Thursday, November 25, 2010

No More Misplaced Gratitude

On this Thanksgiving weekend let us give thanks, not for the self-righteous Pilgrim Fathers who arrived to America full of persecutorial wrath, but to those genuine heroes down through the ages who have struggled to bequeath to us a legacy of freedom and democracy.

Obviously, there are too many candidates to mention in a brief blog post. But the abolitionists have to rank high on the list. Without their herculean efforts to end chattel slavery, the ¨peculiar institution¨would long since have destroyed the republic for which the United States supposedly stands. It is thanks to them that we know the difference between a human being and an animal, a subtlety that escaped our forebears.

We might also express gratitude to the labor movement for having created a middle class, forcing capital to accede to social democratic dignities it is now struggling mightily to retract. Long may its example live to inspire us to widen the circles of compassion that alone give meaning to the word ¨community.¨

Our thankfulness ought also to extend to the movements that conspired to liberate us from the dogma that women are mindless appendages of male egotism, by nature dedicated to serving the masculine delusions of omnipotence that have come dangerously close to ending human civilization altogether. A century ago women were widely considered to be childlike creatures whose infantile ambitions could only lead them astray, unless a man took pity enough to guide them right. Their labor went almost completely unpaid, and on the few occasions when a paycheck was granted, husbands and fathers had rights to collect it for them. Over the past century women have managed to put patriarchal domination consistently on the defensive, extracting concessions that have given them a vastly more independent life than that they knew before.

A word of thanks could also be extended to human rights movements around the world that have codified the rights to which every human being has fallen heir, while publicizing the inherent tendency of nation states to abuse them. This publicity has subtly constrained the worst excesses of state power, continually giving hope that future movements might find a way to transcend the arbitrary nature of unchecked power altogether.

And a special thanks to Ernst Zundel and many other Holocaust heretics, whose stoic dignity in challenging the Holocaust Industry´s vengeful orthodoxy has taught us once again that the price of freedom is eternal dissidence.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bulletins-Breaking News!!

Another Impostor Fools American Government: Was Not Real Israeli

After being duped by an alleged Taliban negotiator who was actually a member of an Islamic comedy group, the USA suffered another diplomatic setback. Moishe Goldblatt, a deli owner from Brooklyn, New York, posed as an Israeli government official and was able to get a loan of 250 billion dollars from the USA. He said that Israel would refrain from killing Palestinians during the EID, an Islamic celebration at the end of Ramadan. He promised they would not resume brutalizing the Palestinian population until the three days of EID were over. The American government gratefully accepted the offer, made on behalf of the only democracy in the middle east and our closest ally in the entire world, and gave him a personal check for the full amount.

A chagrinned White House spokesman said ” We are very embarrassed but we put a stop check through immediately and hope that it will work before this man, who has escaped to Israel where he has impunity from any law, spends it all and ruins several more of our banks. We will definitely check papers and other credentials more carefully in future and this will not happen again.”

Abe Loxman of the American Semitic Society accused the official of blood libel on the Jewish people and warned of a pending pogrom and possible holocaust if America did not immediately exonerate Goldblatt and attack Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, North Korea, China, Russia and a suburban part of Mobile, Alabama.

Citizen Outrage Leads to Replacement of TSA program

Fist fights, stabbings and bombings of x-ray machines have led to the canceling of the frisk, feel up and bombard with x-rays program that had caused such embarrassment and so much cancer. The new program will assure that airplanes are kept free of terror threats and obnoxious patrons but will not be as embarrassing to innocent flyers on their way to family and business meetings in search of financing for rent or mortgage payments.

The new program is the Government Reconnaissance Of Passenger Equipment and does not involve x-rays nor any handling of people’s junk unless they are willing to be pawed at by a GROPE agent . These agents all look like super models and Hollywood stars . “We think passengers won't mind being felt up if we ask their permission and the groping agent looks hot enough to maybe spend a few hours with in a hotel room. Of course, the grope will only last a moment or so, but passengers will be free to arrange private meetings  on their own time if any of our professional gropers are willing.”

The first day of airport GROPE tests found a long line of people waiting to be groped, with many not even having airline tickets or intending to go anywhere after they were thoroughly searched for possible bombs that might be hidden in underwear, bras and other crotch and nipple covering garments. Except for the long lines of smiling people waiting to be groped and the long wait caused by folks who really weren’t flying anywhere but were only there to be examined by the very attractive Gropers, the first day was a success. 

