Friday, February 3, 2012

Great News If You Love This Country

Trump Endorses Romney’s Hair

“We both love this great country and I love his great hair” said great billionaire Donald Trump as he endorsed great billionaire Mitt Romney for president. Both agreed that this was a great country and that they both loved this great country and Romney added, “ for a comb over and on his great budget, I have to say we need more jobs in this great country for our great barbers and hair coloring school graduates in this great economy in this great country.”

Trump agreed that this was a great country and that he loved it as much as Romney, but he loved Romney’s hair even more because of this country’s great barbers, hair colorists and also our great population of fine looking bimbos.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Great blog! I like your satire. I know USA has a lot of thinkers, not just selfish twits, where are the real people, have they all left?
Such a beautiful country and such garbage as leaders, do they actually represent the American man and woman?

Michael Smith said...

The "real people" are working for a living, no easy task in today's economy. Yes, our leaders are garbage, with a few honorable exceptions, but no, they do not represent us. They represent the enormous centers of private wealth that sustain their endless political campaigning.