Friday, May 24, 2024

The End of Israel or The End of Apartheid?

"George, I think we need to stop talking about a military solution to this problem (Israel-Palestine). As you pointed out, the conditions aren't there for the cessation of military operations. Hamas cannot physically defeat Israel. Hamas can make Israel's life a living hell, and when partnered with Hizbollah's continued activities on the Lebanese border, the Houthis' continued interdiction of Israeli shipping, and the support of other members of axis resistance, Israel has become a nation where the quality of life is no longer worth living. And this is how Israel will be defeated. Israel will be a nation that de-populates itself. Israel will become a nation that nobody wants to be affiliated with, both in terms of potential foreign partners, and Israelis themselves. People who moved to Israel believing that they were moving into the Land of Milk and Honey, to the easy lifestyle, pleasant beaches on Tel Aviv, now know that forever, as long as the Zionist entity exists, it will be a nation in perpetual conflict. It will never know peace. 

"Israel is the worst possible criminal in the world, who has dressed himself up and gone to the party believing that because he wears good clothes and he hangs around with powerful people, that people will affiliate with Israel. But because of Israel's reaction to the Hamas attack of October 7th, the mask is off, and the world is recognizing Israel for the horrific entity that it is. This genocidal nation, not just genocidal leadership, but a nation whose entire existence is premised on the necessity, indeed from their perspective. . . . it's a positive thing from their [perspective], the genocide of the Palestinian people. And one by one by one the people that surrounded Israel, that Israel thought were their friends and allies, are being stripped away. And today Israel stands virtually alone. And it will continue to stand alone, until it no longer exists. And its demise will not be because Hizbollah, Hamas, Iran, or others physically defeated Israel. Its demise will be because the world recognizes Israel as a state that no longer has legitimacy, a state that can no longer exist. And then the Israeli citizens themselves will seek to flee that state. This will take time, but this is the inevitable outcome of this conflict in the Middle East. Israel will cease to exist and the Palestinian state will emerge in its stead."

 -----Scott Ritter, "the prerogative of violence," Mother of All Talk Shows (with George Galloway), May 24, 2024 


"I do think that the Zionist project in Israel and Palestine, as we see today, doesn't have long to live, to exist. I think we are seeing processes, important processes, that are leading to the collapse of the Zionist project. Hopefully, the Palestinian national movement and anyone else involved in Israel and Palestine would be able to replace this apartheid state, this oppressive regime, with a democratic one for everyone who lives between the river and the sea for all the Palestinians who were expelled from there since 1948 until today. I believe that this historical process has begun. Unfortunately, it will take time, and the next year or two are very precarious and are very dangerous. But in the long run, I am really hopeful that there will be a different kind of life for both Jews and Arabs between the river and the sea under a democratic, free Palestine."

-----Ilan Pappe, Democracy Now, May 21, 2024


Monday, May 20, 2024

The Kids Are Right - Palestine Must Be Free

The panic signals are out again about our wayward youth linking up with dubious causes out of ignorance, naivete, and alignment with malevolent foreign forces. Whenever young Americans or really any Americans start to publicly notice that U.S. policy contradicts its alleged commitment to freedom and justice for all, they are roundly smeared in the corporate media, which is owned lock, stock, and barrel by massive centers of private wealth with a long history of sidelining the voice of the people or distorting its message beyond recognition. In fact, the forces of organized panic are now so concerned about popular opposition to Israel's mass slaughter in the Gaza Strip that they have attempted to codify and ban "anti-Semitic" speech, causing some embarrassment to Israel's Christian Zionist base, which joyfully awaits the End Times when they anticipate the vast majority of Jews will be justly consigned to the Fires of Hell for all eternity. With all due respect for the extermination campaign in Gaza, such Christians say, it could lead to a ban on the Bible, that is, the Bronze Age real estate guide used to justify Jewish supremacy in Palestine in the first place. Just where would that leave the Religion of Brotherly Love?

Not that more reasonable strategies readily suggest themselves. After all, just what are committed Zionists to do these days? If they aren't allowed to massacre helpless civilians, harass, torture, and jail opponents, and destroy the careers of courageous American students peacefully protesting their grotesquely self-righteous butchery, how exactly are they to rescue their cause? They can't defeat Hamas, still less Hizbollah, and an all-out war with Iran would destroy Israel completely, along with much else. They can't monopolize the explanation of events when everyone's live stream constantly highlights Israel's hypocrisy and delusion. They can't negotiate in good faith (witness Israel rejecting its own proposals vis-a-vis the hostages when Hamas accepts them), as that implies Palestinians aren't savage terrorists deserving only subjugation, expulsion, and murder. In short, their only card is force, and force alone lacks legitimacy. Their plight is aptly summed up in the image of Aaron Bushnell burning to death outside the gate of the Israeli Embassy in Washington in protest of the Gaza slaughter while a clueless Secret Service officer points a gun at him.

"I don't need a gun," says another man, attempting to extinguish the blaze.

But guns (and bombs) are all Israel has.  

Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Great Replacement Theory Foretold

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.”

---Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man