Monday, April 2, 2018

You Can't Make This Shit Up Dept.(from the NY Times)

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
•" British officials believe an assassin smeared a Soviet-developed nerve agent on the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s home, above, suggesting a high-level plot hatched by the Kremlin.
Since the poison, Novichek, is so potent and dangerous, the British authorities suspect that only a highly trained professional — on orders from the highest levels of the Russian government — could have administered it to the former Russian double agent and his daughter.
That theory is raising questions about the role of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, in the attack, which has raised tensions between Russia and the West to their highest point since the Cold War. "

This was not taken from Fox News, MSNBC or the Kardashian Report but from the political garbage section of the New York Times ,and without  inclusion of a disclaimer.
If someone had smeared dog shit on that door handle it would obviously suggest a high-level plot hatched by the highest levels of American government.

Unless the smearing agent was  a highly trained and low paid illegal immigrant, in which case Trump alone would be guilty.

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