Saturday, February 20, 2021

Orange Man Gone, Infantilism Still Here

 "We are a bunch of spoiled brats in America. We can't shut down, take our medicine, do the right thing - no! We have to have our own temper tantrums; we have to yell at people who don't agree with us; we have to act emotionally, as opposed to intellectually, follow the science, pay people so that they can stay alive (at home), put moratoriums on everything, your bank loans, your mortgages, your business loans, and just pay, and all the companies, if you're not an essential company just shut that shit all down . . . 

 "Every country has fiat currency now. Nobody's backed by gold. It's all made up. When this shit is over, which it would have been in three or four months, we open back up and you just hit the re-set button on fiat currency. It's all relative scale. That's how money works. There's no Fort Knox anymore . . .

"I have the best response for people who say we just need to open it up, if you just opened it up our economy would get better . . . These (uncompensated) businesses are dead, guys. They're gone. Because our leadership didn't do the right thing . . . .We didn't take our medicine, shut it down, pay the people who really needed the money, put a freeze on everything, get over this in three months and re-open her up. And just like Europe when there was a second spike, we would shut that fucker back down again and we'd be over it in eight weeks. 

 "But, no! We had to sit there and cry, whine on social media and say: 'Open 'er up! Open 'er up!'

"We have no patience. We can't put off. We have to have instant gratification. We have failed the cookie experiment, guys. You remember the cookie experiment? They sat a group of kids down. They said: 'Don't eat this cookie, you'll get two cookies' (later), so the researchers left them alone, and some kids ate the cookies right away, some kids held off for a few minutes, and then ate the cookie, and some kids listened and didn't eat the cookie. 

"They followed these kids their entire lives, for years and years until adulthood, and the kids who could put off that gratification, who listened, they were significantly more successful in life than the other kids."


-------- Dr. Duc C. Vuong February 7, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Tale of Two Vampires

 "The other day I ran into Count Dracula in the street, just arriving in Buenos Aires. I found him in very bad shape, extremely depressed. The Count had hit rock bottom. Bags under his eyes, jaundiced, skeletal. I said to him: 'Count, it's been so long, what's happening, and what are you doing in Buenos Aires? Did you leave Transylvania? And Count Dracula said to me:' 'I'm here on a visit. I'm looking for a psychoanalyst. I don't know if you know of one who can help me, because I've found out how these multinational corporations operate, and now I've got an inferiority complex that I've got no idea how to get rid of.'"

-----Eduardo Galeano (interview with Susana Hoffman) May 26, 2013

Friday, February 12, 2021

Impeaching Satan

 "They're all [U.S. presidents] dangerous. Trump is no more dangerous than the rest of them. The difference was they couldn't control Trump. And that to the establishment made him more dangerous." (emphasis added)

                               ------Kim Iversen

Source: Kim Iversen, "Democrats Admit Trump Didn't Say Anything To Incite Insurrection," You Tube, 2/11/21

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Capitalist Nondiscrimination Policy

Discrimination on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, cultural background, ancestry, religion, absence of religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, gender fluidity, sexual orientation, disorientation, or non-orientation, marital status, anti-marital status, physical or mental disability, ideological handicap, source of payment, genetic information, genetic misinformation, citizenship, primary language, secondary language, or immigration status is prohibited.

Kicking the living shit out of all those who sell their labor to private monopoly interests in order to survive is compulsory.

Monday, January 18, 2021


Fake Lower Class Coup, Real Upper Class Bigotry, Near  Social Collapse



A nation more seriously divided than in the 1960s when movements against war and racism pulled families and communities apart and drove some to drugs, drink, and worse, approaches a greater and more threatening social dissolution. When more than 74 million people can be reduced to “white supremacists” by alleged liberals with the same ease that past supposed conservatives were led to see a communist fiend behind every supporter of unity among people we are indeed in a time of all American hate crimes, thought crimes and worse. Those labels are being flung about by one or another bunch of hateful bigots, loving humanitarians or usually, both.


A unique occupier of the highest office in the national corporation was able to blunder, bumble and buy his way into the most egocentric and blatantly honest performance of what America really is as opposed to the fantasy drummed into our heads in what passes for our education in consumption mythology received at day care centers, grammar schools and the nation’s leading universities. Probably the most honest president in American history thus characterized as a liar by consciousness control because he speaks whatever little he thinks and is understandable to tens of millions who have no idea what the hell their government is doing other than ripping them off, his incredible egomania threatened minority rule by making it all too clear how rich, egotistical, murderous and dumb American rule is on the global stage. His victory was immediately attacked by ruling powers because of the threat he represented by exposing the reality of America as the egocentric brutal global force it is instead of the mythological land of the free and the brave reduced to murdering foreigners and consigning millions of citizens to poverty and waste only due to evil Russians or Chinese or Iranians while manipulating good people into the need for creating salvation for suffering immigrants who really represent cheap labor and greater profits for capital while poverty stricken Americans grow in number by the microsecond.


