Friday, February 27, 2015

Immigration, Identity Politics, and Empire

“Over the long term this [immigration] is going to get solved because at some point there’s going to be a President Rodriguez or there’s going to be a President Chen . . . The country is a nation of immigrants, and ultimately it will reflect who we are and its politics are going to reflect who we are.”

-------President Barack Obama

It's very heartening to learn that the divine elect of rich investors and Israel-forever fanatics that rule over the U.S. are committed to giving us reactionary identity politics tokens that will continue the dismal elitist trend for the indefinite future, a future that is likely to be "nasty, brutish and short," to quote Thomas Hobbes on the predictable effects of vast centralized power.

In other words, it's business as usual in Washington. That the American people might look forward to something other than stale arguments over the presumed virtues of big unaccountable government, small unaccountable government, or ethnically diverse unaccountable government is a concept too deeply subversive of American "democracy" to be safely contemplated.

Furthermore, that Barack Obama hasn't the faintest notion of "who we are" is also painfully obvious. We are not a "nation of immigrants" and never have been. The country was founded by white colonists who openly boasted of their extermination of the indigenous farming peoples that obstructed their designs for unlimited private wealth produced by chattel and wage slaves. The chattel slaves cannot reasonably be described as immigrants at all, while the wage slaves can be only with major qualifications. The legality of "immigration" against a backdrop of mass murder and displacement of dozens of indigenous nations whose rights to the land extend back for thousands of years, has rarely been a subject of interest among the people who benefited from the robbery, but we can say with assurance that the millions of "immigrants" who entered the USA in search of a better life did not voluntarily submit to the long established norms of the societies being violently eliminated. If those norms did not rise to the status of the dubious virtue of "legality," it can only be because indigenous nations had no need for lawyers, not because they had ever done anything to forfeit their right to determine who occupied the land.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bulletin: Malcolm X Rises From The Dead, Blasts Obama

Denounces Conversion of White House To "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Michael K. Smith
Legalienation News Bureau


Legendary black nationalist Malcolm X rose from the dead today, and immediately launched a fiery attack on Barack Obama, saying that the U.S. president made previous generations of "Uncle Toms" look like "the Mau Mau."

"I believe I told you all what to expect from 'civil rights,'" he said with visible satisfaction, "and now we see Tom has moved his cabin into the White House, where the Great Half-White Hope tries to prop up a crumbling empire sucking the blood of those he promised to liberate.  I guess we could call it, 'the audacity of a dope.'"

Challenged to defend his thesis that undiluted racism persists in the 21st century, where several Asian giants have broken into the "white man's club" of developed nations, and white Europeans have faced the wrath of a U.S. bombing campaign (Yugoslavia, 1999 ed.), the famed revolutionary leader responded with withering contempt:  "I told you all that white is a state of mind, not just a skin color. . . . . Yes, the Japanese were designated 'honorary whites' by the South African apartheid regime," he conceded, "and we might say the Serbs were reduced to 'honorary niggers' to stamp out their socialist heresies, but affirmative action in the KKK is not liberation."

He was equally scathing about Obama's supposed "rescue" of the economy, which he described as a "looting operation disguised as a prosperity scheme."  "When the big banks had robbed the economy to the point of collapse, Obama rushed back to Washington to endorse their bailout plan.  Like that Tom of old, he asked,  'What's the matter, boss, we sick?'  You've got to understand the mentality here.  We sick?!  As though plundering U.S. banks belonged to black people!"

He said the Bush-Obama "war on terror" was an example of "hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."   He added that his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 had shown him an interracial solidarity among Muslims that had never come close to being duplicated in the USA, before or since:  "I told you all before I left that Islam was a religion of peace. Now the White House Negro has you believing that you need violent regime-change everywhere in the Muslim world, but not in Washington D. C., which even Dr. King conceded was 'the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.'  That certainly hasn't changed."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets a New Name

The Institute of Medicine on Tuesday proposed a new name and new diagnostic criteria for the condition that many still call chronic fatigue syndrome. An institute panel recommended that the illness be renamed “systemic exertion intolerance disease.” The term reflects what patients, clinicians and researchers all agree is a core symptom: a sustained depletion of energy following minimal activity, called post-exertional malaise. The new name “really describes much more directly the key feature of the illness, which is the inability to tolerate both physical and cognitive exertion,” said Dr. Peter Rowe, a member of the panel and a pediatrician at Johns Hopkins who treats children with the condition.

