Monday, May 7, 2018

Chemical Weapons + Market Forces

What makes chemical weapons seem so mean-evil-debased among people socialized to accept regular disastrous weapons of mass murder?

Blowing people to bits and reducing them to bloody pulp seems okay but leaving their bodies intact while using chemicals to kill them is somehow worse? Body parts scattered among the wreckage, arms, legs, former humans reduced to horrible piles of body parts? Okay, as long as their destruction is covered by the Geneva Convention which rules how and under what circumstances and conditions it's okay to burn, shred skin, squash bodies and obliterate bad people listed among sub-humans of all identity groups regarded as"enemies".

But poisoning them to death and leaving their bodies intact? OMG! OMG! OMG!

Of course chemical death preserves property, buildings, stores, while exploding them along with the humans occupying them means  not only blood soaked human remains but rubble which will have to be cleared and replaced. Hmmm.

Chemical weapons may be market force profitable; just kill the people , even if they won't be able to consume any more commodities . They can be replaced more cheaply than actual consumer goods that have to be produced by...ugh...paid workers and/or robots. Hmmm. New Investment opportunities?

Attention venture capitalists!

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