Monday, March 21, 2022

War Crimes, Mental Molestation and Language Rape

 by Frank Scott  

The incredible market for human slaughter called war existed thousands of years ago but it was a corner grocery store compared to the multi-trillion dollar moral sewer that represents modern mass murder. Part of what enables imperial and even lesser powers to slaughter at will is a rule book drawn up long ago when there might have been a possibility to just have military personnel chopping one another to bits while leaving the general populace out of the bloodletting. That certainly ended before the 20th century but what has transpired since then and up to the present is, to cite a couple of over-used therefore recognizable labels, a genocidal holocaust that has burned, bombed, shot, stabbed, smothered and shattered bodies, reducing humans to unrecognizable bloody pulp by the hundreds of millions.


The hideous reality of war and its public relations and advertising departments that allegedly inform us about it has people accepting its horror as some sort of natural occurrence like sunset, tides, weather, rather than seeing it as caused by ruling powers battling over their wealth struggles which reduce humanity to commit mass murder under the pretense of it being the natural order of things. Further, rules have been drawn by upper class educated folks with doctoral degrees legalizing mass murder who teach us just what is the proper way to bash in skulls, burn people to death and rape and murder in a supposedly civilized way.

The alleged morality of humans accepting one form of insanely hysterical murder as long as it adheres to a guidebook on the proper form of slaughter should make us all grateful there is no judgmental, vindictive old testament deity or we’d all have been destroyed after the second world war let alone after our profitable feasts of death since then when we’ve murdered even more.

This closely guarded secret that humanity suffers in wars but only when rationalizations of bloody filth called “war crimes” are committed is currently being used and abused in a form of language, thought and moral degeneracy that may finally end when human consciousness, especially American, rejects the degenerate advertising and public relations blitz posing as reporting to blame Russians for what is called by language perverts their “war crime” against the Ukrainian government. Said government is a product of a U.S. financed insurrection that dumped an elected president who favored Russia for a western political pimp favoring market forces, which include some modern Nazis.


While he has become a celebrity among morals free political employees of ruling power by informing everyone to send him weapons so that there can be more bloodshed of the loving, violence free western kind, the western world has increased military spending to record breaking figures. Our rulers media employee shepherds see to it that our population is reduced to sheep as much of the world is angrier than ever at the machinations of the warfare business though you’d never know it if all you had was the western media called a free press. They convinced mentally brutalized souls into paying hundreds of dollars for taco-pizza-burgers and calling it free food.


While Ukrainians have been dying by the thousands for the past eight years, subject to a US/Nato financed and controlled assault, Americans and the west have known absolutely nothing of what was going on and not until Russian retaliation have we heard repeated use of words like brutal, savage, slaughter and worse, to condemn what under normal American circumstances would be called a form of legal police action to purify the world and see to it that peace, love and tranquility would prevail as we slaughtered. Maybe after everyone was dead?


A nation that leads all others in conducting wars against weaker countries and murdering hundreds of thousands, at the least, and millions, at the worst, is not only bellowing murderous nonsense but manipulating good, well meaning people into swallowing editorial garbage that has some decent folks almost ready to pawn their pets to send money to suffering Ukrainians. Even worse, some perverted by venomous outpourings of what would be called vicious hate speech if conducted by anyone else, are ready to accept the potential of nuclear war in order to stop the horrible slaughter which mostly exists between the ears and comes out of the mouths of our thought police working overtime for our ruling powers.


A recent story headlined a murderous, bloody, brutal assault by Russians, which had killed two people at the time the story was filed. Sadly but horrendously over stated in a nation which kills 4-5 Americans every hour in our private transport system of undeclared road wars to get us to work, shop, school, and conduct other freedom loving democratic economic action. This while the sanctions against Russia are causing serious economic pain the world over, including to Americans, while military spending and the mass murder business that is the backbone of our incredibly gross national product is growing faster and more dangerously and fossil fuel interests profit more than ever as environmental destruction proceeds at a more menacing pace.


