Wednesday, February 19, 2014

“Humanity is at the crossroads of the most serious economic and social crisis in modern history.”

“Humanity is at the crossroads of the most serious economic and social crisis in modern history.”
 by Frank Scott

Which is why what remains of a privileged population in the USA is being mobilized to support regime change in Syria, Thailand, Venezuela and the Ukraine, a health care marketplace in the USA, a zealous drive to destroy Iran and an equally fanatic attempt at declaring Russia a worse menace now than at the time of brain dead american anti-communism. Orwell might suffer a stroke and complete paralysis if he were alive to see what deranged lunacy now passes for news reporting. And he might stop breathing completely at the form taken by some allegedly progressive social activism.
 As the crisis builds many well meaning people are led to make it worse by swallowing a forced diet of propaganda and not only accepting that as a healthy meal but having it fuel idiotic pursuit of what they are told would be a better world if only elected foreign governments would collapse and their people become more devout worshipers at the church of the market. Where to begin?
 The Olympics have long been nothing more than a massive global advertising campaign to occupy minds with products and orgies of jingoism, but when in a state on the west’s hit list we get far more than the average criticism of this international marketing flesh pot. Attacks on Putin’s Russia and the Ukraine leadership are related and both display hopeless ignorance on the part of American public opinion, which is exactly as American public opinion shapers would have it.
 Suddenly, Americans who might pass out or be horrified at being forced to listen to what is called “punk rock” are moved to ecstatic fan worship by stories of pussy power Russian women who hate Putin and represent as much public opinion in their country as cricket fans do in the USA. And a nation with an economic crisis gripping millions, suffering an open season on shooting civilians and an ecological problem with fossil fuel use growing worse each day is supposed to be outraged because stray dogs in Sochi are mistreated and gays in Russia are not as free as homeless people are here. Hello?
 An elected leader in the Ukraine, whatever his faults, is under attack by forces that might want the nation split in two, and that may yet result from the present assault. An attempt to incorporate parts of the Ukraine culturally aligned with the west into the NATO military shopping mall, thereby creating a further menace to Russia, is supported by manipulated american public opinion from conservative Fox to moderate PBS and including some Pacifica progressives (?) anxious to look politically correct.
 How can it be “democratic” for an elected regime in the Ukraine or Venezuela to be thrown out of office by an uprising of some citizens aided by U.S financing and many other outside forces? And now the spineless president who grovels before the Israeli lobby and remains mute at the savaging of Palestinians is making bold threats that violence in the Ukraine will incur harsh response from Master Race-Chosen People-Exceptional Nation headquarters in the USA.
 Reports of mass vomiting from Vultures, Hyenas, Ghouls and others that feed on the dead may not be true but seem to make sense under these circumstances.

If the archconservative right demanded Obama be thrown out for his sins of socialism, Muslimism, alien birth or other fantasies entertained by some of these middle school dropouts, would American liberals and progressives rush to join the Tea Party? Actually, some might benefit from doing so if only to confront up close and personal a criticism of nothing more than personalities, which is common to both sides of the two-wings but really one-party TV show foisted on the nation as “democracy”.

But present response to the situation referred to in the opening quote, especially from the dangerously crumbling minority that calls itself “the international community”, needs to be a concern not only to the people in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Thailand and the Ukraine, but even more to the people of the USA who play a major role in this crisis nearing a dangerous point of no return for the real international community.

And we are members of that group, even though our leadership seems to think we preside over the world according to some directive from the market gods of Wall Street, Corporate Capital and Zion. Religious folk who believe in a god of justice and peace need to join with agnostics who at least accept the last two ideals, and work to bring about a solution to the crisis facing all of humanity, before it’s too late and a self chosen minority calling itself an elite brings the whole structure down on our heads.

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