Wednesday, August 16, 2017

America’s Liberal & Conservative Nazis

When the National Socialists of Germany took power under the leadership of Hitler they had been inspired by American teachings of master race-ism and the suppression of a political opposition; Communists and Jews in Germany, later only communists in the USA. What was called America’s Great Depression was much worse in Germany where capital’s minority profiteers had reduced the working class to a status even lower than what was experienced here. That German triumph of a state capitalist form called fascism brought benefits to a majority who had suffered earlier, while inflicting enormous costs on some of those who had done well before, but inflicting little if any harm on the rich no matter what their politics or alleged racial differences.

While many rich Germans had to escape to safer havens because they were Jewish, great wealth in Germany did not suffer any loss of power and control since the economics on which they had been acquired did not change one bit. Only the administration over that market changed in a more fiercely controlled way in which munitions and war preparedness dominated as private profit creator of trickle-down-to-the-public survival wages.

Even then, there were many supporters of Hitler and fascism in the USA, among the wealthy, their hired professionals, and many suffering unemployment and poverty who were led to see a way out by supporting the strong control of a government allegedly representing them and not just the rich. This was only a joke to upper classes not subject to an uncontrolled marketplace reducing more humans to lower life with each passing day.

The New Deal in the USA that brought salvation to great numbers of people came about through a far more social democratic adjustment than was made in Germany, but the capitalist economics and rich minorities that ruled did not change in either country. Only the factions were different in practice of how best to exercise control of others, but the private profit motive as source of the beginning and end of all human endeavor remained supreme. Minor market controls initiated here brought living standards up for a great number of Americans but were not radically different from those exercised in more heavy-handed fashion which made life better for a near majority there. So-called minorities paid a heavy price, as always, under profit and loss rules which always come at great cost to many so that some few might benefit.

Germany practiced what America had not only preached, but done in its treatment of the original inhabitants of its “new” world, its imported slaves from Africa, and its generations of poor immigrants from Europe and Asia. The only thing unique about the Nazis in Germany was that they performed national brutality on other Europeans in ways previously not practiced, especially in denigrating them as members of other races and deserving of ethnic cleansing, expulsions and if necessary, death. During the war, America re-introduced its own form of such practice from its past by throwing Americans of Japanese descent into concentration camps, exactly as the Germans did with Jews. We can only imagine what might have happened to those Americans had the country been bombed or invaded, by Japan or Germany.

A struggle between liberal and conservative factions of capital’s subjects continues as the system’s very nature creates conditions that call for almost radical readjustments in political maneuvering so as to save the priorities of an ever more wealthy and smaller ruling group over an increasingly struggling population of the ruled. America is at a serious crossroads, perhaps the most serious yet, in dealing with the contradictions of capital that call for transforming it into a humane and democratic system, or in its continuity face total breakdown of the political, economic, social and environmental foundation of life. The event in Charlottesville, while played as something unique by mind managers, is just another sign of this breakdown and how little real difference there is between supporters and opponents of the status quo, with both being played as puppets by the forces of division which only maintain control by manipulating people into separate identity groups which make a needed democratic majority that much more difficult to achieve.

Since Trump’s election, established power has been conducting a full-scale assault on the public very much like what Nazis did in Germany upon assuming power. In Germany it became nearly impossible for an opposing view to be seen or heard as state suppression, under the tortured language and thought of fascist mind control, became the public choice supported by ever growing numbers reduced by mental bombardments of propaganda under the guise of news reporting and analysis. While these are different times and information sources among people have grown enormously with the electronic internet, these same sources also invite distortion and propaganda to reach more people more quickly than was possible in 1930s and 40s Germany. In fact, German Nazis might have wet themselves to have had so many outlets of gossip, trivia, insignificance and outright lies at their disposal to convince Germans that their neighbors were evil, corrupt, debased villains who deserved none of the rights that came with being a good German. Or a good American?

Welcome to Charlottesville, U.S.A.

A demonstration of what could be called extremist conservative supporters of capitalism was countered by a demonstration of what could be called extremist liberal supporters of capitalism and a citizen was killed, allegedly  assaulted by one of the conservatives. But this only after more liberal extremist types made it clear that the conservative extremist “others” exhibiting alleged nazi-like behavior were not as American as the liberals exhibiting worse behavior; suppressing publicly expressed opposition. The conservatives, some openly nazi but in the majority hardly so, were expressing their supposed rights in a supposedly democratic society of supposed freedom of expression, while the liberals, espousing freedom to suppress other viewpoints seen as dangerous, and thus practicing Nazism under another name, saw their birthright as being to attack the dangerous unbelievers or whatever the various propaganda schools might use as worst of names by which to reduce other humans.

This pattern is as old as american history but most recently has had an establishment supported re-birth in the time of Trump’s administration, a new low in american experience of brutal capitalist behavior unmasked from its usual leadership’s phony rhetorical flourishes about peace, justice and democracy while conducting wars on humanity under a dictatorship of the rich. Trump, a rich, egotistical, arrogant asshole who is thus overqualified to be president, is also a threat to that system because he is so openly representative of what America is, in reality, as opposed to the various fictional depictions force fed to decent and well meaning people of the extreme, central or moderate liberal-conservative persuasion. In other words, the mainstream that can be mobilized to demand toilets for transsexuals while thousands of its people live in the street, call for more bloody attacks on more nations for their daring to disobey their master race betters, or demand justice for refugees and immigrants whose status comes about because america destroys their nations and economies. Both sides of this capitalist coin can easily see themselves as defenders of all that is good and decent, while they play equal roles in supporting quite the opposite.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic loss of one life as a car rammed into a crowd, and until a court decides that this case was intentional and not a matter of accident based on panic or mental illness or drugs – the court of manipulated public opinion immediately joined in programmed uproars because Trump spoke of violence on both sides being a provocation. Despite overwhelming physical evidence to back this observation, Trump was accused, in the usual fashion, of being an exceptional liar, racist, xenophobe, misogynist, and other regularly used epithets to describe this example of all that is good and great in our democracy; incredible personal wealth, egomania, self centeredness, pampered, privileged behavior and other manifestations of belonging to earth’s foremost master race of self chosen people who support warfare, pet care, anti-racism, imperial bloodshed, equality and toilets for transsexuals, all with equal fervor.

The provocations that are bringing people closer to an open civil war, instead of the below the surface one that has been in process since the last one ended, are more dangerous than ever. The simplistic good vs. evil reductionism that identifies individuals or “identity” groups as the source of problems while we are treated as mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit so as to keep us from noticing the systemic root of most of those problems, can no longer be tolerated. As things get worse for a majority which can only save its “self” by unifying with others our rulers work more frantically to keep us divided. The situation of a vastly over-extended military empire in social debt for trillions of dollars, financed by tax payers whose personal debt is nearly as high, all based on fanatic fundamentalist faith in a market regulated by a deity called finance capital is nearing and may even be long past a disaster point.

Meanwhile, the fascist elements on both sides of the issue will be reduced to warring with each other, righteously convinced they represent the market deity, while the bankers issue more loans with imaginary funds and wonder where and how they can escape if and when people get wise. Religious people moved by faith in humanity need to join agnostics who feel the same way, before the righteous fanatics practicing Nazism under the guise of democracy destroy things for all of us while calling it political economic science. We need to stop the descent into fascism that is being helped by what passes for liberalism and conservatism, as long as those factions serve the cause of preserving the deadly global system of capitalism.

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BRAVO, MR. SCOTT !!!!!!!
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