti-Clinton "resistance", Coulter notes, there would have been demands to put him in jail. "He's issuing a call to violence! 'Resistance' is a military term! It's a 'dog whistle' to the militias and the KKK!" Touché.

This attitude is simply a continuation of liberal hysteria during the campaign. Remember the Access Hollywood tape, somehow not a sleazy "October surprise" by the partisan media, which made no secret of its loathing of Trump? In spite of what was repeatedly claimed, there was no endorsement of sexual assault on the tape. Unless you are using a weapon, "they let you do it" means consent. Trump was simply uttering truisms about celebrity culture, not glorifying rape. Notes Coulter: "His whole point was to cite something axiomatically unacceptable - grabbing women by the P-word - in order to say that celebrity culture was so out of whack that a celebrity could get away with it." One could quibble with the "out of whack" part of the comment, as on the tape it appears that Trump in fact found this benefit of fame both natural and desirable. What needed to be explained was not this reaction of a life-long egomaniac, but the shocked indignation of the corporate media: after all, who knew that billionaires and other mega-stars enjoy sex on demand from beautiful women? Right, everyone. And as Coulter points out, Trump used the identical approach in saying his popularity was so great that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without losing voter support. "That's not a confession, notes Coulter, "it's hyperbole." Nevertheless, she goes on, "Nexis can't perform a search for all the publications that have accused Trump of admitting to 'sexual assault,' because it retrieves too many documents." Long live fake news.

And while we're on the subject of fake news, how long has it been since Trump was last accused of being a racist? Five minutes? Surely we can do better than that. Don't let up for a minute on claims that he's giving aid and comfort to "white nationalists" and therefore obligated to condemn David Duke every three minutes and defend himself against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has warned of an imminent neo-Nazi-KKK take-over of the U.S. on a more or less constant basis for nearly four decades.

The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville a year ago has been regarded as the definitive proof of Trump's racism, though a New York Times reporter tweeted direct from the melee that left-wing Antifa protestors were just as aggressively violent as the racist right. Nevertheless, Trump's observation that there was violence (and "good people") "on both sides" has been used as confirmation of his alleged white supremacist sensibilities. By now, official memory has it that Antifa violence wasn't violence, and only "Nazis" were guilty of such.  In one of her book's best lines, Coulter notes, "The more the rally recedes in time, the fresher a memory it becomes," which is an excellent description of all kinds of propaganda induced "memory." With all due regret for the death of Heather Heyer, we still don't know anything about the state of mind of the man who ran over her, who may have been in fear for his life, and few "journalists" are even curious about the matter.

But on to the alleged Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 elections that is the main focus of Coulter's book. The basic allegation is that Trump, according to liberals a boundlessly incompetent buffoon, somehow managed to engage in a byzantine international conspiracy with Russian intelligence to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton. The original claim was that Russia hacked the e-mails of the DNC (after allegedly being invited to do so by Trump in a presidential debate with Clinton) and Hillary's aide John Podesta, then gave them to WikiLeaks, and that this somehow predictably benefited Trump. But why the Russians would have hacked the DNC to retrieve "lost" e-mails that were no longer on their server is difficult to explain. Furthermore, how could the Russians have had any assurance that the Podesta e-mails would end up helping Trump? That leak mostly hurt the DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was forced to resign.

More to the point, the Russian election meddling theme is simply a joke. The U.S. meddles in elections all the time, and when that fails, overthrows unwanted governments by force, often assassinating their democratic leaders as well.  At William Blum's excellent archive at, you can read until your eyes bleed about the C.I.A. undermining democratic elections around the world going back seventy years. In recent years George Soros alone has repeatedly manipulated election outcomes in Georgia, the Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan, variously called the Orange revolution, the Tulip revolution, and the Rose revolution. And while we like to wax self-righteous about Russia interfering in our elections, we tend to forget that Boris Yeltsin would not likely have become president of Russia without a major intervention by the U.S. But perhaps the most ludicrous notion of all is that a relative handful of Russian bots posting on Facebook handed the election to Trump, which is like saying that a coke poured in the water supply prevented us from curing our diabetes epidemic.

The origin of the story alone should make us extremely skeptical about any Trump-Russia collusion, even apart from the absurd pretense that the U.S. has the moral standing to accuse others of such anti-democratic practices. Hillary Clinton invented the Russian collusion story in the summer of 2016 because she needed to neutralize the DNC's e-mails having shown up on WikiLeaks. This was a classic Clinton maneuver: whenever she is caught in a scandal she diverts attention to all-pervading imaginary enemies -  misogynists, unscrupulous political opponents, racists, a vast right-wing conspiracy, and now, Russia and Donald Trump.

So Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook went on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos to tell the world about the Russian conspiracy on July 24, 2016, the eve of the Democratic National Convention. "Experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, took all these emails and now are leaking them out through these Web sites . . .. And it's troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by - by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump." The anonymous reference to "some experts" has not been cleared up to this day. 

Of course, Hillary Clinton would have preferred to spin a web of conspiracy around Trump and ISIS or Trump and North Korea, but Trump didn't have business interests with either of them, so she revved up a new Cold War instead. She somehow managed to convince herself that the press was dead set against her and her Russia-connection conspiracy, even though only two of the fifty-nine largest newspapers in the country had failed to endorse her.  Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald were among the few liberal skeptics of the fantastic story.

In any event, by September 2016 The New York Times conceded that the consensus among government intelligence agencies was that WikiLeaks had no ties to Russian intelligence.

