Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hysterical Materialism: Anything New? Maybe


The annual shopping frenzy representing profit for corporate America and loss for consumer nation is over. The joyful smiles of children at Santa’s visit were followed by the frowning faces of parents on his departure when the bills arrived. But that happens every year. Was this season different from all others, to paraphrase one of the fables that keep our often dysfunctional human family divided among supporters of identitarianism, drugs, religion, therapy or, just maybe, social revolution? Haven’t we been told that the recession is over, repeatedly, for several years now?

The cycle of commodity consumption to satisfy desperate desires and compulsive cravings induced by advertising has been with us for generations and always reaches fever pitch at the joyous season of peace and profit. But stylish fashions of the market are being accompanied by more fascistic styles in politics and a global population’s attention is being drawn to what visionaries warned against at the system’s origins.

In the 19th century, early in capital’s industrial age, many cautioned that treating the earth and its people simply as profit producing modules could endanger both the race and the planet responsible for its survival. Lately, we’ve seen evidence of that becoming so clear that it isn’t necessary for a visionary minority to come forward since a growing majority is getting angry at being treated like products instead of humans while taking note of the danger to the race in that same treatment being applied to earth, air, water and other natural resources which have been suffering unnatural use for seeming millennia.

As a geo-political crisis of the western capitalist world grows more menacing and threats of war are being made on even more nations than usual, and the assault on nature under the strain of what is called the climate change crisis becomes more obvious to all but paid servants of capital and abject morons, what’s a private profit system’s rich minority to do in order that their wealth remain under their control and the natives, peasants and other workers of the majority don’t get ideas about a need for radical change? Simple:

Make the monthly announcement of another end to the recession, and show all the increasing dollar flow to prove it, without revealing that the source of the flow comes from the American majority’s faucets filling minority reservoirs to overflowing while that majority remains in a parched economic drought. And that’s not all.

Corporate media tells daily stories of Russian problems and Putin’s menace while goading Russia and Putin into taking defensive measures due to military encirclement by the west that grows worse with each report of danger coming from the east. As Russia re-arms, faced with a real threat from American Euro-puppet NATO nations edging closer to its border, the propaganda paparazzi here keeps warning about alleged Russian hostility that revives the madness of the old cold war and brings it closer to a new hot war that could be worse than anything imagined by the idiots doing the provoking.

The crippled empire is in such bad shape that it has finally, desperately acknowledged the murderously idiotic nature of Cuba policy and acceded to demands to sell lots of stuff to that nation since we need more consumers, fast. But this mincing step towards sanity is only taken with rhetorical blather from capital’s senior clerk at the half-white house about rescuing the Cuban people from their dreadful state of eating regularly, being well educated and maintaining one of the world’s foremost health care systems. Awful. They need to become over consumers of physical and mental waste like true citizens of democracy and have the freedom of speech such as Americans enjoy and unfortunate Cubans have never known. If Eric Garner of New York had been murdered in Cuba, so the opponents of the government claim, he would not have had the freedom to say, “ I can’t breathe”, several times as he was being strangled to death by the police. Take that, you totalitarian fiends!

We are also told our stock market is booming but not that most of us haven’t a prayer of ever owning any stock, and that our unemployment rate is not as high as it was the last time we weren’t told how many people had dropped out of the work force and weren’t even being counted. Or were working part time low paying jobs which made the gross number of jobs go up but the truly gross measurement of wages decline. Not to worry.

Our warfare welfare state rulers are trying to get us into more military conflicts which could mean more jobs, definitely mean more death, and a lower unemployment rate since the dead are definitely unemployed but not included in the count.

Capitalist mathematics can be truly wonderful, especially if you invest in weapons and war but never have to use the weapons or fight the war, like our minority investor class. Of course, terrorism tends to level the field of slaughter while it raises the profits of war, but that contradiction is being noticed along with those of climate and politics and all of them related to the economics of all seasons under markets dominated by minority private control.

This could be, should be and really has to be not only an interesting but also much better year for humanity in which more of us confront the de-humanizing system of private profit for some and massive loss for most. That is capitalism, and it is not a threat to one or another nation, ethnicity, alleged race or real class, but to all of humanity. Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sony's Comedy on Netanyahoo's Murder starring Mel Gibson to Open Soon!

Coming soon after its brave, bold and profit making decision to show the wonderful freedom of speech endeavor about murdering North Korea's leader, the heroic directors at Sony, along with their  courageous stalwarts from Wall Street, announced their hopeful opening of an outrageous, laugh packed story of assassination of the Israeli leader.

"We hoped to open during the celebration of Chanukah but our  frolicsome friends from Aipac thought it might be better to wait until Easter" said board chair Mustapha Hakim Dinero.

