Friday, June 7, 2013

Latest Bulletins

President Cancels Foreign Drone Program:
Promises To Only Kill Americans from Now On

Gay New York Police Charged With Stop and Kiss Policy:
Macho New York Men Claim Hate Crime

Israel Demands U.S. Nuke Syria:
Obama Sends NRA to Invade, Says We Shouldn’t Nuke Unless NGOs Say So

Israel Accuses Obama of Anti-Semitism For Refusing to Nuke Syria:
Unanimous Congress Votes To Impeach

Thousand of NSA Agents Commit Suicide after having to read Hundreds of Thousands of Inane Tweets

New Nose Picking App( I-Pic ) Hits Market:
Frees Both Hands for Quicker Tweeting of Inane Messages

Thousands More NSA Agents Kill Themselves at Prospect of Even More Inane Tweets

Market Booms At New Sales of Apps and New Hires at NSA

Assad Accused of Genocide for Killing His Own People

Lincoln Accused of Posthumous Genocide for Same Crime

Media Charged With Language Molestation by Legalienate for Overuse of word “Genocide” to cover Any and All Deaths

Israel Sues Legalienate for Copyright Violation
Legalienate Global, National and Local Staff say “ We Are Bradley Manning”

Stay tuned for more Bulletins

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