The loud, boisterous and at moments truly violent demonstration protesting the rubber stamping of victory by acknowledging one of the worst aspects of fake democracy, the electoral college - previously opposed by the same sectors now genuflecting before this sacred aspect of our sacred democracy - has been transformed into an attack on all things sacred to Americans. This religious terminology is being used by agnostics, atheists, the allegedly sophisticated and the terminally dumb to describe what was threatened by this mob of disgruntled, confused and often dangerous to furniture as well as life demonstrators.


Given the near hysteria of ruling power expressed through its servant professional media class you would think they assaulted Wall Street or the handful of billionaires who dominate politics and economics in our “sacred” democracy, but no, they just broke into the capital and mostly occupied themselves as many Americans do everyday: taking selfies and carrying on like wasteful consumers. Mind management had it that “white supremacist “police were in league with the “white supremacist” invaders and even after it was learned that a “white supremacist” police officer had been murdered by the “white supremacist” mob and that a “white supremacist” woman had been murdered by the “white supremacist” police, this narrowing of a dreadfully critical social problem to one of identities continues the consciousness controlling propaganda that wealth and class play no role in anything of substance.


There may be a massive demonstration by upper class feminists to protest the murder of the woman trumpist who was said to have voted for Obama in the previous election, before she became a “white supremacist”, but be advised not to hang by your lip waiting for that.


Some of the mob that broke away from the much larger crowd at Trump’s tortured logic speech which was said to have created the incident, (you know, the way Russia and China meddle in our business and politics) were armed and this may have been the most shocking part of the event enabling the programming hysterics to turn a seething mob into a bigger seething mob. Americans are the most armed population in the world, but the overwhelming majority of the legal gun bearers are not preparing to hold up a convenience store or murder a neighbor, though that certainly occupies lots of time and action among citizens of our “sacred” democracy. Actually these armed citizens are programmed to help the weapons market mostly to protect themselves and their families from the most fiendish menace ever known to humanity: Other Americans!


That weapons market is in the “sacred” constitution, according to some less than sacred constitutional scholars, but one man’s diverse profit is another woman’s diverse loss. Or vice versa, now that sexual equality in the market means instead of being limited to watching muscular men in their underwear beating the living crap out of one another on TV, we can watch muscular women in their underwear beating the living crap out of one another on TV. Isn’t our “sacred” democracy wonderful in its diversity?


Meanwhile, at the class bigotry mall where some dine on farm to table delicacy and others on taco pizza burgers, the fractured society of haves, and have nots suffer a poverty of information and a wealth of ridiculous propaganda to keep their/our minds off real democracy in blind support of the atrocity of minority rule that passes for it by teaching that voting in an election and then going to sleep until the next one is what majority rule is all about. At a time when the nation is driven apart as never before the obvious ruling “democratic” strategy is to set more people against one another and thereby further prevent them from coming together and creating actual majority rule. That’s something that never existed for a moment in this nation’s history where the closest thing to democracy occurs in very small communities and even then most of the electorate doesn’t vote for whoever wins or loses.


The fear mongering and hysterical over-reactions to individuals while remaining unconscious to a system infinitely more malevolent to people and nature will continue as the capitalist pandemic threatens far more than private profit in the creation of massive public loss. That loss is experienced by all the people save for the tiny minority of multi-millionaires and billionaires who grow richer daily and are now a diverse as never before mixture of people of color, no color, some color, multi color, tri-color but essentially part of the tiny minority in control of a massive majority still being turned against one another for being people of color, no color, some color, etc., and kept from noticing we are the majority and will be ruled by a tiny minority until we realize what we have in common.


The fate of our nation and humanity will be lost if we don’t rise above these truly racist and bigoted rules of the rich forced into our minds to keep them in charge and us blaming one another for being helpless. We need to learn how bi-partisan the ruling parties are, both owned by the rich and, save for a tiny handful, totally dedicated to survival of the system that makes some rich beyond imagination but most of us poorer in material, spiritual, psychological but most especially political economic reality. 


We need to end the provoked war against one another and if we are to attack anyone, it should be the mass murdering thieves who preside over this fake democracy. Which is mostly why those 74 million are hardly “white supremacists” but people seriously wanting a better world and more democratic government that performs for all the people and not just some of them, which is what most of the 81 million who voted for the other system servant want as well. They/we need to start communicating with one another without the treacherous filters of the consciousness controllers and mind managers of corporate anti-social media, as well as their imitator flunkies on what passes for social media but is all too often an echo of the worst fantasy and supernatural idiocy from ruling class central.


As difficult as it may be, we need to start listening to the people and not simply those alleged to be speaking for the people. And then acting to create responsible government that looks out for all of us and not just some. That means a social revolution that doesn’t have us close to killing one another, which is what current nonsense about alleged coups and vendettas will lead us to if we don’t stop it before it’s to late. Less than five percent of Americans exercise near total economic power, political control and true supremacy over more than 95 percent of us. Surrounding government buildings with armed guards is the policy of that minority but presently supported by far too many of the misguided. We need to wake up, in the present tense, and become a guided, cooperative, truly democratic population demanding that the common, public good come before any private profit before those supremacist private forces destroy us all, with or without identity labels or slogans that too often deny reality when what we need is to change it, radically.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Three Cheers For "Baseless"

Whether Donald Trump's behavior on January 6 actually meets the legal definition of "coup" or "insurrection," or merely represents the umpteenth "triggering" of Democrats eager to benefit from the latest whirlwind of Trumpian chaos, remains to be seen.