 Two years and dozens of breathless claims later we still have zero evidence for the alleged Trump-Russia collusion. The FBI never investigated for the simple reason that the DNC wouldn't allow the Bureau to examine its computers.  As Glenn Greenwald noted in The Intercept, "there is no evidence . . .  just CIA assertions over and over . . . " 

Initial media response found the claim of a Russian conspiracy "remarkable," and this held true until Hillary lost the election. Then it suddenly became a news story worthy of Watergate, replete with Congressional investigations, saturation media coverage, and an "independent" counsel.  Obama reacted by meekly telling Putin to "cut it out," but he imposed no sanctions, issued no major rebuke, and refrained from retaliation. This for something Thomas Friedman compared to Pearl Harbor and 911. In other words, after mild initial reaction, two years of intensive searching by the nation's top investigative journalists and up to 100 FBI agents has yielded nothing like collusion.

What has passed for evidence in the case is a dossier authored by Christopher Steele, a British spy who offered Hillary Clinton and the Democratic national Committee dirt on Trump from the Russians. Did Hillary recoil in shocked outrage at this treasonous plot? Of course not. She paid Steele for the information. Yes, that's right. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to discredit Trump, but Robert Mueller isn't interested in that collusion. He's looking for collusion between Russia and the victim of the plot.

Explains Coulter: "Hillary's campaign and the DNC hired Steele, using a Seattle law firm as a cutout. The law firm hired Fusion GPS, which in turn hired the British spy, who paid current and former Russian government officials for incriminating information on Trump." 

Steele revealed his motive to Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, saying he was "desperate that Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president." OK, but motives aside, did he come up with anything? Not if you believe the New York Times, which says that the information in the Steele dossier "was not corroborated, and the New York Times has not been able to confirm the claims." And remember that The New York Times, like the press in general, loathes Trump, and would gladly have reported substantiation of the claims in the Steele dossier had they found any. 

In fact, so eager was The Times to discredit Trump that it flat-out stated that his firing of F.B.I. director James Comey had "echoes of Watergate,"when in fact it did not. For Comey himself admitted under oath to Senator James Risch (R-Ohio) that the FBI hadn't been investigating Trump at the time he was fired, so Trump couldn't have been "obstructing justice" in an ongoing case against him. In point of fact, Trump fired Comey precisely because he wouldn't stop publicly insinuating that Trump was under investigation when in fact he wasn't. Meanwhile, journalists simply assumed that Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia, and that firing Comey was a transparent attempt to cover up criminal activity. 

In short, the mountain keeps laboring, but brings forth but a mouse. The charges to date are a complete farce. Here's a partial list:

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn: He talked to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition period between the Obama and Trump administrations, and then didn't disclose it on security clearance paperwork, which is not customary because such meetings are routine.  

Paul Manafort - Briefly Trump's "campaign" chairman, he was originally accused of violating the same (unenforced) lobbying registration law that ensnared Michael Flynn, but has since been charged with setting up offshore accounts to avoid taxes, which could make him guilty of practicing capitalism. In October 2017, journalist Ken Silverstein wrote that "I can say with certainty that the law, which Manafort is accused of violating, known as the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, is a complete joke." The article in which this comment appeared was entitled, "I've Covered Foreign Lobbying for 20 Years and I'm Amazed Manafort Got Busted." In any event, Manafort's guilt or innocence hasn't been demonstrated to have anything to do with Trump. 

Carter Page - a non-entity whose name Trump appears to have lifted out of a hat when confronted by media claims that he didn't have any establishment certified national security advisers on his team. Page was subsequently slapped with a FISA warrant, which proves he is appallingly guilty of something. For as Ronald Reagan's former Attorney General Ed Meese memorably informed us, "If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect." What could be clearer?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: He also met with Russian ambassador Kislyak, when he was a senator, and then didn't record the dastardly deed on security clearance forms, which the FBI doesn't want because such meetings are routine.

But wait! Didn't former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pay Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her affair with Trump? That's a violation of campaign finance laws! Possibly, but such violations are a dime a dozen, and if we run every politician who has paid off a mistress out of office Washington will be a ghost town.

There is much, much more in Coulter's book, but check it out of the library rather than buy it, since Coulter herself is equally prone to slipping into political hysteria when the topic is Communism or Islam. She insists, for example, that Martin Luther King was under the control of Moscow when he made his (accurate) claim that the "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world [is] my own government." And, of course, many of us remember her advice for dealing with the Islamic world following the 911 attacks, when she said, quite subtly, that "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." 

American politics is a tale of two hysterias. Rationality has been driven from the stage.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thought Control Back in the USA: Far More Effective than Communist Censorship

"You can think about censorship as a pyramid. This pyramid only has its tip sticking out of the sand, and that is by intention. The tip is public - libel suits, murders of journalists, cameras being snatched by the military, and so on - publicly declared censorship. But that is the smallest component. Under the tip, the next layer is all those people who don't want to be at the tip, who engage in self-censorship to not end up there. Then the next layer is all the forms of economic inducement or patronage inducement that are given to people to write about one thing or another. The next layer down is raw economy - what it is economic to write about, even if you don't include the economic factors from higher up the pyramid. Then the next layer is the prejudice of readers who only have a certain level of education, so therefore on one hand they are easy to manipulate with false information, and on the other hand you can't even tell them something sophisticated that is true. The last layer is distribution - for example, some people just don't have access to information in a particular language. So that is the censorship pyramid. . . . 

