Monday, January 22, 2024

Netanyahu Snubs Biden On Two-State Solution

Netanyahu: "From the river to the sea, Israel must reign free."

Biden: "Well, Gazans can have a micro-state with no power, can't they?"

Netanyahu: "Drink my diarrhea, goy."

Biden: (placating) . . .  "I'm an optimist. I see the glass as half-empty."

Netanyahu: "I'll fix that. From my ass to your mouth."

Biden: ". . . burp . . . "

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Trans-Class Pride Celebration


Trans-Class Pride Celebration Planned


By Frank Scott


A spokesperson for Trans-Class-Pride said a massive parade and rally for the hundreds of millions of working class and poor Americans who feel rich but are disrespectfully not allowed to be what they feel is planned for a weekend soon.

“ A day would be much too short for all our members to be able to participate and we may need a week rather than a weekend’ said cis-working class member George Melissa Mulatto who delivers for amazon but feels like the people he delivers to - a member of the upper middle class.


“We are sick, tired and fed up with being denied the American dream and forced to live the American nightmare of the gig economy at best and street poverty at worst” said the poorly dressed but academically rich even though only having been to college to make deliveries and clean toilets spokesperson, whose pronouns are homeless/houseless.


‘When we march together we feel stronger and at peace without seeing therapists which we cant afford or using drugs which we cant afford either.”


“I have a good friend who is a woman with a penis and shim gets to use toilets of shims choosing, play on men’s sports teams and is respectfully treated as trans female. If shim can have their feelings acknowledged why cant we? Just because some of us have no bank accounts is no reason to deny us credit or because we are without wardrobes deny us money for rent. After all, Americans spend billions on our animals and even call them members of our families. Cant we give that much respect to the majority of us Americans who struggle to get by let alone the substantial minority of us who have no shelter and are forced to live under conditions many of us would not tolerate for our pets. We may no more be middle class than my friend with a penis is an actual female but we deserve at least the trans rights being enjoyed by so many citizens. How about trans class Americans who are possessed of testicles, vaginas, both or neither but nonetheless are members of the human race who deserve at the very least what a tiny minority of us have: equality of transism!”


Congress is considering legislation to ban any public display of trans-classism unless it can be shown that all trans classists are not inspired by Chinese or Russian or Socialist or Communist or Catholic or Jewish or Agnostic or Atheistic propaganda and all have testacies, vaginas, both or neither and firmly believe in the American constitution and the right of people to spend trillions of social dollars on war, hundreds of billions on pets, while poverty, injustice and other marketable commodities remain available to all Americans without discrimination.




Friday, January 5, 2024






Many of us are so mentally abused by the lies of ruling power that we believe only the most far fetched tales of plots seemingly conducted by forces of evil invisible to all but the anointed who can spot false flags a mile away but are blind to political economics staring them in the face.


 Reduced to an endless mob of consumers buying bullets, cosmetics, pizza, fashion, beer or pet food, and a parade of proles carrying plastic bags filled with merchandise, garbage or dog shit, most of us are innocently swept up in whatever trend of the moment comes via our networks of believability. And all those networks are directly or indirectly owned by the same financial powers which have nothing to do with fantastic schemes or the illuminati but everything to do with what is quite visible, material and threatens the world we all live in whether compelled to wave fabric painted red white and blue or coerced to carry mentally false banners denoting a sub-human status forced upon us as alleged minorities.


We are legitimately upset about the dangerous decline in relations among Americans, not least over the police controversies but we need to remember the police are not vigilantes who appoint themselves to uphold law. They are state workers who have nothing to do with creating low income communities of higher crime than affluent communities - at least on the streets where people suffer drive by shootings and more while the affluent don’t even have streets - but police are sent to regulate reality when social breakdowns occur. If we don't un-create low incomes, poverty, and all the other injustices which help create if not necessitate street crime, and the larger crimes of the people in the suites who rule and run society, things will get much worse. Defund the police? We need to defund the pentagon, get the hell out of the rest of the world unless invited by the people to visit in friendship, and stop swallowing mythology about how everyone is evil and plotting to destroy America when the evil and plotting originates right here.


Among the more destructive aspects of the private profit market religion of capitalism that keeps us at each others throats rather than acting as a democratic majority and transforming our political economy into something that’s serves all of us rather than only some at the expense of others is the information and thought control that teaches us nonsense about the world and murderous lies about our relations to foreigners and one another. Thus we are reduced to alleged minorities- identity groups while being subjected to mind menacing horror that describes war as some sort of natural way of living. Ruling power minorities reign supreme by keeping people divided, as in the cases of human beings suffering the outrageous realities that deny comfortable survival for all by creating luxury for only some while the majority are forced into competition and resentment for one another instead of joining forces and taking on ruling minorities before they destroy all of us.


These two areas, the division of humans into allegedly different races when there is only one human race, and rationalizing mass murder as some natural act of life because some identity group or other is an enemy of some other identity group though the only identity group that should concern us is the small minority that owns and controls material reality while we are used to seeking a better life for disabled polish American gay Jews of color while not noticing the enormous numbers of people without food clothing or shelter who represent the identity group all of us belong to: the human race.












Individuals are racists, brutes, sadists, killers, rather than social policies and social influences and cultural training, as in grunts raping and killing, cops killing unarmed p.o.c…never the result of social always the result of individual evil, whether at the bottom, middle or top…the leader is a demon-monster-killer, the cop is a demon monster killer, the soldier is a demon monster killer…at worst, they commit “war” crimes, which like hate crimes that mean there must be a love crime, insure that there most be a legal war and by george we have it…angelic folks in business suits, with law and other degrees, figure out how to commit mass murder the politically correct way…


of course,  grunts and other monsters carry it out under the command of a demon, for the losing side, while heroic figures operating under the sway of an angelic leader are the winners…


and big Pharma operates re the above…you have a problem which must/can/should be solved by no problems at all…you have a.d.d, depression, hdba, neurosis, xxfuckedup disorder, etc… but just because millions like you have the same problem, means it is exclusively individual, demanding a personal solution meaning a drug administered to thousands, millions, whatever number makes the biggest profits…if you can afford it and/or have coverage you can go to a shrink – legal- and get your prescription for the drug that will ease your social dilemma and buy it – legally- from a legal dope peddler – hmo, Walgreens, rite aid, blue cross, etc…if you can’t afford it and/or you have no coverage, you can go an illegal drug dealer – or undocumented pharmacist – and get the stuff you need to ease your social dilemma…both sides of the legal coin deal with individual problems having nothing to do with society, but they are dealt with differently based on economic power, but all of that, too, is individual and has nothing to do with any social arrangements, especially class membership and economic status…


war state/capital state/police state cure? democratic state, when the state becomes an “us”, not an “it”



when we cannot pay for the car, the house, whatever, what do the private insurance companies, banks, financial institutions do? They “repo”, as in repossess…who insures the banks? What is fdic? The taxpayers insure the banks? We insure one another, as well as most especially them? When the banks under private control cannot pay, the people should, need to, must, “repo” the banks!






Gated communities at one end with split levels, moats , sun decks and armed guards & gated communities at the other end with bars, cell blocks, isolation holes and armed guards …america…





An environmental, political, economic and growing mental breakdown is being attributed to every conceivable outside force or source but its core which threatens ultimate destruction of humanity itself. Capitalism didn’t just bring us a pandemic which has killed millions but has long sustained vicious poverty and warfare which have killed millions in pursuit of lucrative market profits that benefit fewer each day and threaten more each stormy overheated undernourished experience being suffered by the poorest among us first, as always, but all of us, eventually.