Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cosby and the Crusader Consumers


Some never liked him that much, especially after he publicly said what too many people - quite a few of them professional class African Americans  - were saying privately about blacks, but many also think the current media feeding frenzy at his expense is worse than the accusations being made.

Celebrities can easily become creatures of super inflated ego and male celebrities can become piggish in their use and abuse of women. That goes with the territory of celebrity. When you make millions of dollars and are treated like something close to a god by millions of people you can easily become warped inside your head, and a male celebrity who collects women as easily as ordinary people collect commodities can be a disgusting ego specimen, but the creatures he collects are rarely paragons of morality and virtue, and are often just slightly lower budget versions of ego-gratification lusting, job seeking, social status climbing and possibly damaged humans.

Like people who admire and envy fame so much they make ego idiocy possible and even necessary, or wish for careers among the rich and famous so strongly they try to achieve them through performing sexual favors. Or just folks who enjoy hearing stories about the mighty who fall as long as those stories are limited to entertainers and rarely politicos.

 Bill Clinton  - remember him? Hilary’s husband? – had a reputation for being a “womanizer”, which was liberal-speak for screwing any woman who would let him, many delighted to do so for such a powerful figure. But when he got caught, the young woman who nailed him was treated like a bitch by alleged "feminists" who found Clinton's support of abortion far more important than his cheating on his wife and having sex with lots of women, while showing no concern for the morality he would later preach welfare mothers to practice. They vilified her, not him, as some sort of biblical Eve-demon who took advantage of their hero. And Clinton had alleged victims who came forward and told stories of his abuse, disrespect, and how he used them. Double standards? Here in America?

A generation ago according to some legend and some facts, another president, John Kennedy, was having the Secret Service deliver women to him for sneaky sex at the White House and none of that or his affairs with celebrities – other than his wife - ever was spoken of by the media. He, like Clinton, was a politician-ego-sex-maniac, not an entertainer-ego-sex-maniac, like Cosby.

Led by media and the sheep-like tendencies of too many Americans, this nation is regularly led into moral vigilante –lynch party idiocy in which manufactured villains are forced to confront torch-wielding mobs that make fanatics seem sensible by comparison.

Once it was alleged child molesting at day care centers, or satanic rituals conducted by the people next door, or sexual abuse in the family - at one point so many were coming forward to speak of their abuse years after the fact, some psycho-hustlers offered support groups for the millions never sexually abused by their families -What was wrong? Weren’t they attractive enough? - and too many other dreadful expressions of concern over personal matters of nasty gossip and character rape of individuals. This while the world sometimes seems to be falling apart, people suffer real horror, and some micro-minds are obsessed with why Cosby's wife didn’t kick him in the nuts and why Ray Rice’s wife stands by him instead of joining the judgmental elite who make the gross paparazzi and other bottom feeders seem like poets.

Unlike the towers of moral strength who thrive on public character assassination, some women succumb to the celebrity appeal that others dream about. And sometimes years later, once the story of the star’s sex life breaks, they come forward to reveal the horrible experience of being taken in by a celebrity who, um, promised them a role in his movie or on his show, or a gourmet meal if they'd just come to his room for a drink and maybe play doctor, grown up style?

Given the number who’ve come forward, it is more than possible that Cosby may have taken advantage of and even treated some women disgracefully, but this invasion of privacy and the way it is being used is far more disgraceful than any individual behavior and indicative of a diseased, mean, immoral and vindictive culture of political economic degeneracy. That culture spends trillions to invade countries and slaughter people all over the world, kills its own in the streets with an occupying military colonial force we call police departments, and lavishes love and money on pets -fifty billion dollars a year on animal family members - while tens of thousands of its citizens are homeless. Hopefully we will stop this crazed social behavior before it destroys us all.

But first, of course, we need to stomp out the behavior of disastrous and menacing monsters like this celebrity. Of particular note was the comment of one of the used and abused women treated in such deadly fashion by this monster, which said he "kissed her at a party when she was a teen"...


Castrate the son of a bitch ! !

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