"Now such censorship is deniable because it either takes place out of the light, or because there is no instruction to censor a particular claim. Journalists are rarely instructed, 'Don't print anything about that,' or, 'Don't print that fact.' Rather they understand that they are expected to because they understand the interest of those they wish to placate or grow close to. If you behave you'll be patted on the head and rewarded, and if you don't behave then you won't. It's that simple. I'm often fond of making this example:  the obvious censorship that occurred in the Soviet Union, the censorship that was propagandized about so much in the West - jackboots coming for journalists in the middle of the night to take them from their homes - has just been shifted by twelve hours. Now we wait for the day and take homes from journalists, as they fall out of patronage and are unable to service their debts. Journalists are taken from their homes by taking homes from the journalists. Western societies specialize in laundering censorship and structuring the affairs of the powerful such that any remaining public speech that gets through has a hard time affecting the true power relationships of a highly fiscalized society, because such relationships are hidden in layers of complexity and secrecy."

-----Julian Assange, Cypherpunks - Freedom and the Future of the Internet 

" . . . in nations that our textbooks call totalitarian, strict controls obtain concerning press, T.V., public debate. These societies are like bad gardeners who spend whole days out in the sun pruning bushes, doing their best to cut down hopeless growths of undesired ideologies, because they do not yet have skillful means for poisoning the soil. Because they are old-fashioned, and are forced to strike with crude utensils at the full-grown foliage they did not know enough to poison in its bed, we are entitled to decree that they are brutal and undemocratic. By implication, we discern ourselves to be more civilized. The truth is that we simply know a better way to tend the garden.

"Professors at our universities, with rare exceptions, are granted the theoretical right to advocate rebellion, to develop and reflect on Marxist ideologies, to argue for an end to private ownership of land, homes, factories and means of transportation. In the same sense, editors at Newsweek or The New York Times are free to view the Cuban Revolution as a positive step forward for humanity. It is a clever North American deception to allow professor, scholar, editor alike, to say what they please when we know well that what they please is what we like. When wishes, ideas and dreams themselves can be confined like this, words can be free. The bulls, once surgically restrained, receive all barnyard privileges."

-----Jonathan Kozol, The Night Is Dark and I Am Far from Home

Friday, August 31, 2018

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Call For Impeachment of Trump!

Key Judgments

"We assess that president-elect Donald J. Trump has said degrading things about women in the past. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.

"We assess that President-elect Trump's goals were to undermine young girls' self-esteem and to silence women's voices. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.

"President-elect Trump's approach evolved over the course of the campaign. When it appeared to Trump that Secretary Clinton was likely to win the nomination, the campaign began to focus more on lifting up his racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic supporters. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence with this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.

"We further assess president-elect Trump will continue to develop capabilities to fat-shame women in the United States, judging from past practice and current efforts. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.

"Trust us. Trump is a dickweed."

-----Ann Coulter, Resistance Is Futile! - How The Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Free Press, The Free Market and The Tooth Fairy

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” A.J. Liebling

As major capitalist media claim threats to a free press tradition in America, thescreams for mercy emanating from establishment sources have been accompanied by yelping from some alleged alternative voices from what often amounts to the anti-social online world. At the behest of minority owners of our democracy, proponents of this alleged freedom at the NewYorkTimes, WashingtonPost and their TV counterparts, along with please-go-fund-me- patriots from the revolutionary professional class have been working to impeach Trump since before he took office, with frenzied calling for the scalp which barely covers his nearly-empty-as-their-heads, and daily revelations of newer and juicier gossip crimes to assure freedom by throwing him out and setting president Pence up in the subsidized housing in Washington DC. What?

Among the increasingly demented folk running the country for their ruling employers, this would represent freedom worshipping, democratic national action. Yes, if you read, watch and listen to what passes for the information flow from the polluted stream pouring out of America’s national information toilet. And you can’t just flush the stuff away; almost instantly, it comes out of showers and kitchen faucets, with bulletins about Trump’s treason, sexism, racism, and just about any and every only recently discovered truth about our system being flung at this soon-to-be-revealed-a-capitalist (Oh! My! God! Who! Could! Have! Known?)
 with an insect brain powering an elephant ego.

Well paid professional voices hired by our incredibly wealthy ruling aristocracy are joined by online media slum dwellers passing for an American left in crying for mercy from the alleged fascist Trump, who would have trouble fathoming the intellect of Mussolini let alone meet any other definition of fascism from material reality and not a Spielberg movie or Marvel comic. And when it comes to discussion of that wealth, its impact on our people, our nation and the world, you’d better check foreign information sources because the few that cover such things in America are confined to a news and commentary ghetto that makes the disgraceful homeless tent camps of America seem like gentrified property. 

The people of our fictional democracy dependent on misinformation, booze and drugs to maintain tolerance for its disintegration at their loss and for the profits of a dwindling few might not take kindly being told the following, in the kind of headlines we read about Trumps scandals:

That we are collectively in debt for trillions of dollars which we borrowed from a relative handful of people who are actually loaning us our money which we print and then put in their banks so that they, in their passionate democratic love for usury, could extend it to us in loans charging us far more interest than what they pay us to allegedly save and which we will never be able to repay in this or any other lifetime. 

The former allegedly free market which produced food clothing and shelter for all who could afford it and told the rest to drop dead has transformed into an allegedly free market which produces debt and credit with which to purchase food clothing and shelter and this has led to quite a few doing better than ever and a greater than ever crowd being told to drop dead. 

