Thursday, April 12, 2018

News From Consciousness Control

James Hill for The New York Times
Washington’s imposition of tough sanctions against several leading oligarchs is in many respects a game changer for Russia, with repercussions that are slowly coming into view. The sanctions may force some of the moguls to choose whether they want to be identified with the Kremlin or face isolation from Western markets.
The close relationship between oligarchs and President Vladimir Putin has played out beyond financial ties. A “special highway,” above, between the Kremlin and Mr. Putin’s home is reserved for emergencies by law, but it is mostly used by Russia’s privileged to bypass traffic. It has one other special quality: no safety barriers, resulting in at least seven deaths over the past year.
_____OMG!  OMG! seven deaths in the past year? OMG! OMG! we kill more than 100 a day here in Amerrycar! Those evil Russkies are soooo far behind us.


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