While this weighty matter is sorted out, perhaps we can take a moment to reflect on the bright side of having had Donald Trump as president. One thing we ought to appreciate is that his fast-flowing river of verbal bullshit has finally persuaded the media to call out a presidential assertion for being "baseless." This constitutes a long-overdue advance in our national political vocabulary, one that should be applied to previous occupants of the Oval Office in the following manner:

George W. Bush's baseless claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq led directly to killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Barack Obama's baseless view that Wikileaks publishing accurate information constituted an attack on the United States means that journalism is actually treason in his mind.

Bill Clinton's baseless notion that blowjobs are not sex raises the possibility that Gore Vidal died a virgin.

George Herbert Walker Bush's baseless claim that Saddam Hussein's troops disconnected babies from incubators and left them on the cold floor to die was used to invade Iraq and kill 200,000 people (Pentagon estimate).

Ronald Reagan advanced the laughably baseless claim that tiny Nicaragua posed a national security threat to the United States. 

Born Again Jimmy Carter promoted the baseless view that Bronze Age religious legends are an appropriate real estate guide to the contemporary Middle East.

Richard Nixon stuck to his baseless view that lowering U.S. troop deployments while carrying out technological extermination of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Indochina constituted a policy of peace and honor.   

Gerald Ford claimed without evidence that pardoning Richard Nixon's criminal conduct and papering over wholesale extermination in Vietnam was a form of national healing.

Lyndon Johnson's baseless allegation of "open aggression on the high seas" by North Vietnam was a transparent attempt to justify his own far broader aggression in Indochina.

In order to invade the island, John F. Kennedy baselessly claimed that Cuba was a "dagger" pointed at the United States.

President Eisenhower baselessly accused Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of causing the Korean War.

Harry Truman claimed without evidence that sit-in protesters at lunch counters in Greensboro, North Carolina were Communist-controlled.

Franklin Roosevelt baselessly claimed that Benito Mussolini was an "admirable Italian gentleman" in a letter to a friend.

James Polk claimed without evidence that Mexico "shed American blood on the American soil" after U.S. soldiers invaded Mexico in 1846. 

Teddy Roosevelt baselessly claimed that the Anglo Saxon annihilation of Indian nations was an act of world benefaction, in that it replaced a "savage" race by a "virile" race. 

In 1783, George Washington said baselessly that wolves and Indians were both "beasts of prey," differing "in shape," but not substance.

Andrew Jackson baselessly asserted that "civilized" white settlers could not be bound by "treaties with the Indians," who he insisted were savages. 

Abraham Lincoln baselessly claimed that "there is a physical difference between the white and black races" that prevents social and political equality.

Thomas Jefferson never overcame his baseless view that black people were intellectually inferior to whites.

Woodrow Wilson enthusiastically endorsed the baseless KKK view (depicted in D. W. Griffiths's "Birth of a Nation") that elected black legislators were glorified apes, black house servants doddering idiots, and all black men racially programmed to rape white women. 

While replacing Spanish colonial rule with U.S. imperial rule, William McKinley baselessly claimed that "the spirit of all our acts" in Cuba "has been an earnest and unselfish desire for peace and prosperity."

The consistent adoption of this single word to take note of our presidents' endless parade of lies, distortions, and absurdities could transform American political life from top to bottom. Instead of regarding them as exceptionally meritorious "public servants" devoted to wise stewardship of the nation, which view cannot begin to account for our present circumstances, we might - by consistently calling out the empirical bankruptcy of their views - more accurately see them as pathological liars and conceited frauds whose dedication to profit, flag, and anthem directly undermines "the general welfare" the Constitution supposedly obligates them to promote. At that point the indignation currently targeting Donald Trump for trying to overturn a single election might more appropriately be directed at the entire political class and its lapdogs in the corporate media, whose accomplishments in successfully rigging electoral outcomes on behalf of rich moral imbeciles vastly exceed Donald Trump's most ambitious imaginings.

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Majority Minority

 We've had four years of a rolling coup AGAINST Trump by the "liberal" establishment which refused to recognize the legitimacy of his 2016 election. Now Trump's counter-coup has failed. Note the language Trump used to address the mob: "You are very special." This is the language of identity politics, in which victim minorities are used to fragment a working-class majority and insure that it never rules. Now the white mob loyal to Trump is declaring - loud and clear - that as the biggest "minority" group of all - the "majority minority" if you will, it has the right to rule. The majority minority voted against Biden, so Trump should continue as president, they think. To achieve a real majority we need an identity in common, that is, an experience of democratic citizenship that unites us all. We've got work to do.