Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Are We ?

Under assault by a consciousness control system that insists we are doing quite well even when evidence shows we’re on the critical list, we have reason to be confused.

We were advised that combat in Iraq had ended as media  swooned over 4,000 troops leaving,  without mentioning 50,000 remaining.  Or the 7000 new  mercenaries who would  continue murderous policy. Or the treasonous lies used to wreak devastation upon an innocent people murdered, made refugees and reduced to poverty as a result of our destruction of their developed  state , leaving a dysfunctional nation in its place.

We were informed that North Korea was “menacing” 30,000 U.S. military  personnel on its borders, playing what were called “war games”. If 30,000 North Korean troops were rehearsing mass murder off the coast of California , we would  not feel threatened but instead send them peace offerings of Kim Chi.  Meanwhile, our joined-at-the-U.S.-bankroll brethren in Israel continued suffering an existential crisis  because Iran may someday have  nuclear weapons which could  destroy the hundreds  already existing in the Israeli arsenal.

And we were entertained by a revival of what has come to be known as the “peace process”. These are pointless meetings  offering photo-ops and blather between  Israel and the United States with mis-representatives of the Palestinians, while the apartheid atrocity continues unabated. The  charade was renewed as Hamas conducted attacks on what  most of the world sees as invaders of its land. Their actions against settlers - the western term  for  armed colonialists, as they are seen by those in whose homes and on whose land they settle - was  criticized as bloody murder while complete silence was maintained, as always, about  bloody murders and dreadful conditions in Gaza.

Politicians who voted against funding health care for workers  sickened  by cleaning up the debris after 9/11 then decided that  hallowed ground should not have an Islamic cultural center built more than two blocks away from ground zero. These  parasites had no idea the project existed until it was brought to their attention by a Muslim hating blogger who, common to that breed , treats the world’s more than one billion Muslims as though they were the 19 terrorists of 9/11. These ghouls - they actually give a bad name to creatures who feed on the dead - unleashed an anti-Islamic wave of  moronic and hateful bigotry beyond anything provoked by real  problems of war,  immigration, unemployment and the overall economic crisis.

The  programmed remembrances of that tragic day of 9/11 always attempt to obliterate awareness  of the much greater slaughters it was used to provoke  and the present national threat posed by our perverse foreign and economic policies which serve wealthy minorities while driving the majority apart - and nearly out of its mind - with divisive cultural and identity  barriers. These prevent us from seeing the ominous burdens we  bear collectively and from which we have no  personal , cultural or  hyphenated protection . We are made to accept ourselves as dozens of artificially separated  minorities, but are forbidden from seeing ourselves more realistically as  two hyphenated groups:
1: Rich-Americans ;  and
2: the-other-ninety-nine-percent-who-work-for-a-living Americans.

Our mind managers and their servants  tell us how desperately we need those wealthy people to invest in the market so that we can survive with jobs they somehow create. Belief in this economic folklore is like believing the most intelligent person in America is that Florida fanatic  who threatened to burn the Koran . If you think that’s so , don’t read any further.

The richest 1 percent of Americans now earn -  an extremely relative term - more than the bottom 50 percent combined. Back in the 1970s, the richest 1 percent collected 8 percent of the national income. By the year 2006, that rose to nearly 23 percent and continues climbing. At this point 99% of us are sharing about 75% of the income. Sounds fair, if you’re satisfied with being a serf or peasant compared to your rulers . And while the top 100 CEOs once averaged earning 45 times more than their workers,   in 2009 the nearly incredible ratio was 1,071 to 1. But wait, that’s not all.

The  400 richest Americans have a combined wealth of more than $1.3 trillion, which averages out to more than 3 billion dollars each. How hard do those 400 work, if at all , compared to the average sanitation, bank, school, healthcare , transit or other worker among the millions in that 99% below them who are the substance of daily economic life? Does the expression “democracy” have any real meaning?

We are allowed and encouraged to mobilize against  suspected 9/11 conspiracies organized by “our” government , strongly urged and manipulated to form Tea Parties in opposition to the injustices of “our” government, but forbidden from seeing “our ” government as a creature of minority wealth operating against “our” interest and threatening the social and natural environment in the process while sustaining itself by setting us against one another. We are disorganized to hate others among the majority while justifiably being  enraged about material conditions which are directly controlled by minorities which might as well be invisible gods for the way we are socialized to treat or think about them.

If we, the people of these United States ,  are ever to be a united nation we have to penetrate the lead curtain of misinformation in which we are imprisoned and begin thinking as a population with a collective destiny which demands collective action. We have a serious social identity crisis and cannot save ourselves by making war against ourselves. But if we want a peaceful world and safe environment, we need to break out of  the mental prison in which we’ll remain as long as we are kept separate, and unequal , by the controllers of what goes into our minds under the false label of information.

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