Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Garlic: Bulletins from America's Intellectual Toilet

Trump claims his button much bigger then North Korean leader’s button

North Korean leader urges Trump shove his button where the sun don’t shine

Trump baffled, asks Netanyoohoo for help

Trump critics charge him with sexual abuse, child molesting, spying for Russia and desecrating American values of honesty, integrity and mass murder. Call for his impeachment

Trump claims his critics have brains the size of buttons, challenges them to a button waving contest on white house lawn

Netanyoohoo demands all buttons must be circumcised before public display

Trump claims his brains bigger than those of his critics

Science claims Trump and his critics need brain scans, recommend immediate visits to proctologists

Mass Corporate and entrepreneurial anti-social media continue obsession with size of buttons, brains, foreskin and are accused of racist sexist gender-phobic egotistical hate crimes by grad school butt scratching nose pickers identity group.

Market booms, unemployment down, drug use up, faith community depressed, time to invest in drugs and get out of religion

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