Sunday, March 15, 2015

Poles Steel for Battle, Fearing Russia Will March on Them Next

MARCH 14, 2015 KALISZ, Poland — For evidence of how much President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has jangled nerves and provoked anxiety across Eastern Europe, even worse is the panic expressed in the USA. Members of the New Jersey National Guard and the Oklahoma NRA Keep Okies White rifle club have begun training for eminent attack from Russia.Visits to mental health crisis centers are increasing all across the nation, especially among black people who claim that Putin is trying to make their lives worthless. As drug taking increases, both legal and illegal, with drugs supplied by pharmacists, both documented and undocumented, the national crisis has led to bi-partisan meetings between republicans, democrats and their therapists on what to do about the most frightening problem in the nation since the last shortage of pet food.

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