This assault on reason combined with the rape of language and the reduction of public consciousness to the level of a nation of insects is really only an update of what has been going on for more than 100 years concerning Russia. The assault on that nation began in 1917 when the Russian revolution threatened capitalism, its global center then as now in the United States. America immediately invaded along with a group of its future lapdogs which eventually became Nato after the Second World War. The idea of a return to humanity’s roots by building a society based on communal cooperation rather than competitive actions which created wonderful benefits for some but only by reducing others to dreadful lives was too much for fanatics of the fundamentalist church of capital. Our primitive communistic survival in the days before we destroyed hunter-gatherer people meant that when the hunt was successful, everyone ate meat and when it wasn’t, everyone ate what was gathered. This was thousands of years before vegan diets and anti-meat worship among good people who comfortably house 136 million pets in a nation where more than five hundred thousand humans are without shelter. The pet business was good for more than 104 billion in 2020,a mass of economic clout but still chump change compared to the 778 billion for war, which involves 750 American bases in 80 foreign countries for something calling itself “defense”. This protected folks like George Floyd from the brutal, savage, bloodthirsty fiend Putin, but was totally helpless to defend him from a few Americans with badges.


A communist ideal which held that a thousand people and a thousand loaves of bread should mean a loaf of bread for everyone sickened rich capitalists who insisted that some should get ten loaves each and the rest be damned, which is the gross foundation dressed in economic jargon that would make a house of prostitution a citadel of love. Capital said that just as sex workers made a decent living by using their private parts to make private profits for their pimps, workers of all kinds could live comfortably if they just did their jobs and didn’t ask any questions. Their media saw to it that unquestioners became everyday people.


The social seeds planted by people like Marx and Engels in the 19th century came to fruition early in the 20th in Russia, and the vicious assault on that nation began, then as now, from its headquarters in America. After 70 years of continuous physical and mental assault finally helped cause a breakdown of the soviet union and a return to capitalism, that was still not enough and the U.S. and its imperial lackeys kept up the war and its present experience which threatens the worst outcome for humanity. This will hopefully not only bring China and Russia closer but the people of the USA and global humanity together to transcend the danger by helping to end the degeneracy of warfare and create peace via the end of an imperial crusade to further enrich billionaires and their upper class servants while increasing mass poverty and the environmental threat to us all.


With daily by the minute assaults on consciousness reducing other wise good people to hateful idiocy demanding death for the savage Putin and evil Russians, there is glee among the perverted political economic leadership of the war business. They number a tiny group with power supposedly democratic while they brain wash people into believing autocracy – a term most hardly understand – is in charge everywhere but where it exists; in what we have been taught to believe is the free world. Benign (?) America billionaires become malevolently evil (ominous background music) Russian oligarchs, according to our mind shapers who neglect to point out they keep their wealth in the same banks – mostly American or at least using American dollars - to perform as charming space travelers or deranged killers, depending on national origin. This perverse market freedom continues to mean imperial abuse by one nation, ours, while taxpayers absorb a debt of 30 trillion dollars paying for the empire which is bringing us all closer to a point at which we will have little time left as a human race. We need to begin acting like one very soon. That means far more than waving a Ukrainian flag and sending paychecks to the pimps of war, but no longer accepting their crimes against nature and beginning to act like what we are: a human race badly in need of global democracy to stop all wars, not just those we are told are the wrong way to butcher humans, and begin life. That calls for the end of the post world war two domination of the American empire and this present horror is hopefully a sign that it will be so. We need to turn off the anti-social media that insure further private profit and ultimate public loss and turn on humanity’s original instinct for cooperation. And hurry.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

No Heroism In Slaughter: Cease Fire Now In Ukraine

"If I were Ukrainian and living in Kyiv or Odessa, I’d certainly be out on the streets, rolling flaming tires at Russian tanks. But I’m not and I certainly don’t know what’s to be done from here. Or who will do it.

"Still the Ukrainian resistance–as courageous as it is–cannot defeat the Russia military. Most of those armchair strategists urging it to intensify the fighting are at no risk themselves. NATO will not intervene. Russia can and will escalate the war, ratchet up the bombing and destruction until there is nothing left for fleeing Ukrainians to come home to. Look at the ruins of Syria, the rubble of Homs and Aleppo. Instead of pushing for more war–even if the cause seems just–the only moral position is to call and continue calling for a ceasefire and to stop using Ukrainian civilians as pawns in a larger depraved game."

-----Jeffrey St. Clair, "Roaming Charges: The Trembling Air," Counterpunch, March 11, 2022

Friday, March 11, 2022

Why The U.S. Should Urge Zelensky to Surrender in Ukraine

"Putin thinks that Ukraine is part of Greater Russia .  . . Some people in the Ukraine don't think that and they are willing to fight him for that. However, I am not one of those people who is going to pronounce whether one group is right or the other is wrong in this case. There's no real ethnic difference, there's no religious difference (between Ukrainians and Russians) . . . .

