Friday, February 16, 2018

American Violence: Disorganized and Organized

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do”: Samuel P. Huntington 

The latest American slaughter of innocents  - at home instead of abroad - has led to the usual outpourings from political leaders expressing prayers and sympathy and then switching to attacks on the evil weapons wielders that completely avoid the social system relying on massive weapons production and their wielding by military forces glorified for making wars.

The bloody horror in Florida that took seventeen lives is known to everyone in the USA but that same population is kept relatively ignorant of the bloody horror being perpetrated everyday in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Palestine/Israel – to mention only the Middle East – by people using the armaments we sell them, when they’re not being used by our own military which we train to use our weapons to kill people; foreigners, until further notice.

The guilt tripping about guns belonging to individuals from what passes for liberals and the protection of the right of individuals to have guns from what passes for conservatives is the two-sides-of-the-same-coin debate that does nothing to stop the massive profits of the weapons industry and the attempted perpetuation of the empire represented by those profits.

The military styled murder weapon used by the mentally troubled killer of innocents in Florida is the same one used by allegedly normal military personnel to mass murder innocent foreigners who are made to seem enemies and adversaries in the same way the troubled Floridian may have seen his innocent victims. And the nature of a society which has suicides increasing along with mass murders often committed by the suicidal must be distracted by consciousness control which highlights alleged deformities in individual character while protecting a diseased social organism now devouring its own along with outside victims.

It is much easier to feel the shock and pain when we see innocent americans suffering at the hands of a usually mentally ill individual but the mind management that keeps us from seeing the massive horrors that our social weapons problem produces under the control of a mentally deranged political economics are never dealt with in what passes for a debate between people manipulated to disrespect one another instead of the system that manipulates them into an easy to control divided population of identity groups that can’t possibly act as a democracy. This even as that false definition of reality is driven through the skulls of both into thinking what each has is democracy and the other threatens it. Honest well meaning conservatives reduced to geeks confronted by sincere dedicated liberals reduced to twits while the weapons makers continue banking hundreds of billions and leave them clawing at one another with charges and countercharges at a court owned and operated by the capitalist munitions industry. 

The guaranteed outcome of this demlib-repcon hissy fit form of politics is the continued economics of mass murder when what we need is a united confrontation with the minority power that needs to be replaced in order to save all and not just some of the future victims. Until we do that, suicides, mass murders both foreign and domestic, and further economic collapse are not merely threatened but assured.


Zwarich said...

Brilliant piece.

It is not likely, however, to successfully communicate its thesis to those most in need of hearing it.The sentence structure is very complex. The ideas are very difficult to follow from the beginning of many sentences to the end. It all does make perfect and brilliant sense, and is well worth the effort for any who care to make it.

It does not read like it was addressed to any intended audience. It rather reads like an angry and pained lament, offered up to the ruthless powers of nature, the author releasing his pain and angry frustration, uncaring of who understands or who does not, like a purging, by a soul who knows that the attempt to purge is futile,that despite all efforts the pain will always be with him.

"Identify the enemy" (from Sun-Tzu) is the mantra that might communicate what you are trying to say. People on every side are shaking their fists at every other, writing in hatred and insane anger, unable to see that all share a common enemy. Divide and rule. It's worked so well for so many millennia, and works as perfectly well today.

It is such a constantly insane spectacle that one's own sanity is challenged. Even those of us who may 'see' cannot impart our vision, thus the insanity rules all and even threatens us.

Thank you for this effort. It makes brilliant sense for any who make the effort. Please know that your effort is not futile. This reached deeply into me.

R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

Paul E. "Marbux" Merrell, J.D. said...

@ "The military styled murder weapon used by the mentally troubled killer of innocents in Florida is the same one used by allegedly normal military personnel to mass murder innocent foreigners ..."

You drastically weaken your argument when your strongest factual assertion is false. The weapon used by the Florida shooter was an AR-15. That weapon is a civilian version of the military M-16. Their difference is that the AR-15 can only fire a single shot per trigger-pull; it is "semi-automatic." The M-16 can fire a burst of rounds with a single trigger pull; it is "fully automatic." The M-16 is a far more devastating weapon. See

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