Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Which Fits Us Better- Chump* Nation or Twit* Country?

Our great constitutional democracy - said document written by slave owners and Indian killers whom we are taught to worship as founding fathers - numbers an electorate of more than 230 million. In 2016 less than 125 million chose from the presidential lesser evil slate of the pinhead with a penis or the vixen* with a vagina. 100 million did not vote at all and combined with those who actually chose one of the lesser evils, that means 160 million members of the electorate, some 70%, chose neither one.

Putin was just re-elected in Russia, getting 75% of the vote in a turnout of some 60% of the electorate of 110 million. He got fifty percent of the electorate while our deadly duo barely got 30% each. Clearly, our great democracy is much more democratic and Russia’s is a sham, a hypocritical excuse for a police state of war mongering fiends with genetic needs to lie, cheat and steal. And if we, like much of our liberal and conservative leadership, regularly visit a proctologist to have our brains examined, that makes enough sense to continue paying more for milk than we pay for gasoline, spend more for war than we do for peace, and lavish time, money and love on our pets while many of our humans lack housing, health care and sanity.

 Isn’t it great to be a member of the master race of self-chosen people?

*Chump: a foolish, stupid or gullible person; dupe or fool

*Twit: a foolish, contemptible little person

*Vixen: a spiteful or quarrelsome woman


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