And without floating on an ocean of debt which could become a desert at any moment, many in the servant-to-the-rich crowd doing quite well could wind up sleeping in their cars or under a bridge at the next upheaval in the market based on prayer, drugs and hallucination in defiance of the substance some still call material reality.

When global capital’s high priests and rabbis at their Vatican/Jerusalem, the International Monetary Fund, make uncomfortable statements about how the system may not be able to tolerate much more debt as it reached 164 trillion this March (but is over 200 trillion now, in august, according to the Institute for International Finance) we might be confused at the numbers but understand they are fantastic compared to what ordinary humans can fathom. Even millions of dollars can sound fictional to many of us, while billions are truly science fiction. But trillions? Hello?

The IMF debt figure represents 225% of global GDP. That means our debt is two and a quarter times more than what we produce. Even given that almost all of us are and have been in debt most of our lives, the fact is that all of us are in greater debt than we have ever been before, have less to show for it, and pay a far heavier price on it than we ever did in the past. Further, most of us would be in the market religion’s “drop dead” category the moment we could no longer borrow more money to pay part of our past debt and be assured of borrowing more in future to pay an even higher figure than we now owe. Huh?

We carry more than 830 billion dollars in credit card debt as a nation and among our most comfortable people are those of us dining on steak and salmon with an actual rice and beans budget but able to use our plastic to pay 170 dollars even if we only have 17 in cash. But going from gourmet foods to burgers and fries may lower quality but does sustain life. What happens to the larger number among us who are already dining on rice, beans, burgers and pizza, who have our plastic debt become so large we can’t “charge” things anymore? Our upper middle class will suffer, for sure, but our majority will suffer even more if-when the balloon bursts or the shit hits the fan, depending on vernacular used which also depends on how much debt we are carrying. But when you can’t meet the bill and your credit has run out, you might as well put your bedclothes in your car, if you have one, or borrow a tent and sleeping bag. The last estimate of our homeless population was more than half a million, a truly disgraceful figure among a population owing trillions in debt for war and pet care while reducing millions of its citizens to poverty and more than half a million to living in the street.

Do we need public banks, employee owned and democratically operated businesses, a dollar free electoral system and conversation with our fellow humans as opposed to mass murdering them every time there is an alleged disagreement among our rulers and thus our responsibility to kill and die for them? Does a snake have wings? 

Obviously, we owe far too much and get far too little for it and the only way to end that system is to transform it to one that puts us, collectively, before only some of us, individually. Which means we not only need to pay attention to what the government of a minority of the people is doing to us but change it to a government of the majority, which it has never been in our history, was never designed to be in its origins, but needs to become if any of us are to have a future as a race, the only human one to have ever existed even if seemingly more divided than ever at the moment. And that’s only according to the minority rich. But the majority needs to move with all deliberate speed to transform a system and not just its figureheads. Voting for any more of them amounts to something far worse than putting teeth under a pillow in hopes of finding food, clothing and shelter when you wake.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What About The Trans Species Minority?

With all the current attention given to people who are born one sex but feel, think, act and wish to be known as another, an even smaller group of people have been forgotten. If they were ever known of in the first place.

The subject of Trans-Species people was brought to the attention of Middle America when a man who identifies as a raccoon and belongs to a group trying to get recognition from society complained about being denied the food service he needs at mid-western chic-a-taco-pizza-burger-chip-crab-fries facilities.

“I need to burrow for grubs as often as I eat regular food and these places provide no opportunity for people like me to follow my natural bodily instincts to answer my trans species needs” said a man who refused to give his name but claimed he and others in his group choose to be addressed as “coons”. When advised that could be called hate speech since it was once used as a derogatory term for people with more color than people with no color, he said “Things change and america and the world needs to be open to realize that there are many among us, not just us coons but folks like trans male donkeys who call themselves "assholes", trans female cats who like to be called "pussies" and trans female dogs who answer to "bitches" and many others among our community who have needs and desires and the right to be acknowledged and addressed by the names we choose.”

The anonymous man said he always knew he was different as a child, at first thinking he was a dog until his family bought a cat but even then he was not sure. “When I saw a raccoon in our garden and looked into its eyes I felt a bond and an understanding that has taken me on a path to find my true self in spending time in trees, raiding garbage cans and especially burrowing into the earth in search of delicious grubs. This is who I am and what I am and no psychiatrist, neurosurgeon, bank teller or UPS driver can change that.”

Officials at the anonymous town in the anonymous state were trying to measure popular consciousness, social morality, public need and market forces in coming to a decision in how to deal with these transpecies people either by catering to their needs or, as in the case of most powerless minorities without dollars , celebrity clout or emotionally appealing personal dramas, just telling them to drop fucking dead.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Foreign Power in American Democracy? Guess Which One?

Americans schooled by films, comics, sitcoms and other forms of capital media might well believe Russia invaded the USA during our 18thcentury revolution and that’s why we’ve been enemies ever since. Actually, the USA and its future European lap dogs, along with Japan, invaded Russia in 1918 under various pretenses covering the need to destroy an uprising that had the gall to replace a holy family of royal wealth with some stupid ideals about ending poverty and promoting actual rule by a democratic majority.

That bloody foreign intrusion into a civil war which further wrecked an economy already near total destruction as a result of the First World War, saw Russia lose more lives than any other country involved and was a preview of more recent history; the present assault on its borders by NATO, all following in the same imperial footsteps to the current moment of reducing innocent Americans into a near frenzied psycho-neurotic mob over alleged horrors committed to our cherished democracy by evil Russians.