"Putin's not posing apartheid for Ukrainians. There's not going to be a big land grab like we just kind of gave the Palestinians' land to Israel and now support Israel in securing that land and growing and securing that land. No, it's not like that. These are Ukrainians and they're going to be Ukrainians/Russians at the end of this, too. 

"There's no ethnic difference, there's no big religious difference. We don't have to worry about concentration camps and apartheid because there's no real difference (ethnically or racially), and this is a real empire, which means that Russia's not going to take anything except they're going to just redirect where they pay their taxes. And so this idea that there's a human rights violation going on in Ukraine . . . well, no, there's a political rights violation going on, but political rights are fickle things, which means that you might not be a sovereign nation if you're right next to Russia. 

"One of the conditions of sovereignty is not being next to a bigger power that wants to eat you. So like you don't get to be a sovereign nation (in that case). For example, when the Civil War happened and South Carolina wanted to fight against Mr. Lincoln's army, I'm glad that the rest of the nation didn't come in and save South Carolina. There was a human rights violation because one of the reasons they were fighting was to enslave black people, but the conditions in sovereignty in real life are really, actually kind of tricky. And part of it means being able to defend your borders. And I don't want to be stuck in a forever war in Ukraine if it can't defend its borders, and they are Russian.

"So there's no reason to believe that there are going to be mass human rights abuses after the Ukraine's taken over. Because it'll be like what they're doing in Chernobyl. 

"So right now in Chernobyl there's a big worry that like, 'Oh, no. If the Russians bomb Chernobyl then it could be the case that there's a nuclear fallout and there's going to be all this delays and all that stuff.' What they did was the Russians took over Chernobyl and then put the Ukrainian engineers back to work, so like, nothing changed except who the boss is, right? 

" . . . you saw a little bit of this before 2008 where in the U.S. you talked to people - every now and then they'd get a letter in the mail saying that they used to pay their mortgage to this bank, but now they pay their mortgage to this bank. There's the same mortgage, just to a different bank. That's kind of what, for most of the Ukrainian people, that's going to be their life under Russia. 

"And that's non-ideal, but it's not something you go to war and threaten world extinction over, right? It's one of the facts of having nation states with asymmetrical power and no world government. To protect borders as is

" . . . from time to time there are going to be skirmishes, and the bigger power is going to win. And when the bigger power is Russia sometimes you've just got to negotiate a surrender. So I wish we would be all for let's negotiate a surrender. Forget the sanctions, let's negotiate surrender and let's stop pretending . . . . because what I don't want at the end of this - a war zone's an awful place - I don't want Kiev after two years of war. That's unnecessary. 

"And I don't think we should be giving weapons to the Ukrainians. I don't think that's necessary. I think we should be all about telling (Ukrainian president) Zelensky 'All right, well, we can't get you back, we will help you surrender and give you political asylum so you don't have to worry about getting disappeared. But pretty much that's a wrap. We're not going to support you. Which means you should surrender, because they're bigger, stronger, and have just more resources than you do, right? 

"But instead we're going to give weapons for a ground war, that the Russians are going to win because they're a superior force, speaking the same language, and aren't that foreign to Ukraine. I say that there's not going to be pogroms or genocide because there's not really a difference in the church, either. Like they're all Eastern Orthodox . . . . it's cousins fighting, belligerent cousins fighting, and it's a place we shouldn't get involved. 

"And now with these sanctions in Russia everyone's prices are going to go up, which is de facto a regressive tax. We don't have to put these sanctions on, right? Instead of just trying to negotiate full-bore surrender, we've launched economic war against Russia. There are going to be sanctions, these sanctions are going to tax everyone, everyone's going to take a hit, and so pretty much we are now paying the price and subsidizing Ukrainians, the Ukrainian war, and I don't think that we should do that, I think we should encourage him (President Zelensky) to surrender and work out favorable terms. . . . .

"I don't understand why suddenly we take national borders so seriously when we were so casual about them before. We need to deal with the fact of this kind of politics. If you actually care about the war and the suffering, you want this to end. You just want it to end, right? So this is different than like the Civil War when the issue was slavery. This is just a territorial dispute between one power and another power."

