Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sony's Comedy on Netanyahoo's Murder starring Mel Gibson to Open Soon!

Coming soon after its brave, bold and profit making decision to show the wonderful freedom of speech endeavor about murdering North Korea's leader, the heroic directors at Sony, along with their  courageous stalwarts from Wall Street, announced their hopeful opening of an outrageous, laugh packed story of assassination of the Israeli leader.

"We hoped to open during the celebration of Chanukah but our  frolicsome friends from Aipac thought it might be better to wait until Easter" said board chair Mustapha Hakim Dinero.

 When asked about hiring the controversial actor, Mel Gibson. Dinero said "he's a bankable commodity these days and even the scene in which he causes Netanyahoo's head to explode and tries to collect brain matter with a soup spoon will be seen as hilarious by freedom loving American people of good humor."

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