Monday, July 16, 2018

Russia Accused of Interfering With Israeli Interference in American Democracy!

Russia Accused of Interfering With Israeli Interference in American Democracy

Shocking news from Paparazzi International claims Russians clogged toilets at Department of Injustice headquarters in Washington just before Israeli agents were to flush out secrets of American democracy previously kept hidden from legions of consumers and other intellectual shut-ins.

“This is the most shocking charge among the hundreds of shocking charges we’ve made that blame the Russians for everything from Clinton’s loss in the election to Lebron leaving Cleveland and Oprah refusing to run for president, said a Deep State representative unable to be identified at this time due to shocking conflicts with his/her/its parole officer.

The congressional mental health crisis center reported that it had received more shocking emergency calls than during the royal wedding in England as representatives, senators, aides, pimps, hoes and lobbyists all expressed shock at the anti-Semitic nature of this latest crime attributed to the evil capitalist conspiracy emanating from Russia, formerly the evil communist conspiracy which has become even worse since switching to private-profit-first economics.

This kind of anti-Semitic hatred will not be tolerated and congress, especially its liberal progressive sectors, will insist to end diplomatic relations with Russia, while more conservative sectors of corporate government indicate cutting back on some trade and immigration but continuing the import of Russian black bread and Russian caviar. Stay tuned for more revelations from Marvel Comics, CNN, Msnbc, Fox, the NYtimes and Washington post as the systemic situation further unravels and shocking cover stories are created by former advertising executives who have become trainees in creating news that’s even dumber than their previous ad campaigns.

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