--------Irami Osei-Frimpong, "Ukraine and the American Negro"

Monday, March 7, 2022

Pentagon Advisor Urges Washington To Stop Encouraging Ukrainians To "Die Pointlessly In A Fight They Can't Win"

 Colonel Douglas Macgregor:  

"Vladimir Putin is carrying through on something that he's been warning us about at least for the last fifteen years, which is that he will not tolerate United States forces or their missiles on his borders, much as we would not tolerate Russian troops and missiles in Cuba. And we ignored him, and he finally acted. He was not going to allow Ukraine under any circumstances to join NATO. And what's happened now is that the battle in Eastern Ukraine is really almost over. All the Ukrainian troops there have largely been surrounded and cut off. You have a concentration down in the Southeast of thirty to forty thousand of them. And if they don't surrender within the next twenty-four hours, I suspect that the Russians will ultimately annihilate them. That's why (Ukrainian President) Zelensky is meeting with Putin's representatives right now - the game is over. And he's going to have to negotiate the best deal he can get, and we've already told him, the president of the United States has, that if he opts for neutrality for Ukraine we'll back him. And I think that Vladimir Putin will do that for Western Ukraine - that is, the Ukraine beyond the Dnieper River. But behind it in the East where he is now I'm not sure what he has planned there, whether he forms another republic, annexes it into Russia, because historically it has been Russian. But the territory West of Ukraine is not. He knows that and he's happy to live with that as a neutral state."

Fox Host Trey Gowdy: I am not a military expert. I'm not even an expert in geography, but if he takes Ukraine and Ukraine abuts Poland, then he's going to have a NATO country abutting him. So if that's what he doesn't want, then isn't he going to have to keep going until he runs out of NATO countries? 

Macgregor: "(big sigh) . . .  I guess I should say it again. He has no interest in crossing the Dnieper and heading West to the Polish border. I think you're going to find from these negotiations he's quite willing to neutralize the territory on the Austrian or the Finnish model. Right now, Russia already touches Estonia and part of Latvia. White Russia, of course, touches Lithuania. He's not interested in going to war with us and he has an army that's too small for that purpose. And he knows it. His economy is smaller than that of South Korea. So this is not something that he's looking for. We are imputing to him things that he does not want to do, in our usual effort to demonize him and his country. We need to remember that Ukraine is fourth from the bottom of 158 countries in the world as corrupt. Russia is perhaps three or four places above them. This is not the liberal democracy, the shining example that everyone says it is. Far from it. Mr. Zelensky has jailed journalists and his political opposition. I think we need to stay out of it. The American people think we should stay out of it. The Europeans think we should stay out of it. And we should stop shipping weapons and encouraging   Ukrainians to die in what is a hopeless endeavor."

Gowdy: So when you say stay out of it, you mean no sanctions, no military aid, just let Russia take the portion of Ukraine they want to take.

Macgregor:  "Yes. Absolutely. I see no reason why we should fight with the Russians over something that they have been talking about for years. We simply chose to ignore it. And more important, the population there is indistinguishable from their own. You know, the thing that's so disturbing is that on the one hand we will not send our forces to fight, but we are urging Ukrainians to die pointlessly in a fight they can't win. We're going to create a far worse humanitarian disaster than anything you've seen so far if it doesn't stop."


Trey Gowdy interview on Fox with former Pentagon advisor Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Video clip available at The Unz Review. See "American Pravda: Putin as Hitler," Ron Unz, March 7, 2022


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Putin Blamed For Everything, U.S. Imperialism Nothing

To anyone who still has any doubts, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a defensive alliance (Memo: Ukraine is NOT in the North Atlantic), but a global police force doing the bidding of Washington. Once the Warsaw Pact dissolved over thirty years ago, NATO lost even its ostensible reason for existing, which was that Western Europe supposedly needed protection against the threat of Soviet invasion. But no sensible person ever took that seriously. In any case, NATO's continued existence in 2022 as an attack dog for U.S. imperialism is a permanent invitation to nuclear war. As Diana Johnstone makes clear in her recent interview with Open, excerpts of which follow, we cannot hope to properly judge the situation in Ukraine through the fog of NATO propaganda.

". . . the two causes of the invasion - the plight of the Eastern Ukrainians and the ongoing encirclement of Russia by NATO - have been ignored or downplayed by Western Media as insignificant since the United States-backed overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government in 2014."

