Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Kamala Harris - Racially Correct, Correctly Gendered, Clueless on Policy

Joe Biden showed that he's sharp as a tack by picking Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. Harris will help Biden win the all-important swing state of . . . . oh, wait, Harris is from California, and Trump had about as much chance of winning California as he did of getting elected Mayor of Portland. So Harris brings nothing to Biden's barely detectable campaign.

Oh, well, at least she had a strong showing in the primaries, where her support soared into the low single digits until "Russian asset" Tulsi Gabbard took her down and out via the cruel Putin tactic of reporting accurately about the record. Harris's record (as state attorney general) included such niceties as locking up pot smokers and parents of truant kids, hiding evidence to keep the falsely convicted in jail, prolonging the sentences of prisoners to take advantage of the slave labor they provide fighting forest fires for pocket change, taking donations from Wall Street criminals like Steve Mnuchin and then letting him get away scot-free while her own office urged her to prosecute him because he was openly committing fraud, foreclosing early on homeowners struggling to hold onto their homes, etc. etc.  


A self-proclaimed "top tier" candidate, Harris quickly saw her delegate count go from zero to zero.


Unbowed, she showed off her leadership skills by adopting any stance that seemed popular with voters and then abandoning it at the first sign the corporate media didn't like it. For example, she started off embracing Medicare For All, but then switched to calling for a Twitter ban on Donald Trump once she realized corporate America doesn't support Communist slave initiatives like taxpayer-funded health care.


Well, at least Harris knows what it takes to "go out and change" the world, as Joe Biden recommends millenials do instead of complaining all the time. When change was needed when she was young, she went to bed with former speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown, who later rewarded her with two lucrative appointments to state commissions. 


Democracy in action!