Monday, March 19, 2018

The Committee to Re-Elect Trump Goes Into High Gear

The U.S. corporate media has been waxing nearly hysterical about the "risk" of having a political neophyte like Trump doing direct diplomacy with the government of North Korea.

One breathless talking head recently exclaimed that Trump doesn't understand that de-nuclearization is only supposed to apply to North Korea, not to U.S. nukes on the Korean peninsula.

USA nukes good!, Commie nukes bad!

This is the "sophisticated" understanding of international affairs that Trump is said to lack.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to attack Trump voters for being economically and politically "backward," while she represents the "progressive" values of coastal elites leading us to a bright future over the protests of the dumb masses. Trump might as well put her on his personal payroll.

As long as these continue to be the (Pavlovian) responses of the president's "opposition," we can look forward to eight years of Trump in the White House.

The clown running the circus is the best U.S. democracy money can buy.

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