"Ukraine is not simply a neighboring country. Much of the country is historically and organically part of Russia . . . .The United States' insistence that Ukraine 'has a right' - indeed that it must - join a military alliance openly hostile to Russia is a provocation that has unfortunately produced its predictable effect. I say predictable because top Russian experts in the United States warned against NATO expansion after the collapse of the Soviet Union, foreseeing that it would have such results."

"The case of Ukraine is special. 'Belonging to the West' is the aggressive ambition of the nationalists in the West of the country, for whom membership in NATO and the European Union would confirm their ideological denial of the historic kinship with Russia. The United States has actively promoted these aims, first in supporting the so-called 'Orange Revolution' of 2004 and then the coup in 2014 which gave power to the Western Nationalists."

"In contrast to Poland or Romania, the desire of Westernized elites in Ukraine to join NATO has had a strong domestic political significance: aggressive defiance of the large part of the population that still relates to Russia. This has been primarily an Identity Politics issue. Even worse, there seem to exist in Ukraine a small minority of anti-Russia fanatics who would not object to participating in NATO military action against Russia."

"The UN-endorsed Minsk agreements were supposed to settle the problem of secessionist Lugansk and Donetsk by the end of 2015. The so-called 'Normandy format' implied that Germany and France would put pressure on the pro-Western Kiev government to apply them: by taking measures to grant autonomy to the rebellious provinces. French diplomats were still trying to promote the Minsk accords on the eve of the Russian invasion, but seven years had passed and Ukrainian leaders were still obstinately refusing to negotiate with the Eastern secessionists as required, and instead were stepping up military measures and attacks on the long suffering people of Lugansk and Donetsk . . . It was up to Kiev to take steps to carry out the Minsk agreement. Kiev refused. So for all these years there has been no such agreement for Russia to violate. But Putin is blamed for everything."

Source: "Dr. Diana Johnstone: 'NATO not a defensive alliance, but global police taking orders from US,'" March 6, 2022,

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Unthinkable Thoughts: Russia Has A Case

 "Russia has been, actually, extraordinarily patient. They have made the point, year after year after year, that they did not want hostile missiles and troops near their border. And the United States has expanded NATO right up to the borders of Russia. And Russia doesn't want that. They will not tolerate - and they've made that repeatedly clear - they will not tolerate missiles and armies on their borders - in the same way that the United States would not tolerate [it]. In 1962, the world came the closest it ever has come to a nuclear war over the stationing of missiles in Cuba by the Soviet government at that time. And the United States made the point emphatically it would not permit missiles of any outer European state ninety miles from the border of the United States. And that's consistent with a policy the United States has had in place for two centuries, the so-called Monroe Doctrine, that prohibits, or we prohibit any dangerous outer North American or outer forces on our borders. And the United States was ready to go to nuclear war to prevent Russian Soviet missiles in Cuba. And by the same token the Russians do not want missiles and forces directly on their border, which is what NATO encroachment on their borders would mean. And the United States has ignored those pleas over and over, even though they're quite reasonable."

--------Mark Weber, The Political Cesspool

Friday, March 4, 2022

Fault Lies With NATO, Not Putin, Experts Say

 "I actually think that what's going on here is that the West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path, and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked. And I believe, the policy that I'm advocating, which is neutralizing Ukraine, and then building it up economically, and getting it out of the competition between Russia on one side and NATO on the other side is the best thing that could happen to the Ukrainians. What we're doing is encouraging the Ukrainians to play tough with the Russians. We're encouraging the Ukrainians to think that they will ultimately become part of the West, because we will ultimately defeat Putin, and we will ultimately get our way. Time is on our side. And, of course, the Ukrainians are playing along with this. And the Ukrainians are almost completely unwilling to compromise with the Russians, and instead want to pursue a hard line policy. Well as I said to you before, if they do that, the end result is your country is going to be wrecked . . . ..I think it would make much more sense to work to create a neutral Ukraine."

---------John J. Mearsheimer, Professor of Political Science and author of "The Israel Lobby"

Noam Chomsky: The idea that Ukraine might join a Western military alliance would be quite unacceptable to any Russian leader. This goes back to 1990 when the Soviet Union collapsed. There was a question as to what would happen with NATO. Gorbachev agreed to allow Germany to be unified, and to join NATO. It's a pretty remarkable concession, with a quid pro quo: that NATO would not expand one inch to the East. That was the phrase that was used.

Reporter: So Russia has been provoked?

