Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Tale of Two Vampires

 "The other day I ran into Count Dracula in the street, just arriving in Buenos Aires. I found him in very bad shape, extremely depressed. The Count had hit rock bottom. Bags under his eyes, jaundiced, skeletal. I said to him: 'Count, it's been so long, what's happening, and what are you doing in Buenos Aires? Did you leave Transylvania? And Count Dracula said to me:' 'I'm here on a visit. I'm looking for a psychoanalyst. I don't know if you know of one who can help me, because I've found out how these multinational corporations operate, and now I've got an inferiority complex that I've got no idea how to get rid of.'"

-----Eduardo Galeano (interview with Susana Hoffman) May 26, 2013

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