Friday, December 8, 2017

Stunningly Vicious Commentary From a Raving "Hate-Monger"

            "Just how polarizing and negative are these fake news sites? Are they writing inflammatory stories about their political opponents with headlines like 'This Is How Fascism Comes To America?' Oh wait no, that was The Washington Post, in an article about Donald Trump. Are they suggesting their opponents will commit genocide if elected? No, that was an op-ed in The New York Times, also about Donald Trump. 
             “Just say it: Trump sounds more and more like Hitler” was, again, not published on any of the sites on the left-wing ‘fake news’ list, but on Slate, a once-respected magazine that published Christopher Hitchens.
            “And what about the unverified dossier claiming that the Russian government is blackmailing Donald Trump with evidence of him engaging in ‘perverted sexual acts’ that were monitored by Russian intelligence? It was published on Buzzfeed and reported on by CNN.
            “Obama is right, there is a problem with hysterics and misinformation in the press – but it’s a problem of the mainstream press, not the alternative media. It’s a bit fucking rich for journalists who got absolutely everything wrong about this election, and who published biased polls assuring the public of Hillary’s victory, to start complaining after the fact about ‘fake news’ because they lost the election.” 

                   -------Milo Yiannapoulos, Dangerous

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