Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Armed Intruder at White House Got to East Room

"   Omar J. Gonzalez, who jumped the White House fence this month,  made it far deeper into the mansion than previously disclosed, overpowering a Secret Service agent inside the North Portico entrance..."

Truther Alert!

another "false flag" attack to dupe the sheeple (who know so much less than you) that we need martial law at the half-white house?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Obama Says U.S. Underestimated the Rise of ISIS

President Obama says that the United States also erred in its assessment of the Iraqi military.

He added that we made some big mistakes concerning the  Gaza invasion of Israel, Russia's genocide in the Ukraine and not buying Alibaba stock at its lowest price.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obama, at U.N., Urges Allies to Join Fight Against ISIS

China pledges to send ISIS ten month old orders of moo shoo pork, France promises gallons of fat filled sauce over rotten beef and Russia advises U.S. to fuck off.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama, After Air Attacks in Syria, Says U.S. Will 'Take the Fight' to ISIS

note to ISIS:

if you decide to "take the fight" to the USA, please take it to the half-White House and leave the rest of us alone.

Obama Isn't Finished Yet

Erik Carter
 from the NYTimes:
The final years of his second term could still be great ones, as they were for Reagan and Clinton. 

Sales of  heroin, beer and booze skyrocket .

Monday, September 22, 2014

Despite Airstrikes, ISIS Appears to Hold Its Ground in Iraq

After six weeks of Western air support, Iraqi forces have scarcely budged Islamic State fighters from their hold on more than a quarter of the country.

In desperation, Obama and congress call for american suburbanites to gather up thousands of moles  and send them to Iraqi forces so they can begin an attack from below instead of above. Wait six weeks and they'll get back to you.

Alibaba steals 25 billion: Forty Thieves threaten counter suit

Alibaba boosts IPO to world record $25bn
Alibaba secures its place as the world’s largest-ever stock market flotation, exercising an option to increase the deal size by 15%. Forty Thieves apply lighter than air reasoning to float higher, pay less and earn(?) more.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

None Dare Call It Gridlock: Where Republicans and Democrats Find Common Ground

by Michael K. Smith

It is an axiom of contemporary U.S. journalistic commentary that Washington DC is so ideologically divided into warring camps of Republicans and Democrats that there is little hope of achieving a meeting of the minds on important issues of the day.  Suffice it to say that we here at Legalienate.com find this a highly delusional belief, although obviously a useful fiction for the private owners of the capitalist economy and the Israel-forever fanatics, whose religious justifications of minority rule in general and Jewish supremacy in particular enjoy overwhelming support from all three branches of government.  There is no rationalization too ludicrous for the two "opposed" parties in their pursuit of limitless profit and Greater Israel.

Consider the following policy prescriptions.  All of them are currently in vogue, and enjoy broad bi-partisan support:

Education:  Bust the unions, close the schools, fire the teachers. Ignore incremental rise in test scores over many years, and the public's general satisfaction with the public schools, in favor of handing public funds over to profit-hungry charter schools accountable only to themselves.

Health care:  Ignore the option of extending Medicare coverage to all, essentially the way every other developed country in the world has achieved universal health insurance, in favor of forcing millions more Americans to subsidize the parasitic HMOs that currently siphon off more than $1 trillion a year in unnecessary costs via the hopelessly fraudulent "medical billing" industry.

Environment:  Disperse carcinogenic and mutagenic substances far and wide, so as to make it impossible to determine which profiteers are responsible for the resulting cancers and birth defects.

Energy:  Burn up the ocean of petroleum it took nature the whole of geologic time to create in a few generations, converting the earth to a combination gas chamber/cremation oven.

Economy:  Continue funneling hundreds of billions of dollars a year in public money to dependent corporations via the Pentagon system. Bail out reckless speculators who crashed the economy in 2008, asking nothing in return for the public funds.  Offshore the job base; give tax breaks to outsourcers; channel gains from productivity increases to the rich and super-rich; jail the poor; bury the middle class in debt.

Civil Liberties:  Jail whistleblowers; establish "total information awareness" via state controlled digital communications; abolish habeas corpus; establish torture centers and military tribunals to handle the increasing numbers of state enemies deemed undeserving of constitutional rights; award U.S. president the power to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime without resort to due process of law.

Communications:  Hand public airwaves permanently to private interests free of charge, so that they may continually bombard the public with "programming" celebrating greed, domination, and deceit.

Foreign Policy:  Rob, swindle, torture, and murder all those who passively or actively interfere with massive profit extraction on behalf of a microscopic minority of super-rich, who have no means of productively spending or investing their immense fortunes.   Award permanent unrestrained support to Jewish apartheid state in Palestine, no matter how many 911s it portends.  Continue siphoning off Middle East oil to underwrite suicidal over-consumption in the West, while tens of millions of Arabs remain mired in bitter poverty awaiting total catastrophe when the oil runs out.  Continue issuing pious declarations against "terrorism" while invading, bombing, torturing, and killing civilians throughout the Middle East.

This is but a thumbnail sketch of the terrifying policies currently enjoying bi-partisan support in Washington, with more and worse always on the way.  Given the almost total lack of critical political consciousness and popular organization for change among the citizenry, Democrat-Republican gridlock is an outcome fervently to be wished for.  Better that the two major parties endlessly wrangle over minor budgetary disagreements than that they devote themselves single-mindedly to the agenda outlined above.

