Saturday, March 10, 2012

Invisible Children Online Phenomena:Thinking Adults Offline Tragedy

New Twitbook film viewed by twelve billion people in fifteen minutes reveals heart rending story of African - black  booga booga - evil monster and his mob of several hundred - black booga booga - monsters who kill children and must be stopped by U.S. military aid to an African regime also black - not quite as booga booga -  with aid supervised and under the control of civilized, white, missionary position assuming people who will  once again and as always straighten things out for poor, uncivilized and needy black  Africans who will all mostly die, starve, get AIDS or worse if the west doesn’t intervene.

Film makers will conduct an online sale at Gee-Bay in which bridges, highways and downtown buildings in the USA will go to Americans who donate the most money to the fund for gullible well meaning folks with so much idle time they can watch half hour films about Africans while showing complete disregard for their suffering pets.