Monday, May 25, 2015

In Busy Silicon Valley, Protein Powder Is in Demand

Boom times in Silicon Valley call for hard work, and hard work — at least in technology land — means that coders, engineers and venture capitalists are turning to liquid meals with names like Schmoylent, Soylent, Schmilk and People Chow. The protein-packed products that come in powder form are inexpensive and quick and easy to make — just shake with water, or in the case of Schmilk, milk.

The latest product introduced to this market by 12 year old billionaire  Adam Zuckerdick, "Schmuck", promises to  satisfy dietary, psychological and sexual needs making it possible to work without stopping for longer periods.

"Brilliant techies will only need brief naps once or twice a week since Schmuck comes in breast form with  nipple dispensers so sucking can go on while programming" said Zuckerdick, " satisfying nutritional needs and pacifying as it gives a little sex kick as well."

Orders for the new product have come from Day Care Centers and Elementary Schools as well as leading colleges and universities where the next generation - if there is to be one - of genius tech  zillionaires are in training.

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