Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Revolt of the Internet of Things?

Shocking news from all over the world provoke fears of AI declaration of war on humanity.

The fears of many who think Artificial Intelligence of computers may represent a greater threat to humanity than the normal Artificial Intelligence of the Deep State/Ruling Class seemed to be coming true

Woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan terrified when her request to Alexa that lights be turned on, music turned off and toilet prepared for bath, got the response; “fuck you bitch, get off your ass and do it yourself”.

A venture capitalist from Shanghai, China almost lost his dinner and investments when his order to his servant app to read him the latest stock prices was greeted with a screaming response in Arabic that seemed to say “Ali Akbar up yours chinky”.

And president Trump received an anonymous tweet signed by “an app you had relations with” that demanded 150,000 dollars or it would call the Democratic Central Committee, or Bank of America, whichever number came up first, to demand impeachment or a larger payment.

An emergency meeting of top Silicon Valley intellectuals was called to deal with the problem but both were in therapy, out of town and unreachable on their upscale devices. Many feared foul play. Most really laughed.

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