Friday, August 5, 2016


An anonymous source said to be anonymous by another anonymous source is claiming that Donald Trump is using muslim blood to write anti-semitic hate speech on dead mexican immigrant bodies and that after that he cooks and eats the unborn children of some of the dead mexicans and muslims and then beats his wife.

The anonymous source could not be confirmed by an anonymous expert on hate crimes and anonymous sources but despite this we felt a responsibility as liberal progressive citizens and not just media hustlers to make this news known to as many people as possible as quickly as possible in the interest of warning the american people about just how rotten a scum sucking bastard this guy is. Really, can you believe how rotten he is?

If he were president we'd have unarmed black men shot dead by the police and we'd spend 26 billion dollars on our pet industry while half a million of our people were living in the streets and we'd have military bases all over the world and be killing muslims by the hundreds of thousands and destroying islamic homelands in the middle east and creating terrorists who would hate us for good reason..

We've got to stop him before it's too late!!!

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