Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How Liberals Breed The Reactionary Right: A Zionist Shock Jock Explains

“If you tell lies to and about men, if you spread conspiracy theories about the ‘wage gap’ and ‘campus rape culture,’ if you tweet ‘Kill All White Men” and “I Bathe In Male Tears,’ if you close comment sections because you hate being ridiculed by readers who are smarter than you, if you prefer ideology and activism to facts, if you create a hateful atmosphere in which it’s OK to laugh at white people but no one else, if you are mean and vindictive and cruel and sociopathic yet try to cloak yourself in the language of tolerance and diversity, if you get people fired for bringing up studies or asking you to justify your claims, if you whip up outrage mobs over innocent jokes on social media, if you see racism and sexism and homophobia and every other imaginable kind of bigotry everywhere, and if you insist on warping reality to conform to your delusions, don’t be surprised if there’s a backlash. Don’t be surprised if that looks like President Trump.”

                                    -----Milo Yiannopoulos, Dangerous

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