Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Problem: Climate Change Solution: System Change


As if there weren’t already more than enough evidence to convince thoughtful people of the problem, the recently concluded U.N. sponsored meetings on Climate Change made it crystal clear:

Political economic fossils fueled by the upper 1% give the 99%’s tax dollars to corporate fossil fuel polluters for amassing ever greater private profits at ever more threatening loss to the public. Mumbled acknowledgment of the problem while continuing to make it worse according to the dictates of a system they either knowingly protect or ignorantly support, made it clear to activists and many government officials who stormed out of the meeting that a life threatening political economy must be changed if humanity is to survive.

 That can be hard to understand among a population still consuming like there’s no tomorrow and doing so at the advertising developed lust dictated by a system for which there really is no tomorrow.

But when even the new pope adds a loud voice to the growing numbers of critical people already paying a heavy price for treating the environment like a profit making commodity for master race-chosen people-exceptional nation minority members of the human race, maybe a turning point in consciousness has been reached. You’d never know that if you just hear most government leaders and their stenographers in corporate media. Since that is what most people hear, the problem grows worse even as its solutions seem more obvious.

As increasing numbers of critics note, we cannot continue the commodity cult of capitalism that is wasting lives and the environment on which all life depends, in pursuit of increasing profits for a relative few while increasing losses leading to despair, suffering and possible doom for life itself.

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