Monday, June 26, 2023

Mass Murder Inc



Mass Murder Inc.





Early in the 20th century a gang of New York based American Italians and Jews, most of them the offspring of immigrants, initiated a criminal organization called Murder Inc. They were paid to kill people, which they did for a great deal of money and became the stuff of criminal legends. These two groups, eastern European Jews and southern European Italians, were overwhelmingly working class people of no criminal intent or experience, but they encountered bigotry to such an extent that legislation was passed limiting their numbers allowed to enter the country with accompanying identification of them by social leaders as humanoid scum not worthy of living in our supposed suburb of heaven. One can only imagine the screaming liberal identity group anger and booming therapy business were such to occur now about any group of immigrants though many are still treated dreadfully. Immigrant encounters with economic hardship sometimes brings out criminal elements many find necessary to survive. But that minority descent into murder as a financial pursuit and even the Italian Mafia that followed would eventually seem like a corner grocery store when placed up against the incredible global homicide business machine developed by the nation.


Sometime later in that century the United States became the most tremendous mass murderer in history, beginning with the massive bloodbath of world war two and continuing up to the present moment. The profits available via weapons of military and political domination enabled American capitalism to rule the world. President Eisenhower warned, upon leaving office in the 1950s, that we were in danger of being owned and operated by a military industrial complex that would bring violence on a scale previously beyond imagination. Even he would be shocked at the incredible human butchers and war marketeers we have become.


The slaughters we have conducted since the end of WW2 in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe have killed millions, all in alleged pursuit of peace, love and democracy but far more truthfully in pursuit of world domination and making tremendous amounts of profits out of the process.


At present we perpetuate a proxy war in which we arm Ukrainians to kill allegedly invading Russians who are actually defending their nation from an American armed and organized attempt at further destruction of a competitive world power. The status of the police state control of public thought is approaching what might make the ruling powers of old Nazi Germany blush if not vomit. Americans remain blissfully unaware of the trillions that we spend on the mass murder business and how we have dominated the world with violence all the while publicly extolling our seeking of peace on earth and good will to all unless they disobey in which case we destroy their nations and murder their people. Slowly but surely the world is beginning to turn away from western imperial domination emanating from the USA but the American public needs to catch up before we start a nuclear war.


As we edge closer to economic collapse our bi-partisan bi-polar bi-species bi-gendered bi-genital bi-human congress has saved retired America from financial ruin by agreeing to send out social insecurity checks for at least a few more more months while assuring that Mass Murder Inc. receives even more billions of working class tax payer dollars than usual. We can be sure that the imperial threat to humanity will not only continue but get much worse until the still remaining lap dogs of the Nato west join the rest of humanity and work to create a global democracy that ends the dictatorship of the minority rich capitalists and the bloodbath it conducts on humanity and nature.


The American majority still convinced it lives in a democracy despite all material evidence indicating there is more evidence that Santa Claus is a disabled Polish-American gay Jew of color needs to turn off anti-social media that speaks for ruling minorities and begin adhering to truly majority global attempts at warning us against the threat of nuclear war in the short term and the longer term political economic assault on nature that threatens all of humanity’s future. While we hear buzz words about allegedly fighting what marketers have product labeled as climate change, the problem grows more serious under market forces creating new blights on nature with supposed safer products in pursuit of the private profits that are the roots of social destruction.


 According to the Institute for European Environmental Policy, more than half the CO2 emissions since the 18th century start of the industrial revolution have happened in the last 30 years! Progress? “Green” economics? Meanwhile our anti-social corporate media is assaulting the public mind with intellectual sewage claiming that Trump should go to jail and thus solve all our crumbling political economic problems. His followers are all called un-educated Christian fascists by semi-educated anti-Christian fascists but both groups are seen and treated as identity groups called dumb and dumber by the minority owners who pay their political and media servants to keep them/us squabbling amongst ourselves about who is responsible for the leaking ship of state that is making the titanic look like the safest boat that ever sailed. The longer we accept the socially hemorrhaging status of our nation, which is

the logical outcome of generations of leadership from Mass Murder Inc. the shorter the remaining history of not only the USA but the planet itself.



Given the increasingly insane and bloody moves by what passes for leadership of something called the free world, at least according to its owners and their lackeys, it’s almost impossible to overstate or underrate present fictional reality. A nation presently engaged in a proxy war sacrificing thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives in pursuit of further domination of Europe in keeping with its role since the second word war also increases its warrior position surrounding China in its alleged love and admiration for Taiwan – an actual part of China – while bellowing about the warlike posture of the Chinese. We surround that nation, as well as Russia, with masses of military while screeching about the threat they represent to all that Americans supposedly hold dear which may be high fashion and low morals. An individual acting like this nation would be placed in a straitjacket by a health care worker or more likely shot dead by a police officer as that group frequently is forced into action dealing with homicidal madness that is the most important national byproduct of Mass Murder Inc., the most incredible killing machine in the history of humanity.


But not to worry. Consciousness Control and Mind Management are not just cramming our heads with mental proctologist’s latest discoveries. Now we’re to be thrilled, excited, ecstatic and orgasmic over the ex-president being charged with crimes that could set him up to be the first president re-elected from prison while further driving Americans into ever narrower identity groups that make broader democracy impossible. If we continue to act as people without truly social lives and remain subject to a homicidal thought control environment, we’ll continue not noticing foul air on both coasts of America as a result of fires not set by enemy invaders but by our political economy. But of course we must prepare for the monstrous problem represented by China, a capitalist economy but run by communists and a head of state who represents the following ideas in this quote that should strike fear into the hearts and minds of all Americans who believe that rape is a form of love, homeless people deserve to freeze out in the cold and if you cant afford health care you should just drop dead.


In 2018, Chinese premiere Xi Jinping outlined plans to create a social society of equality by the year 2035, but warned:


 “We won’t get there unless we replace money worship with traditional morality and leave no one behind, weed out political corruption, implement social justice and equitability and provide everyone with their own homes, good wages, a beautiful environment, safe streets, fine schools, guaranteed incomes, free health care, and enough time for art and contemplation.”

The present bumbling bipartisan residing at the white house called him a dictator in a breathlessly clear example that he is as mentally as physically unbalanced and while filling out his term seated he might also keep his mouth shut.


The minority rich owners and controllers of Mass Murder Inc. cannot stand by and allow such dreadful thinking as expressed by Xi to persevere. The world must see to it, under the leadership of freedom loving Americans, that China be stopped!

The  truly AI -Artificial Intelligence - created American foreign policy with educated leadership bearing graduate degrees in global homicide and doctoral degrees in universal mass murder will see to it that China is not allowed to prevail. If we let them. And by finally performing as a truly democratic people we can join China and the rest of humanity in creating the material reality Xi speaks of for all humanity.