Tuesday, September 22, 2015

America's Tops in Pops: Trump and The Other Chumps

The question avoided by all critics of the outrageous, outspoken, idiotic, anti-Christ, pro-Hitler, racist, misogynist, child-molesting billionaire who has equally antagonized the corporate republican-conservative, corporate democratic-liberal and (gag-barf-choke) corporate progressive establishments:

Why is this cynical asshole candidate for president who loves Israel different from all the other cynical asshole candidates for president who love Israel?

Jeepers Dr Science, aren’t they all radically different from one another?

Yes Billy, the way the moon is made of green cheese, pigs fly and religious people never lie, they are all different from one another. They represent different brands but they’re all for sale in the same market. And this billionaire loudmouth egomaniac hawks his – and their - product in a style unbecoming to the other murderous cutthroat hypocrites; he pisses them off because he proudly wears his cynical assholism like a medal of honor and gives their cynical asshole hypocrisy a bad name by doing so.

This shining example of a triumph of the system – a billionaire asshole – is a threat to all the servants of our other ruling billionaires, most especially the politicians and their media stenographers, whose job it is to make it look as though we have a democracy. Outside of a real socialist opposition, this individual success story (of course, like most rich americans he inherited the wealth he used to make his deals) could help further the failure of the system with his big mouth. The fool could accidentally help bring about a revolution against his own class. That’s why all those totally dependent on that class hate him so much.

Yes Billy, upper income liberals and conservatives have much in common when it comes to their investments, and at slightly lower economic levels, say, of their cheap imported servants, the paychecks they dole out. Das Kapital.

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