Republicans, Democrats , Decline to States and even Tea  Party members all seemed to agree that this was a government program they could support. One traveler said “ I’m only going to take the bus but I couldn’t resist that babe who looked like Angelina Jolie. I’m going to insist she search my shorts, thoroughly.” And a woman said “ I intend to use public transit to go across town, but when I saw that agent who looked like Denzel Washington, I thought it was worth standing on line for an hour or so to get a chance at having him fondle my, uh, search my bra for, um, you know, weapons or bombs or whatever it is they are looking for.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Respect Americans and Transform America

We approach the annual celebration of peace, love and over consumption as America's longest war threatens to become longer and spread to more nations. But there will be less consuming than usual in a time of political repression, economic recession and social depression.  Class relations are strained by the most unequal distribution of wealth in our history and political divisions are causing canine-like political disputes among confused citizens angrily chasing their own tails. We fight ourselves under controlling force that prevents us from recognizing commonality by stressing differences. Ethnicities, skin tones and identity groups are used to keep us from confronting a disaster we face in common and even our minds are hyphenated into divisions causing battles of self against self.
Some were near panic over Tea Party victories in the fiasco we call our electoral democracy, insisting that fascism was at hand. Other equally mystified voters crowed of triumph for the common man at having elected more employees of the rich.  Billion dollar campaigns mask the fact that both capitalist parties keep switching crews on the Titanic as the ship continues to sink. The cancer or polio choice offered the citizenry every two years has more than fifty percent never bothering to vote and results in minorities electing a government bought and paid for by infinitely smaller minorities. No wonder there is growing if baffling disgust with a politics dominated by corporate capital, billionaires and foreign interests.
Our anti-social politics create fear, anger and ignorance and send them into battle against ignorance, anger and fear. The minority voting for cancer shows contemptuous disrespect for the minority voting for polio. And vice versa. This civil war threatens a terminal social disease if it continues neglecting our political economy. A manipulated struggle between those thinking they are more virtuous or more patriotic makes respect for one another almost impossible and prevents identifying the real problem: a minority dominated economic monster spending trillions of public dollars on imperial war, bank bailouts and private wealth. It is bankrupting the nation and may bring further disaster if it is not democratically subdued.
People should be disgusted with government that serves minority interests and not the mass of Americans who think themselves democrats, republicans, independents or apathetics. A relatively tiny group representing corporations and finance capital dominates our politics. This cabal controls national wealth, which it uses to create staggering private profits from war and waste, all at the expense of a public absorbing the crippling loss. Calling this a democracy should make people furious but those using media to manage our minds the way they use politics to manage the rest of our lives propagandize us into lashing out at scapegoats.
The smug superiority shown by some liberals is negatively balanced by the hateful bigotry shown by some conservatives. These divisions are the product of a market culture that only profits some at the expense of others. But we all pay a price when we focus on the results and not the source of our problems. People from upscale communities who support immigration but whose only contact with immigrants is when their houses are cleaned, their children tended or their homes repaired are hardly more politically correct than those who complain about immigration because they deal with its social impact of crowded neighborhoods and lost jobs. Our anti-social environment makes immigration beneficial to some and costly to others. But that’s true of everything else in our profit and loss economy.  And those believing that America is failing not because government spends trillions on imperial warfare and service to great wealth, but because it spends millions on the most downtrodden in our society are not only misguided; they are loony. 
This is feudal era politics setting peasants against serfs while the landlord laughs all the way to the bank but it’s more deadly in the 21st century. Divide and conquer thoughts that would have taken years to put into people’s heads in ages past can corrupt minds more quickly in technologically wired societies where transmitting propaganda takes micro seconds. And when American political leaders mouth platitudes about social justice and fighting racism while they invest taxpayer dollars in propping up a racial theocracy in Israel, our problems are not tea party members, Muslims or immigrants but a power structure that rules with such murderous hypocrisy.
The holiday season is as good a time as any to begin acting on teachings of humanity and cooperation in direct contradiction to the prevailing values of anti-social bigotry and murderously competitive war making. We suffer under a system which is inflicting austerity on the public while a minority gorges itself and induces the people to blame one another for problems which originate not with individuals but in the social organization itself. Food, clothing and shelter are not rising in cost because poor people live in comfort but because rich people lavish in luxury. The military budget does not continually expand because we are threatened from outside the USA but because inside the USA there are psychotics demanding wars on Iran and any other nation or people that dare to attempt breaking the imperial model and changing the organization of nations to support humanity before private profit. And in order to deal with these and more problems that threaten our survival as a people and not simply as an identity group among people, we need to be human beings with common purpose. We could start by trying to understand why there is disagreement and ignorance among us and not simply demean others as secular idiots, religious morons, political terrorists or imbeciles from outer space. It might help us create democratic solutions to problems that threaten all of our futures. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Bless Americans. At least try, for a change.