Meanwhile, the rest of us had better educate and organize for broad-based, sweeping democratic change in all areas of policy, without fear of naming capitalism and Jewish-supremacy as public enemies. Until we have the courage to do that, we recklessly invite terminal disaster.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Decapitation American Style

America’s anti-humanism can cause shock among hyenas, vultures and other creatures that feed on death in accordance with rather than opposition to nature. But as the empire sinks more deeply into the political economic sewage of its own creation, its weaponized psyche grows more malevolent and the behavior pattern more dangerous. The public has to be nearly lobotomized to allow its leadership to perform at such odds with reality. That is almost the case.

Present postures re the Ukraine and ISIS are so idiotic it’s almost impossible not to think a comedy writer is responsible for the foreign policy directives coming from the mental health crisis center we call our central government.

Outside the ruling circles of the USA and its NATO lapdogs most of the world knows that an elected Ukrainian government was removed by an outside organized and financed uprising and replaced by a local billionaire led regime which would better serve western interests. But consciousness controllers in the USA have portrayed a semi-fascist coupe as democratic action while blaming Russia and demonizing Putin for an invasion that never happened.

Russia’s reclaiming of Crimea, followed by a democratic expression of support by a Crimean majority was treated as a return of the Soviet Union, a revival of the Russian empire and Putin’s vision – inspired by very bad comedy writing or very good drugs – to take over Europe, Asia, Disneyland and Home Depot.

The fact that the southeastern Ukraine has a substantial population that not only identifies as Russian but welcomed returning to that nation is unknown to an american public fed news reports from dementia central, abundant celebrity gossip, and an occasional experience of verifiable material reality but only on weekends between one o’clock.

After having been dropped from Russia in an attempted peaceful gesture toward the west, many Crimeans were happy to again become part of what they see as their homeland. But much of the larger western Ukraine identifies with Europe and economics favored by the American satellites of NATO. The U.S and its euro-servants have worked on propagandizing that sector while surrounding Russia with military bases that were never supposed to be there according to post cold-war deals. But each menacing encroachment on its borders has been treated as aggressive action by Russia. Of course. And women keep raping themselves. And black men keep throwing themselves at police bullets.

Americans have to rely on the good sense of a Russian leader who is depicted as a monster by mind managers of the asylum we call a marketplace of ideas. We have to hope he maintains his mental stability while confronting not an individual nut case waving an axe but an imperial regime led by idiots collectively waving weapons of war that are far more menacing.

And another creation of the empire and its Arab flunkies, ISIS, is being treated as a menace to the USA, with consumers of corporate fables led to believe invasion is imminent if we do not stop these fanatics from converting our dogs, cats and identitarian minorities to their Islamic faith. This is not the Colbert Report or SNL but you almost have to laugh to keep from crying. While the warriors of ISIS have made short work of the demoralized armies of unpopular regimes created by the USA, they number at most twenty thousand men and have no air force, navy or mechanization beyond what they capture and confiscate from the weapons armory awarded them by american taxpayers. The average metropolitan police department here is better equipped and, unfortunately a greater threat to americans than this relatively ragtag gang of zealots, however bloody they may seem to people ignorant of the destroyed states, hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees created by the USA in the middle east under the guise of spreading democracy and the homicidal immorality we practice under its name.

Two horrible beheadings have been enough for the deranged in congress and media to warn of pending invasions of the USA that must be stopped lest all of us lose our heads physically, instead of by the almost equally dangerous form our beheadings take:

Watch the news, read the pundits, check antisocial media, and slowly but surely lose your mind.

When people are reduced to seeing the alleged intellectual lackey to Israel who dwells in the half-white house as a serious peaceful counter to the mad dog moronic lackeys to Israel who reside in congress, we have far more than a problem. It is approaching catastrophe.

Professions of national pride and threats to “degrade and destroy” a group that owes its formation, arms and temporary success to American meddling in the middle east are the wailings of a computer nerd trying to sound like a Mafia Don. But the Mafia at its worst was a humanitarian NGO by comparison to the atrocities committed by this crumbling empire.

Just as Israel seems close to going over the edge as its chosen people-above-reproach reputation finally comes under closer global scrutiny, the USA, as its mythological reputation encounters reality, moves closer to a form of deranged master racism that threatens the entire global community. So far the public only seems willing to accept murderous and ultimately useless bombing and not murderous and even more useless invasion. That isn’t much, but for the moment we can hope that full-scale war that could lead to a nuclear confrontation or terrorist retaliation can be avoided.

The greatest threat to America and the world emanates from the ruling minority in the USA. Our ignorance under almost total corporate thought control is understandable but we need to become educated to the need for social transformation before it is too late. The process of democratic action taken by the growing minority who wish to change the entire system of human relations needs to happen before present hypocritical rule creates a warfare capitalist pandemic from which humanity may not recover.

Friday, September 5, 2014

After Beheading of Steven Sotloff, Obama Pledges to Punish ISIS

American weapons industry will only sell dull knives to middle east fundamentalists.