That religiously worshipped fictional system has never in  history existed nor produced one American president actually elected by a majority of the electorate. In fact, the image of a supposedly “brutal authoritarian thug” Putin, a description widely accepted by duped twits under merciless American mind management, received a much larger share of the Russian electorate’s voting support than either the despicable or deplorable lesser evil candidates in the last billionaire’s campaign we have been taught to call “our” democracy. This produced the frenzy of established power’s brain assault committed on a public with minds so reduced to pulp it may be too late for some to survive even with decent emergency treatment. Which they might only get in a foreign country given the private profit crazed madness in our alleged “health care” market. In fact, if paying a private insurance company before being able to acquire the services of a doctor or nurse is “health care”, then paying a pimp in order to acquire the services of a sex worker is “love care”. But away with logic and back to the supposed identity of a foreign force wreaking havoc with our cherished national perversion passing for democracy.

While hate crazed elders of the bureaucratic un-intelligence class formerly seen as enemies of the people take on the role of heroic fighters for the masses, the president elected by millions in the usual minority vote for bogus chief executive is treated as a treasonous, racist, homophobic, sexist, child molesting, bank robbing, unsafe driver and any other charge possible by almost all establishment voices. He certainly is a rich, arrogant, egomaniacal super twit, but his crude dim-witted honesty over-qualifies him for the job of CEO of a rich, arrogant, egomaniacal nation programmed to think itself god’s gift to humanity and what more regular presidential puppets of wealth have called the “essential” nation. And truthfully, what other giant of morality and intellect could spend trillions on war, billions on pets, and leave hundreds of thousands of its people living in the street? Such is the marketing fiction forcing insanity into the minds of near helpless consumers of commodified crap in diets leading to digestive and psychological disorders bordering on terminal social malfunction. These are usually diagnosed as personal problems needing therapy and drug cures, which bring massive private profits to a dwindling minority and massive public loss to an expanding majority.

Meanwhile, Trump’s alleged treasonous love affair with Putin occupies consciousness controllers and their near helpless consumers while Trump’s burying his economic face in Netanyahu’s political crotch attracts attention only from those long trying to wake the nation to its government falling under the control of a foreign power, Israel, where all manner of atrocities both moral and financial are excused under the banner of protecting the only democracy in the middle east. This lie is greater than the one sold here about our own minority rule cartel but helps perversely rationalize the need to slaughter, pillage, and destroy much of the Islamic world in pursuit of racial supremacy to be enjoyed by those who shout loudest that racial supremacy must be fought. Except when they practice it.

While the breast-fed-into-adulthood brigades swallow tales of Russian meddling in our billionaire financed minority perversion of democracy, Israel’s continued role in getting the USA to murder hundreds of thousands in the middle east increasingly moves to extend the fanatic bloodletting to Iran. Always in Israeli sights because it is totally disrespectful of European rule, given both its fundamental Islamic stance against much of modernity but mostly western values seen as immoral – because they frequently are – and its long history dating from ancient times of being both a global and more recently local power not given to taking guff from anyone. It has always been critical of the most blatant western invasion of the 20thcentury in the establishment of a euro-colony in Palestine and the total disregard for the people who’ve lived there since biblical times. How dare they disrespect the only other “essential” nation, along with the U.S.A. Are they crazy or what?

The perennially facing extermination mindset of the Israelis has dominated American politics since before that nation’s origins, officially in 1948 but pending since long before the days of Nazi Zionist partnership to make anyplace but Palestine the home for Jews seeking a separate and superior homeland. The later bloody Nazi assault, murders and ethnic cleansing inflicted on lower economic class European Jews who could not afford to buy their way out, as their one percent did, has become the most well known, publicized and often fictionalized assault on humanity ever recorded in global consciousness. This even after the facts of western murders of countless millions in colonializing much of the world, and especially here in the USA where entire nations of indigenous people were wiped out or ethnically cleansed and where American Jews, descended from immigrants, far outnumber American Indians, the horror of the European Jewish experience takes precedence over what was done to native Americans. And Trump, like every single president before him, has not only embraced every fictional foundation story to cover injustice, but unlike previous hypocrites who did it only for the money provided by the Israeli lobby, he probably believes it and thus may be even more dangerous.

So as the saber rattling toward Iran increases, with the most extreme racists in the USA and Israel licking their chops over the thought of wiping out more Middle Eastern people, the mind boggling idiocy of alleged Russian involvement in organized crime in America – the electoral system – approaches sending millions to a mental health crisis center, none of them able to afford the drugs needed to possibly calm their over stressed minds. And the leaders in this rush to further crisis for capital are not the usual right wing loonies who used to find commies under their beds, but what passes for sophisticated neo-liberals who unashamedly assume the role of the most demented force in American politics and one that can almost make the insect brain in the white house seem thoughtful by comparison. 

The idea that a nation which suffered more than any other with 25 million deaths in the two capitalist “world” wars, which saw its country invaded, bombed and reduced to starvation and cannibalism by this bloody experience, is a threat to America which by comparison lost less than half a million people – some .02% of the Russian total – is one that can only be placed into consciousness by creating a vast pool of unconsciousness. Americans with knowledge of material reality would not accept the dreadful drivel being poured into their heads, which is why rulers are pouring it on faster, and with more fury. If it truly is darkest just before the dawn, we are hopefully experiencing what will become the most shining burst of light imaginable. Hopefully non-nuclear. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Market Force of Love ( from the nytimes )

The new tax law may determine whether it’s better to complete
a divorce by Dec. 31
or wait until next year.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Killing Thousands Is Less Criminal Than Contradicting The Official Line on the Holocaust

"There are many fine organizations the world over that focus on the free speech rights of writers, journalists, and dissidents. However, many of these organizations, including Amnesty International, actually favor imprisoning Holocaust 'revisionists.' Amnesty International has, by its own admission, lobbied governments to make Holocaust 'revisionist' books, speeches, and Internet postings illegal. Many other free speech organizations remain silent on the question of anti-revisionist laws.

