Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets a New Name

The Institute of Medicine on Tuesday proposed a new name and new diagnostic criteria for the condition that many still call chronic fatigue syndrome. An institute panel recommended that the illness be renamed “systemic exertion intolerance disease.” The term reflects what patients, clinicians and researchers all agree is a core symptom: a sustained depletion of energy following minimal activity, called post-exertional malaise. The new name “really describes much more directly the key feature of the illness, which is the inability to tolerate both physical and cognitive exertion,” said Dr. Peter Rowe, a member of the panel and a pediatrician at Johns Hopkins who treats children with the condition.

Legalienate's panel on labeling humans as commodities recommends changing the "i'm tired of this shit and just can't take it anymore" syndrome as "systemic entombment in so much bullshit it's a living death around here" malady.

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