Monday, October 30, 2017

Legalienate Intercepts "The Sludge Report"

Things Fake News Won’t Dare Tell You

All accusers of Harvey Weinstein are anti-semitic, holocaust denying, jew hating criminals.

Shocking investigation of Trump links to Putin reveals shocking news that Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton shockingly employed Russian hackers to shockingly defeat Hillary.

New survey reveals that people who scratch their butts and pick their noses with the same unwashed finger are more likely to vote for lesser evils and teach economics at graduate schools.

Neo-Fascist White Supremacist Racist Psych-Support group formed for all media stars, starlets and wannabes not sexually compromised by Weinstein, Cosby, O’Reilly and others. Called “You Are Attractive and Gifted, Too!” the group offers its services only to registered voters.

Washington insiders make astounding discovery that just as pimps deal in dollars for sex, political pimps deal in dollars for democracy.

Supreme Court rules that marriage between neo-cons and neo-libs of opposite, same or neither sex is not only constitutionally protected but an absolute necessity in preserving global capitalism, private profits, the free market and all else that we hold sacred.

Person of no color elected president of new Republica of Democratica asks to be identified as “shim” and is proud to be first Albino of gender-fluid unknown parents to achieve high office on a platform of free pet food, book burning, meat eating and politely conducted wars.

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