"The Jews who were persecuted and killed by the Third Reich were victims of an authoritarian state that censored books and imprisoned authors. To censor books and imprison authors in the name of the victims of the Holocaust is a travesty. Employing fascist methods to honor the innocent victims of fascism is lunacy. Enacting fascistic laws in order to fight fascism is, by definition, self-defeating.

"The French government has found anti-revisionist laws quite useful in eliminating pesky political opponents. It is a crime in France to 'diminish' the Holocaust by not giving it the proper emphasis when speaking or writing about it. This ill-defined, subjective statute makes it easy to prosecute someone for the narrowest of reasons. Using this law, the French government has been able to prosecute political foes on the right (anti-immigrant politician Jean-Marie Le Pen), and the left (Ginette Skandrani, co-founder of France's Green Party).

"Advocates of anti-revisionist laws claim that these laws are needed in order to keep Holocaust skeptics from having an audience, yet in almost every case in which these laws have been enforced, they have only succeeded in giving the prosecuted revisionists a much greater audience than they otherwise would have had. Here is one example: 

"Chemist Germar Rudolf was an apolitical young doctoral student at the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany until, in 1993, he was hired by the defense team of a prosecuted German revisionist to prepare a chemical analysis report for the revisionist's upcoming trial. In retaliation, the German government arrested Rudolf, froze his assets, seized his books and computer, and sentenced him to fourteen months imprisonment. No longer able to finish his degree or find work as a chemist, and facing massive legal expenses for his upcoming trial, Rudolf was forced to rely on sympathetic revisionists to raise money. Rudolf became a full-time revisionist writer, arguably the most qualified scientific professional the revisionist community has. So what good did his prosecution accomplish, other than to drive a young would-be chemist directly into the arms of the aging revisionist community, giving them a new, young, energetic, and academically qualified spokesperson?

"The Germans are prosecuting Ernst Zundel for material he posted on his website while he was a legal resident of the United States. The German government's legal theory is that even though Zundel's writings were lawful in the country in which he was living, the fact that the Internet 'brought' Zundel's words into German 'territory' therefore gives Germany jurisdiction to imprison him. Amazingly, the governments of the U.S. and Canada have supported Germany's right to imprison Zundel for 'speech crimes' that were not committed in Germany, and there were not crimes in the country in which Zundel was living. This is an exceptionally dangerous precedent.

"It should be mentioned that Ernst Zundel faces up to ten years in prison (not counting the three years he's already served: two years in Canada, in solitary confinement in a six-by-ten foot cell, and one year in Germany awaiting trial). Germar Rudolf, currently awaiting sentencing in Germany as well, also faces up to ten years. To put these sentences in context, Mounir el Motassadeq, who was convicted in 2005 for his role in the Al Qaeda 'Hamburg cell' that carried out the 9/11 attacks, received only seven years.

"When writers whose only 'crimes' are Internet postings about history, controversial, offensive, or inaccurate they may be, face more prison time than a terrorist implicated in the murder of over three thousand people, something has gone terribly wrong."

-------------David Cole, Republican Party Animal, 2014

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Surgical Sexist Birth Control: Abortion

Among the sins of the Trump era is the selection of a new supreme court judge which will, according to programmed hysterics, doom America beyond its present rapidly failing rule over a global capitalism becoming more deadly by the moment. Of course any court decision, like all others in our market culture of profit and loss, will benefit some at cost to others and that is true whoever sits in the powerful position of administering justice according to the laws of markets and private profit. Until we become an actual democracy and public benefit takes precedence over any private gain, that will be the case. But among the present motivations toward panic engineered by established power to keep decent people obsessed with an individual when a system threatens collapse on all our heads, to some the issue of legal abortion is deemed most critical to the survival of the species. Or a segment of our one race with two sexes: Women. Well at least a minority of women from the materially developed world since it should be understood that most women would not have an abortion if it were offered to them for free or even if they were paid for it, legally or not.

The breakthrough in seemingly gaining control over their bodies offered by the legalization of abortion was indeed a major benefit to many women but seen as an attack by many others, both on their morality and women’s bodies. Most important and too often not considered is the terrible state of birth control itself when women are forced to undergo surgical procedures which remove living substance from their bodies all because our system has been unwilling to create safe, efficient, affordable birth control to men. And it is men who, during fertile years, are able to provide life-creating seed every single moment of every single day of every single year, while women can only procreate during a few days out of every menstrual cycle. So who needs to wear an internal birth control device or even more profitably, take a pill every day? Guess? While men are still limited to what is called the barrier method, which translates to millions of condoms and billions of dollars, but also lots of pregnancies when mistakenly or incorrectly applied. This primitive technique may have been developed by cave men using animal membrane but while it is now a massive profit maker for pharmaceutical companies it isn’t nearly as effective as birth control pills, which sell and profit far more in that market but still occasionally fail and more important force women to take a drug almost every single un-fertile day of their lives. The real “barrier” is unfortunately lodged between our ears.