 When asked about hiring the controversial actor, Mel Gibson. Dinero said "he's a bankable commodity these days and even the scene in which he causes Netanyahoo's head to explode and tries to collect brain matter with a soup spoon will be seen as hilarious by freedom loving American people of good humor."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

U.S. Links North Korea to Sony Hacking

BREAKING NEWS    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

American intelligence officials have concluded that the North Korean government was “centrally involved” in the recent attacks on Sony Pictures’s computers, a determination reached just as Sony on Wednesday canceled its release of a comedy which is based on a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader. Officials said it was not clear how the White House would decide to respond to North Korea.

Legalienate's foreign policy advisory commision suggested that they threaten to "unlike" North Korea on Facebook?

That would soooo infuriate Kim Jong-un he might like, you know,um, commit suicide?

Also, if they unlike Putin on Facebook he might give the Ukraine back to the USA and stop speaking Russian all the time? Who can understand the guy? Doesn't he know we are the exceptional nation?

And that we invented uptalking?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Torture? By the USA? Naaaah..

Critics of the report  that the U.S.  tortured vicious, murderous, barbaric, bloody, rapist, vivisectionist, dog and cat hating terrorists claim the report vastly overstates the actual truth.

"When american cosmetic agents of inquiry cut off prisoner's lips or sliced off their noses, they were merely performing extreme makeovers, not torture" said professor of humanities Klaus von Goldfarb of the Center for Rationalizing American Politics.

"And these techniques produced excellent results so these suspects  would never commit terrorist suicide knowing those seventy virigins would have nothing to do with them in all their ugliness.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cosby and the Crusader Consumers


Some never liked him that much, especially after he publicly said what too many people - quite a few of them professional class African Americans  - were saying privately about blacks, but many also think the current media feeding frenzy at his expense is worse than the accusations being made.

Celebrities can easily become creatures of super inflated ego and male celebrities can become piggish in their use and abuse of women. That goes with the territory of celebrity. When you make millions of dollars and are treated like something close to a god by millions of people you can easily become warped inside your head, and a male celebrity who collects women as easily as ordinary people collect commodities can be a disgusting ego specimen, but the creatures he collects are rarely paragons of morality and virtue, and are often just slightly lower budget versions of ego-gratification lusting, job seeking, social status climbing and possibly damaged humans.

Like people who admire and envy fame so much they make ego idiocy possible and even necessary, or wish for careers among the rich and famous so strongly they try to achieve them through performing sexual favors. Or just folks who enjoy hearing stories about the mighty who fall as long as those stories are limited to entertainers and rarely politicos.

 Bill Clinton  - remember him? Hilary’s husband? – had a reputation for being a “womanizer”, which was liberal-speak for screwing any woman who would let him, many delighted to do so for such a powerful figure. But when he got caught, the young woman who nailed him was treated like a bitch by alleged "feminists" who found Clinton's support of abortion far more important than his cheating on his wife and having sex with lots of women, while showing no concern for the morality he would later preach welfare mothers to practice. They vilified her, not him, as some sort of biblical Eve-demon who took advantage of their hero. And Clinton had alleged victims who came forward and told stories of his abuse, disrespect, and how he used them. Double standards? Here in America?

A generation ago according to some legend and some facts, another president, John Kennedy, was having the Secret Service deliver women to him for sneaky sex at the White House and none of that or his affairs with celebrities – other than his wife - ever was spoken of by the media. He, like Clinton, was a politician-ego-sex-maniac, not an entertainer-ego-sex-maniac, like Cosby.

Led by media and the sheep-like tendencies of too many Americans, this nation is regularly led into moral vigilante –lynch party idiocy in which manufactured villains are forced to confront torch-wielding mobs that make fanatics seem sensible by comparison.

Once it was alleged child molesting at day care centers, or satanic rituals conducted by the people next door, or sexual abuse in the family - at one point so many were coming forward to speak of their abuse years after the fact, some psycho-hustlers offered support groups for the millions never sexually abused by their families -What was wrong? Weren’t they attractive enough? - and too many other dreadful expressions of concern over personal matters of nasty gossip and character rape of individuals. This while the world sometimes seems to be falling apart, people suffer real horror, and some micro-minds are obsessed with why Cosby's wife didn’t kick him in the nuts and why Ray Rice’s wife stands by him instead of joining the judgmental elite who make the gross paparazzi and other bottom feeders seem like poets.

Unlike the towers of moral strength who thrive on public character assassination, some women succumb to the celebrity appeal that others dream about. And sometimes years later, once the story of the star’s sex life breaks, they come forward to reveal the horrible experience of being taken in by a celebrity who, um, promised them a role in his movie or on his show, or a gourmet meal if they'd just come to his room for a drink and maybe play doctor, grown up style?

Given the number who’ve come forward, it is more than possible that Cosby may have taken advantage of and even treated some women disgracefully, but this invasion of privacy and the way it is being used is far more disgraceful than any individual behavior and indicative of a diseased, mean, immoral and vindictive culture of political economic degeneracy. That culture spends trillions to invade countries and slaughter people all over the world, kills its own in the streets with an occupying military colonial force we call police departments, and lavishes love and money on pets -fifty billion dollars a year on animal family members - while tens of thousands of its citizens are homeless. Hopefully we will stop this crazed social behavior before it destroys us all.

