Friday, December 15, 2017

Items From The Garlic

In Alabama, pseudo-democracy’s outcome found the candidate charged with child sex abuse defeated by the candidate not yet charged with child sex abuse -  but -  subject to future charges of ageism if only being attracted to younger victims. Vegas, media pundits and Wall St. brokers anxiously await results of background checks and paid informants to see how long until new senator becomes victim of old charges.

Meanwhile, in answer to a great new market need, venture capitalists are forming support therapy group start-ups  offering help to all the women who had contact with the abusers but were never abused by them. The anonymous multi billionaire creator of the fart-belch-vomit app to make gluttony more relaxing said:

 “These women may be suffering great pain at not seeing themselves good enough to attract these pigs with hand problems. How would you feel if all your friends were  molested and you were not? There has to be some help for these rejected women, and we are filling that market need, with compassion, new psycho-neurotic breakthrough treatments and great investment opportunities for  capital too long tied up in old ideas like used food delivery and catered pet funerals.”

 Silicon Valley multi-trillionaire Jed Bozo has introduced a new app which allows buyers to shop while asleep. Investors are lining up to get in on this at holiday time.

 “No need for lulls while resting; this app saves your waking thoughts about commodity consumption and brings them into reality while you sleep, enabling shoppers to borrow more funds and consume more even when less conscious than usual.”

Wall St, the Pentagon, the Israeli lobby and the rest of organized crime in America are calling Trump’s presidency the  greatest political fund raising event in American history. Political, Psycho-Neurotic, Religious, Online and other Trivia Groups have raised  billions for the American democracy market and used nationalism to manipulate local and state minority voters.

While Trump and Netanyoohoo wore skull caps to cover their pointed heads, the two american parties owned by capital expressed joy at the news of biblical prophesy finally being acknowledged, but most of the foreign puppets, lap dogs and hustlers formerly obeying every american order have expressed opposition. Fears of losing weapons and taco-pizza-burger customers are causing some concern.

New law suits from the American majority charge abuses by the 1% causing shame, pain, homelessness, hunger, psychosocial disorders and worse.

 “They put their hands in our wallets and pocketbooks, against our wishes, and then sneered and laughed when we demanded a democracy to put a stop to their abuse”, said a union leader awakened from historic slumber by the demands of a newly formed majority of people without power. The majority has not been able to find a lawyer yet, most being busy with defending rich and powerful men from charges of sex abuse.

Anonymous Woman answering to the name Mother X charges her children with sexual abuse committed while she was giving birth. "They elbowed me, kicked me, touched all of my insides with reckless disregard for my physical and mental feelings was awful". This historic case could finally end the human race. 
Identity groups cheer. “It’s about time; this stupid humanity concept has been holding us back for far too long” 

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