Wouldn’t it make sense to develop a birth control method for men at least as functional as the pill is for women? Given that fertile men are daily producers of the stuff of life while women remain so only for a few days a month, why haven’t we created such a method? We have, but it isn’t profitable enough so it isn’t on the market and women will have to continue to ultimately have a surgical procedure which removes living matter and future life from their bodies because selling tens of millions of pills makes more sense to investment capital than providing one injection a year to a man. How’s that? One shot a year, like a flu shot, for a man, and we could have it but for the market forces of private profit and the public good be damned.

Such a drug has been studied, worked on, developed and tested for many years, and a medical science laboratory has claimed full confidence in its safety and need but keeps running into more market demands, especially from big pharma, for more hundreds of millions of dollars spent on testing thus producing no chance of profit in our magical, sacred, and far more important than life marketplace. But isn’t the magic of the market what has brought so much progress, high tech, comfort, safety and security let alone excess wealth, to so many of us? Yes, while also bringing regress, low tech, discomfort, wars, menace and insecurity to even more others, with both lists producing private profit to investors in health, weapons, peace, food, shortage of food, shelter, lack of shelter, etc. Isn’t it wonderful?

But let’s just stick to the subject of alleged freedom for some women to pay the price in ending life long before it functions as conscious human by, formerly, scraping out their insides with surgical tools while now applying a vacuum cleaner that sucks out the unwanted zygote, or whatever our original form has evolved to by the time she is able to get to a doctor or facility or business to perform the “procedure”.

And in the 21stcentury of scientific advances almost beyond credence for many of us, women are still not only subject to this primitive form of birth control after the fact of potential life creation, but socialized to see it as a freedom and form of liberation? Hello? Not to mention the socially divisive issue it has been and remains with people driven to extremes of fanatic violence, bigotry and contemptuous disrespect to make an already potentially painful experience that much more a producer of social animosity when we most need a coming together of humanity.

 Imagine what might happen if we put this issue to a vote, instead of relying, in usual American fashion, on minorities winning a court case and in the process displeasing and alienating the majority which never had any say in the matter? Women and men, not only in America but the world over, would vote for the once a year injection and probably in overwhelming numbers. To bring about this true liberation for women, and men as well, not just some individual judge but the market forces of capital will have to be replaced by the democratic forces of humanity. That obviously calls for changing something much larger than one or another representative of capital in a white house, before we reduce our planet to a massive global outhouse.

The New American Right

Former mental health crisis center atmosphere in D.C. sinks to near total dementia among rulers and their media-political servants after Trump blasphemes war god and neglects to spit in Putin’s face. 

The atmosphere among leadership of the New American Right – formerly Democratic Party liberals – is causing confusion among the few American Nazi Party members who are not FBI agents or employees of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Gerhard Pablo Von Akbar Levine, the State Department employee and a major stockholder in the SPLC who heads the twelve member Super Nazis of Tyrannia was almost at a loss for words during a hastily arranged press conference held by facetwitterbook. When asked if his group had a future now that a major party was beginning to sound more hysterical than the Old Demented Right, he stammered “What are we to do to come off as deranged as usual now that this new group has cornered the market on mental behavior warranting emergency brain treatment by a proctologist?”

As the press conference ended, the Committee to Preserve American Values of Warfare, Petcare and the Master Racism of Self Chosen People announced that Putin had been indicted and charged with sexual molestation of the world famous* Russian group, Pussy Power .

The United Nations General Assembly called a special meeting to discuss the crisis which has caused many in the international diplomatic corps to exclaim, in 145 different languages,
 “what the fuck are they putting in the taco pizza burgers these Americans have been eating?”

* well, at least in D.C, and parts of New York and California

Monday, July 16, 2018

Russia Accused of Interfering With Israeli Interference in American Democracy!

Russia Accused of Interfering With Israeli Interference in American Democracy

Shocking news from Paparazzi International claims Russians clogged toilets at Department of Injustice headquarters in Washington just before Israeli agents were to flush out secrets of American democracy previously kept hidden from legions of consumers and other intellectual shut-ins.

“This is the most shocking charge among the hundreds of shocking charges we’ve made that blame the Russians for everything from Clinton’s loss in the election to Lebron leaving Cleveland and Oprah refusing to run for president, said a Deep State representative unable to be identified at this time due to shocking conflicts with his/her/its parole officer.

The congressional mental health crisis center reported that it had received more shocking emergency calls than during the royal wedding in England as representatives, senators, aides, pimps, hoes and lobbyists all expressed shock at the anti-Semitic nature of this latest crime attributed to the evil capitalist conspiracy emanating from Russia, formerly the evil communist conspiracy which has become even worse since switching to private-profit-first economics.

This kind of anti-Semitic hatred will not be tolerated and congress, especially its liberal progressive sectors, will insist to end diplomatic relations with Russia, while more conservative sectors of corporate government indicate cutting back on some trade and immigration but continuing the import of Russian black bread and Russian caviar. Stay tuned for more revelations from Marvel Comics, CNN, Msnbc, Fox, the NYtimes and Washington post as the systemic situation further unravels and shocking cover stories are created by former advertising executives who have become trainees in creating news that’s even dumber than their previous ad campaigns.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Feminism, An Autopsy

". . . most obstacles for women have been removed by now. Women are allowed to go to college, to work in traditionally masculine fields, to speak in public, to run for office, to do whatever they want. The actual obstacles and inequalities that women face are mostly obstacles only for the poor - middle-class women and above can now buy their access to power and equality. The issues most pressing for lower income women, like affordable abortions, childcare, health insurance and health care, public housing, and so on, have slipped off the feminist radar. . . . Women are now judges and lawyers who put innocent men and women in jail, who exploit the poor, who support institutionalized racism. Women are now politicians who are rewarding the mega-rich with even more money at the expense of the poor. 