But first, of course, we need to stomp out the behavior of disastrous and menacing monsters like this celebrity. Of particular note was the comment of one of the used and abused women treated in such deadly fashion by this monster, which said he "kissed her at a party when she was a teen"...


Castrate the son of a bitch ! !

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Switzerland: Ban Urged on Eating Cats and Dogs

Switzerland: Ban Urged on Eating Cats and Dogs

An animal rights group has petitioned the Swiss government to ban a traditional, if rare, practice of eating cats for Christmas dinner and turning dogs into sausages. Tomi Tomek, president of the animal rights group SOS CHATS Noiraigue, said 3 percent of the population still eats cat and dog. “You can’t report it to the police because there’s no law against it,” he said.

The Swiss are urged by American pet lovers to eat unwanted children for Christmas and turn homeless people into sausages.

Boots on the Ground and Bats in the Belfry

 “The problem in the world is not that small countries, who are under siege, are unwilling to change. Rather, it is that the bigger countries are piling on like bullies in the school yard – and they don’t know when to stop.” Vladimir Putin

The current global monster, Putin, so designated by corporate USA, is a heroic figure to much of the world. Russia’s status as capitalist rebel in a formerly western dominated global mall can seem like the difference between democratic and republican parties in America:
A long-term choice of cancer or polio, with a guarantee of disease no matter which side wins. But in the current deadly state of private profiteering bringing more of the planet closer to ruin, the short term lesser evil of emerging capitalist powers like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) can seem almost hopeful. At least in that short term.

Under the economic regime that demands private profits from oil, gas and war even if it threatens life support systems of air, water and earth, calls are increasing for restructuring that economic foundation that supports incredible wealth for a few at life threatening cost to the many. This is causing panic and more irrational behavior than usual among the ruling global minority.

The empire is attempting to control what has become uncontrollable and is leading to faster local breakdowns in a system facing global calamity if it is not brought under democratic control.

Putin identifies part of this in the “bullying” of small nations but the absurdity is greater than he may understand, since his country operates on the same economics that create massive human inequality and environmental rape. On the brighter side, he and other capitalist leaders who have not yet succumbed to total madness are able to see that a single dominant imperial power is no longer possible. Some form of respectful cooperation among nations is necessary, even in an allegedly competitive economy, or no one will be able to enjoy the alleged fruits of markets under private control.

The important word is alleged, since for most of humanity the fruits do not exist at all, and tend to be rancid and even poisonous once they become available to an ever-shrinking minority in the middle.

The BRICS operate as the more enlightened capitalists of the past who created the New Deal following the Great Depression. They saved the system with government spending to do what private capital found unprofitable but would bring destruction to the system if left undone. Using tax dollars and making sure the rich did not pay too much, they created jobs and industries that were otherwise a loss for private investors but would mean greater profits for them if financed by the great body of society: it’s working class.

Those workers soon became a middle class when wasteful consumption developed into the fastest method for creating profits. The credit economy formed when none of those workers could afford to pay for the commodity crapulence that filled markets in the relatively affluent west while emptying stomachs and stealing futures from what was called the under developed world. Now that world is “developing” as market forces of capital have arrived to create another small middle class benefitting a tiny minority of millionaires and billionaires at even greater cost to the majority.

Newer capitalist powers “democratize” the empire formerly dominated by the USA into one of several nations sharing that domination.

But now the growing problem of capitalist destruction of the natural world doesn’t threaten separate national or identity groups often easily set against each other, but the entire human race. The present call to arms over climate change amplifies what critics have warned since the 19th century:

Treating nature simply as a commodity with which to create private profit would lead to the public loss of humanity’s environment. What is to be done?

Acceding to the purveyors of master race – chosen people ideological dominance, all of humanity must obey the dictates of the “bully”, under the name of humanitarian democracy and other cosmetic language to make brutality and bigotry sound like harmonious relations. But this deranged product is losing any appeal it once had as reality cuts through the fog of advertising propaganda. As a result, the behavior of its profiteer-bullies creates further dangers:

More troops sent to make war and train foreigners in that social degeneracy; more meddling in the affairs of states and claiming the right to do so as superior racial and ethical overlords of inferior creatures; more actions by an unelected global police department where great masses suffer because some look like what the ruling minority see as terrorists and rebels while their mass of supporters see them as freedom fighters.

This will only end when more of the ruled pierce the dense fog of ruler imposed suppression through military force and thought control. Snowden and other “informers of the people” are making it more possible for humanity to rise above minority leadership to create a humanitarian system that will put an end to the perversion of mass murdering bullies calling themselves purveyors of peace and democracy. The recent elections in the USA saw more money spent by rulers than ever before and less votes cast by the people in more than a generation. Once Americans have something to vote for, the program for change will make a giant leap. That day has to come very soon, and not simply for the good of Americans. Neither the world nor we can tolerate this system much longer.