Thursday, July 19, 2018

The New American Right

Former mental health crisis center atmosphere in D.C. sinks to near total dementia among rulers and their media-political servants after Trump blasphemes war god and neglects to spit in Putin’s face. 

The atmosphere among leadership of the New American Right – formerly Democratic Party liberals – is causing confusion among the few American Nazi Party members who are not FBI agents or employees of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Gerhard Pablo Von Akbar Levine, the State Department employee and a major stockholder in the SPLC who heads the twelve member Super Nazis of Tyrannia was almost at a loss for words during a hastily arranged press conference held by facetwitterbook. When asked if his group had a future now that a major party was beginning to sound more hysterical than the Old Demented Right, he stammered “What are we to do to come off as deranged as usual now that this new group has cornered the market on mental behavior warranting emergency brain treatment by a proctologist?”

As the press conference ended, the Committee to Preserve American Values of Warfare, Petcare and the Master Racism of Self Chosen People announced that Putin had been indicted and charged with sexual molestation of the world famous* Russian group, Pussy Power .

The United Nations General Assembly called a special meeting to discuss the crisis which has caused many in the international diplomatic corps to exclaim, in 145 different languages,
 “what the fuck are they putting in the taco pizza burgers these Americans have been eating?”

* well, at least in D.C, and parts of New York and California

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