"When an industry has gone off the rails, like Wall Street or Silicon Valley, you hear this a lot:  'They just need more women. Women have more common sense, more empathy. It's just a boy's club run wild.' This is illogical. It's humans, not men, who are the problem here. 

"Now that women are raised with access to power, we will not see a more egalitarian world, but the same world, just with more women in it.

" . . . that feminism has been guilty throughout its history of rampant racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other failures of empathy, shows that the mainstream goal was always participation in the system, rather than its destruction." 

"When feminists decided to fight for the right to work, what they meant was the right to become doctors, lawyers, and so on. . . . Right from the beginning the assumption was that work was a good thing, a fulfilling thing, that we were missing out on. Not a soul and body-destroying thing that can kill you off young or make you wish it would.

"A true radical response is a lonely road, but it's super hip these days to think of yourself as a radical without doing anything to deserve it. To think that if you buy this special bag of tortilla chips with a pink ribbon on it, you are helping to cure cancer. That if you buy this album and wear a leather jacket, you are a true punk. And if you simply call yourself a feminist, you are a feminist. 

 "What there really should be is a discussion of how women less advantaged than us (or living in different countries or cultures) are oppressed by the things we think of as empowering."

-----Jessa Crispin, Why I Am Not a Feminist, A Feminist Manifesto

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Think Global, Act Local, and Hurry.

“The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth”  Pope Francis, Laudato Si

The pope was referring to the physical garbage dump we have made of the planet but he might just as well have been speaking of the dominant western values which are the motivating factor in the creation of that filth. Our adherence to the market forces of capitalism has meant massive private profit in the creation of that “immense pile” which he criticized even if not using the C-word. And the supposed ethical or moral code that supports the system and enjoys a foundation built in part on diverse religious support is as much at fault as any political economic group which employs the professional government, media and religious workers that make its global reality accepted as the seemingly natural work of a market god.

The minority controlled systems that have dominated the world for centuries always created “immense piles of filth” while also allowing enough of their wealth to trickle down to make a professional servant class comfortable enough to maintain the system and control even larger suffering populations. This was and is done at the worst of times by killing people and at the best by clouding their minds with disinformation, legend and propaganda to make it seem that a better tomorrow was wishfully possible under the market divinity even if it wasn’t materially probable given reasonably enlightened thought.

The environmental destruction alternately blamed on climate change, alternative systems or an evil leader or CEO is the outcome of treating humanity and our earthly home as commodities in a vast market place where profit accruing to minorities is, according to religious belief, supposed to lead to a better world for everyone when it trickles down to a majority anxiously waiting, hoping and praying that it will fall on them with the nicest among that group hoping that maybe, someday, a little later on, it will fall on everyone else. A system born in the 19thcentury, at least in its industrial form, which made a rich marketplace of some of the world while reducing most to poverty and degradation only known to its sufferers and tourists who made the wrong turn from their hotels and blundered into the ghetto, has become, at electronic speeds, visible and understandable to more people than ever before. 

The mind boggling personal wealth that has grown to the billions of dollars each for a relative handful of people has brought millions below them to a previously unknown comfort level but reduced hundreds of millions more to sinking economic status with poverty and material inequality figures higher than at any time since they began being recorded.

The unbearable stench and deadly quality of the physical and moral filth has become too much for humanity to bear and while not yet reaching the point of direct simultaneous experience, growing numbers of people the world over are rising to say we’ve seen, breathed and felt enough, we fear the future not only for ourselves but later generations and cannot tolerate the status quo any longer. Growing national movements are becoming global and the threat of humanity rising up against minority control in a way far beyond previous revolutionary movements which were limited to nations alone and easier to destroy is causing a reaction from dominators that threatens even more than past destructions to maintain their control.

Nuclear weapons that helped devastate Japan in the Second World War now menace the entire planet, and near madness prevails among hired warriors who actually think of using them and getting away with destroying others while somehow protecting themselves from nuclear retaliation in a world with many powers so armed.

Only democracy can bring the minority owners of the garbage dump filth under control of the majority, but that near fictional experience for most of humanity, always dangled in front of them as a possibility under cosmetic and drug facades that made eating regularly seem a luxury, still only seems possible to a minority. But without increasing debt, what passes for a shrinking middle class would be skipping  rent payments and even meals and as the threat grows greater, the need for a movement that demands equality is even more necessary lest the forces of fake news and phony individualism on which private profits before public good rely become dangerously stronger.

Present focus at the fading but still central office of global capital in America is on a president who represents newer dangers but only in style and hardly substance. The distractions that keep people’s minds on him and not the system of capitalism are part of what could bring it to a point at which he means as little as the rest of us facing war with nations or nature that could spell doom for humanity and not simply one or another identity group among our divided race. Those divisions, based on warping minds to not only believe disinformation news but that there is more than one human race, stand between unity that could bring about a better world for all of us, instead of the diminishing returns guaranteed in a market under minority control that will ultimately destroy the same group: all of us.

They may have dominated us into the creation of the pile of physical and moral filth the system has become but we are responsible for creating the democracy necessary to clean it up for ourselves and future generations. No matter how minority owned consciousness control works to make that seem impossible, truly social consciousness can and must prevail to make it not only believable but materially achievable. The old adage to think and act as a planetary member of the human race rather than some isolated individual or small group  was never more true, nor materially necessary, nor more possible.