Chomsky: Well, what happened? NATO instantly moved to East Germany. Then Clinton came along, expanded NATO right to the borders of Russia. Now there are, the new Ukrainian government, the government after the overthrow of the preceding one, the parliament voted, I think 300-8, or something like that, to move to join NATO.

Reporter: But you can understand why they would want to join NATO. You can see why Petro Poroshenko's government would probably see that it's protecting his country. 

Chomsky: No, no it's not protecting. Crimea was taken away after the overthrow of the government - right? He's not protecting Ukraine. He's threatening Ukraine with major war. That's not protection. The point is this is a serious strategic threat to Russia which any Russian leader would have to react to.

--------Interview with dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky


"If we move the forces, NATO forces, including American troops, toward Russia's borders, where will we be then? I mean, it's obviously going to militarize the situation, and therefore raise the danger of war. And I think it's important to emphasize, though I regret saying this, Russia will not back off. This is existential. Too much has happened. Putin - and it's not just Putin - we seem to think Putin runs the whole of the universe. He has a political class, that political class has opinions, public support is running overwhelmingly in favor of Russian policy. Putin will compromise at these negotiations, but he will not back off if he is confronted militarily."

------Russian expert Stephen Cohen

"NATO enlargement is utterly misguided and risky. True friends of Ukraine and global peace, should be calling for a U.S. and NATO compromise with Russia."

-------Jeffrey Sachs, world-renowned economics professor


"Ukrainian entry into NATO is the brightest of all red lines for [Russia]. And I have yet to find anyone who views Ukraine in NATO as anything other than a direct challenge to Russian interests."

-------CIA Director Bill Burns


"Moving so quickly [to expand NATO] was a mistake . . . . Trying to bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO was truly overreaching [and] an especially monumental provocation."

--------Former U.S. Defense Secretary Bob Gates

Source: Video clips and text quotes available at "US/NATO Provoked War Say Most Experts on Russia," Jimmy Dore Show (You Tube) March 3, 2022

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Voices of Madness Urging Direct Confrontation Between Nuclear Adversaries ASAP

Adam Kinzinger, GOP Representative from Illinois, member of the January 6 Committee, supposedly the sane Republican alternative to Donald Trump:

"The fate of Ukraine being decided tonight, but also the fate of the west. Declare a #NoFlyZone over Ukraine at the invitation of their sovereign government. Disrupt Russian air operations to give the Ukrainians a fair fight. It's now, or later.

"History teaches that taking a stand is inevitable and gets more costly with time. We own the skies, Russia cannot hold a candle to our air power.  Do this. Putin is too dangerous to hope he is satisfied with 'just Ukraine.'"

Meaning:  Nuclear war is a risk worth taking.

NBC News foreign policy correspondent Richard Engel, highly regarded:

"Perhaps the biggest risk-calculation/moral dilemma of the war so far. A massive Russian convoy is about 30 miles from Kyiv. The US/NATO could likely destroy it. But that would be direct involvement against Russia and risk, everything. Does the West watch in silence as it rolls?"

Meaning: Restraint is cowardice. Let's call what we hope is Putin's nuclear bluff. 

Clint Watts NBC, a colleague of Engel's:

"Strangest thing - entire world watching a massive Russian formation plow towards Kyiv, we cheer on Ukraine, but we're holding ourselves back. NATO Air Force could end this in 48 hours.

"Understand handwringing about what Putin would do, but we can see what's coming."

 Meaning: Concerns about nuclear war are for wimps. Let's go all-out and hope for the best. 

Dan Hodges, columnist, British Daily Mail:

"If people want to oppose a no-fly zone, fine. But understand that is an act of appeasement no different to our appeasement of Hitler in 1938. We are refusing to do what we know is morally right out of fear. We are prepared to let a free nation die to safeguard ourselves." 

Meaning: Risking nuclear war is the moral thing to do. And Hitler did not have nuclear weapons, a rather important point.


Benjamin Wittes, Senior Fellow Brookings Institute

Regime change: Russia (tweet)

Meaning: overthrow Putin, virtually guaranteeing nuclear war


Richard N. Haas President Council on Foreign Relations

"Just days ago much of the world was focused on the unwanted prospect of regime change in Ukraine. Now the conversation has shifted to include the possibility of a desired regime change in Russia. A week can be a long time in politics."

Meaning: Nuclear war is more likely now. No big deal.


"Greenwald on Ukraine: calls for no-fly zone, though still a minority, are growing and dangerous," acTVivism Munich, March 3, 2022 (You Tube)