Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Nuclear Menace: Iran? Are You Serious? Or Delirious?

While alleged representatives of american democracy foam at the mouth over the fictional threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon, the real world existence of thousands of such weapons passes almost without notice, most especially those held by religious fanatics whose narrative leans heavily on potential doom coming at any moment and whose reality seems to work for just that end. But that’s only in the eyes, ears and forcibly emptied minds of many western consumer-citizens, occupied with going into debt for the holy days of shopping and left with little time to contemplate material reality, especially since it is rarely presented to them in an individually understandable and socially coherent form.

After wreaking havoc on the democratic process in Iran many years ago when the USA and Britain conspired to destroy an elected government and replace it with a royal puppet of the west, the Iranian revolution of 1979 placed that nation on a hate list on a par with the old Soviet Union. In fact, these Muslims were painted as possibly bigger threats to mindless consumption and earth raping than the evil commies since they were driven by faith in god, something the west only uses for political manipulation of its voting consumers.

Sincere belief in a religious moral code among a people with real grievances against the west was quite frightening. The attacks on Iran since 1979 have been ongoing and deadly, both in financing wars against that nation and organizing political economic crimes that can take as many lives as a war.

Any efforts by Iran to take its place among others in what passes for an international community, that is, to actually participate in the creation of a real global community of nations, has been met by furious opposition in the west. It should be understood that “the west” amounts to the USA, Israel and its few lapdogs in Europe. Israel is not physically located in the west but it plays a western role in the fading but still deadly neo-colonial control of international majorities by a minority deeming themselves chosen people-master race-exceptional nations, and this with no evidence to back their alleged superiority except their massive military power able to waste millions of lives.

This is like a 400 lb brute pillaging, raping and murdering while considering himself a god for pleasuring and having power over so many women and not noticing that they are now armed, their numbers have grown and that he is close to being surrounded by them. Unfortunately, once he does notice, his desperate irrational fear and wrath will cause him to rape and murder even more - while insisting he is spreading more joy - until he is finally subdued. That is a simple description of the global situation as imperial capital, threatened as never before, strives to survive not only in its usual bloody fashion but even more dangerously by increasingly couching its crimes in the language of democracy and diplomacy.

Humanity - not just Iranians - needs to maintain hope for a better future, but also to be far more careful and wary of the growing danger even as possibilities for success grow. The empire is under stress everywhere and it is straining to maintain itself at any cost, however cosmetic the language employed by its leadership and their puppets. There may never have been a time of greater hope for the human race but conversely, humanity has never been living under the threat represented by a dying system which could take all of us down with it. National identity, such as presently strived for in Iran and countless other places formerly entirely under the boot heel of capital may be an important short term step in the direction of salvation, but internationalism is the giant step we need to take towards a better future for all.

 The problem we confront is international and its solution will ultimately call for a democratic internationalism such as the world has never known before. Without it, we may face a future far more bleak than the worst forecasts of the present.


Anonymous said...

Frank, Internationalism, nowadays called Gobalism, is a pure Jewish
Agenda. Is it not the national
states of China and Russia, which
today prevent total Internationalism speak Globalism
and thus represent a balance to
the aims of the chosen ones, who
want to create the unipolar,
international globalistic world
of which you are speaking? This
is not a problem of capitalism or
socialism, the problem is that half the world is in the hands of
international crime syndicates.
The reason why they could usurp
power is because people have allowede themselves to be made
docile and the predators have
confused them with dialectics and
semantics. I would therefore advise care with the word "Internationalism" as it first appeared when Marixt Comunists set out to turn good old Europe into a pile of rubble!

BL, Munich

Michael Smith said...

Imperialism is not internationalism. Frank is referring to democratic internationalism - his reference to this was clear - not totalitarianism. So why the confusion?

Capitalism and crime syndicates go hand in hand, always have. Actually, in the era of "too big to fail," we have moved beyond capitalism, since business failure is a required element for a system to really be capitalist. In any event, it's simply not true that global "capitalism" is synonymous with internationalism, much less the democratic internationalism that Frank referred to.