Legalienate's panel on labeling humans as commodities recommends changing the "i'm tired of this shit and just can't take it anymore" syndrome as "systemic entombment in so much bullshit it's a living death around here" malady.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Bipolar Nation

As is too often the case, our nation’s leadership and much of its followership display patterns of thought and behavior that would have an individual sent to an institution for the extremely confused and dangerous. Consider:

After eight years of selling out on promises made to his supporters, the president pays lip service to a few that enable those desperately clinging to sanity to call him, at last, a real progressive. These empty words of a lame duck with a congress aligned against him make it safe enough for the cheapest talk since turning it into action would mean forcing not only his opposition but much of his own party to overdose on drugs, whether psychedelics, depressants or speed.

The state of the economy is such that talk of reviving the New Deal of a generation ago is coming from some conservatives as well as liberals. That 1930s deal was to save capitalism when it seemed near a state of total breakdown, which is again its condition. But it is vastly more serious now in a global situation analyzed by Marx in the 19th century as slowly moving towards disaster becoming a near speed-of-sound colossal runaway in which turmoil at one place threatens collapse all over, no matter how much denial is voiced by purveyors of capital’s party line.

Thus, Europe’s severe problems are said to be unlike an American economy, supposedly booming though more of its people are busting into hard times while a minority gets richer and richer. One part of the brain is doing great while the other is suffering more each day; does that describe a disturbed soul, a half-wit or a potential homicidal maniac? Check with the shrink, for a person, and the global community, for a collapsing empire.

As Wall Street and financial markets enjoy bi-polar progress of growth and profits galore, the rest of the nation beyond the trickle down professional classes who serve capital’s front office are finding life more difficult and losing faith at a faster pace than ever, whether in government, the system, their religion or the weather. This doesn’t always lead to democratic movements, as it has in places like Greece, Spain, Bolivia and Venezuela in the recent past, but to reactionary desires to return to something that may not have been all that good but wasn’t nearly as bad as the present, if it ever really existed at all.

The good old days can seem appealing during the bad new times, even if those days are a mix of nostalgia, wishful thinking, and lots of liquid escape mechanisms that pre-dated psychedelics, depressants and speed.

So the right has a field day in recruiting, especially where there is no left, and further down the consciousness curve people grow so disgusted they are prepared to believe almost anything they are told about how evil; government-workers-the illuminati-Greeks-Arabs-Muslims-Jews-gays-immigrants are at fault, or whatever scapegoat is selected to take their minds off the system at the root of most problems. But of course, bipolar populations are kept that way by having a confused state pass for normality and if a slightly critical phase of consciousness is reached it must quickly be moved into areas of the supernatural with mental calisthenics of an Olympic nature that can cause sentient beings to act as their crackpot leaders want them to: irrationally.

So a foreign policy of mass murder “branded” a defense against terrorism costs more money and lives while the occupants of the psycho-babble centers of power speak soothingly, often in affirmative action female rather than male voices, of acting as defenders of truth, justice and the American way. American Superman meets American Superwoman, and in the process may be giving American trannies a bad name.

As if the mass slaughter in the Middle East were not bad enough, hallucinating policy makers here are goading Russia with attacks on its borders disguised as a fight for freedom for the Ukraine. This lie is an ongoing attempt to bring that nation into the collapsing arms of the Nato-western cabal undergoing such stress it has brought poverty to more of Europe’s population and tried to blame it all on workers who have too much and are hurting rich investors who need much more; and of course and especially the Russians and the western mythologists demon despot of the moment, Putin.

While this brain rape has been convincing to innocent Americans, many of whom might as well believe the Ukraine borders on New Jersey or Miami Beach, the very Europeans expected to toe the line of their USA masters are showing signs of rebellion at demands for furthering armed conflict. Meanwhile, the bi-polarites in Washington baldly speak of peace while threatening greater war and exhibiting a smiley-faced mob of multicultural toadies singing the party line of peace while doing the frenzied dance of warrior crazed lunatics.

As a foreign head of state is invited to counter the president’s message to congress which may not have been as beholden to Israeli interest in destroying Iran as in the past, dissension among the Israeli caucus in american government threatens to lead more citizens to actually think about the madness of policy in the middle east, the lives it has taken and the billions it has cost. Hearing voices both internal and external are causing an overload to the patient but these nut cases are not simply people who could hurt themselves but a nuclear powered entity that could destroy not only itself but much of the rest of the world. Quickly, in a war, or at the continued slower pace of environmental destruction.

Time to get this patient under control. A peaceful democratic straight jacket is necessary or something much worse will happen, whether we want it to or not. Humanity matters far more than private profits but the reverse will hold true until action is taken to subdue the bipolar monster.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

U.S. and Europe Working to End Ukraine Fighting

KIEV, Ukraine — With fighting intensifying in eastern Ukraine and the White House weighing whether to send arms to bolster the government’s forces, Western leaders embarked on a concerted diplomatic effort on Thursday aimed at ending a conflict that has strained relations with Russia.

These leaders also weighed whether sending arms to bolster demonstrators against the police in the "black lives matter" movement might also help to end racial conflict in America.