Saturday, February 20, 2021

Orange Man Gone, Infantilism Still Here

 "We are a bunch of spoiled brats in America. We can't shut down, take our medicine, do the right thing - no! We have to have our own temper tantrums; we have to yell at people who don't agree with us; we have to act emotionally, as opposed to intellectually, follow the science, pay people so that they can stay alive (at home), put moratoriums on everything, your bank loans, your mortgages, your business loans, and just pay, and all the companies, if you're not an essential company just shut that shit all down . . . 

 "Every country has fiat currency now. Nobody's backed by gold. It's all made up. When this shit is over, which it would have been in three or four months, we open back up and you just hit the re-set button on fiat currency. It's all relative scale. That's how money works. There's no Fort Knox anymore . . .

"I have the best response for people who say we just need to open it up, if you just opened it up our economy would get better . . . These (uncompensated) businesses are dead, guys. They're gone. Because our leadership didn't do the right thing . . . .We didn't take our medicine, shut it down, pay the people who really needed the money, put a freeze on everything, get over this in three months and re-open her up. And just like Europe when there was a second spike, we would shut that fucker back down again and we'd be over it in eight weeks. 

 "But, no! We had to sit there and cry, whine on social media and say: 'Open 'er up! Open 'er up!'

"We have no patience. We can't put off. We have to have instant gratification. We have failed the cookie experiment, guys. You remember the cookie experiment? They sat a group of kids down. They said: 'Don't eat this cookie, you'll get two cookies' (later), so the researchers left them alone, and some kids ate the cookies right away, some kids held off for a few minutes, and then ate the cookie, and some kids listened and didn't eat the cookie. 

"They followed these kids their entire lives, for years and years until adulthood, and the kids who could put off that gratification, who listened, they were significantly more successful in life than the other kids."


-------- Dr. Duc C. Vuong February 7, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Tale of Two Vampires

 "The other day I ran into Count Dracula in the street, just arriving in Buenos Aires. I found him in very bad shape, extremely depressed. The Count had hit rock bottom. Bags under his eyes, jaundiced, skeletal. I said to him: 'Count, it's been so long, what's happening, and what are you doing in Buenos Aires? Did you leave Transylvania? And Count Dracula said to me:' 'I'm here on a visit. I'm looking for a psychoanalyst. I don't know if you know of one who can help me, because I've found out how these multinational corporations operate, and now I've got an inferiority complex that I've got no idea how to get rid of.'"

-----Eduardo Galeano (interview with Susana Hoffman) May 26, 2013

Friday, February 12, 2021

Impeaching Satan

 "They're all [U.S. presidents] dangerous. Trump is no more dangerous than the rest of them. The difference was they couldn't control Trump. And that to the establishment made him more dangerous." (emphasis added)

                               ------Kim Iversen

Source: Kim Iversen, "Democrats Admit Trump Didn't Say Anything To Incite Insurrection," You Tube, 2/11/21