Monday, March 18, 2024

Private Profits vs. Social Prophets

Private Profits vs. Social Prophets


By Frank Scott



“…What we see at work is not an expression of the sentiments of the American people; rather it reflects the will of a powerful minority which uses its economic power to control the organs of political life.”


Albert Einstein


We entered the massive marketplace labeled “our democracy” as always long before any election and at this date hundreds of millions have already been spent both officially and off the books to insure that ruling power maintains control over American capitalism no matter who or what may be elected sheriff, mayor, animal control officer or president of the united states. Given that, the spending and consciousness brutality have already exceeded past experience and, as befitting a system verging on complete collapse and involving much more of humanity than American voters, the time for global as well as national focus on the status of an American empire making more people rich than ever before while making multitudes far more poor and continuing mass murders in other subject nations is not only at hand but at all parts of the international political economic organism.


As the fading rulers of western capitalism act more like a crazed rat on a sinking ship but instead of leaping into the deeps it promotes the entire world into more warfare, mass murder, incredible profits for those who feed on bloodshed and a mental condition that might make homicidal maniacs seem critically thinking human beings, the natural and especially political environmental reality approaches the worst fantasy of religious fanatics: eternal damnation in the fires of hell. This joyful futuristic vision was born of a brilliant past that might make the present seem docile since none of the modern weapons existed in biblical times when spears, lances and demented religious leaders operated as ruling wealth as opposed to the lethally armed with weapons of mass murder political and media servants of rulers do today.


The continuing since 1917 American imperial attacks on Russia have reached a disastrous point in the current war using Ukrainians to kill Russians while they die by the thousands with no hope of winning and American and foreign munitions makers make billions. Various of the NATO lapdog leaders sound even more crazed than Americans and urge broadening of the war to stop the eternal threat of Russia which exists in their fevered minds said fever having been planted by America since the end of the second world war.


Meanwhile, the center of global anti-Semitism, Israel, has exploded as never before with such bloody horror that many of the innocent and previously comatose have awakened and expressed anger and hostility about a situation that has prevailed since 1948 when Palestine was engulfed and devoured by the new nation said to have been a haven for those suffering horror during the second world war. This would be like Japan getting even for the American atrocities at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by invading Mexico, throwing the natives out when possible and making all others second class citizens once they took over, changed the language and culture to Japanese and proceeded to treat Mexicans worse than Americans ever had.


In only one of thousands of contradictions of logic, language and morality, the European Jews who stole the land continue calling themselves Semites and screaming anti-Semitism whenever real Semites commit an act of aggression in retaliation and millions in the western world have their brains sunk deeper into an ocean of mental sewage. Like everything else in a radically changing world in which previous western dominance is nearing an end and hopefully global freedom is nearer than ever, the radical changes underway that can spell revolution for the human future can be made to seem more dismal than ever under the consciousness control of purveyors of the imperial lies now fantastically more powerful than any past relatively tin-pot dictatorial regime of later made to seem glorious royals and other past murderers.


While it seems that the horrible choice offered voters by capital’s two parties back in 2020 will be the same in 2024 the only difference is that the divisions among Americans have grown even worse than before. But as the frustration and anger at both parties increase alternate choices, usually written off as foreign plots or national disorders, may finally have space to speak to radical change favoring democracy in substance rather than the bogus brain disease foisted on innocent people who are told it is freedom and democracy. Of course, and rape is simply an economic form of dating and hundreds of thousands of Americans living in the street are merely getting close to nature.


While political madness depicts Putin as a menace to humanity for reacting to an American owned and operated insurrection in Ukraine and fill voters heads with alleged crimes committed by Trump which are the everyday reality of political pimps and hustlers who own and operate “our” democracy, especially congress and the white house, Palestinians will continue to be murdered by Israelis financed by American taxpayers proving that our peace loving democracy is just what the world needs to bring on a nuclear destruction of humanity which is in the planning stages of our Mass Murder Inc. at the pentagon. This will come to pass if Americans do not rise up and create real democracy before it is too late. Among other things that will mean voting against the supposed lesser evil of the two party combo of economic cancer and political polio to bring about the end of capitalism and the beginning of a future for the human race that does not involve growing poverty for hundreds of millions while a relative handful become billionaires.


The opening quote is from someone long admired for something called the theory of relativity, a term not even vaguely understood by billions of humans, but far more relevant, easily understandable and important is the fact that he was an anti-capitalist, a socialist and an anti-war pacifist, easily understandable by those same billions and hardly known by most. That and many other hidden facts about people, nations and political economics should become clearer while we adjust and work to transform a dreadful social reality into a hopeful future by ending warfare capitalism and bringing about a democratic world such as our pre-historic beginnings in social and communistic cooperation. And after we clear up some reality about Einstein, we’d all do well by checking out Marx in his own words and not those of his simplistic and far too often murderous detractors. He can help us learn more about what we need to understand about why our reality is crumbling and what we need to do to rebuild it.





Einstein on peace pg. 343


Sunday, March 17, 2024

Satan of Moscow Calls Out U.S. Hypocrisy

"One anti-Soviet, anti-Russian law is being submitted for another . . . They can't seem to do without it! . . . They talk about human rights in Russian prisons and places of detention. That's all well and good, but they have plenty of problems of that kind themselves. [Look at] Abu Ghraib - or Guantanamo, where people are kept jailed for years without being charged. Not only [that], the prisoners walk around shackled, like in the Middle Ages. They have [even] legalized torture. Can you imagine if we had done anything like that? They would have eaten us alive . . . It would have been a global scandal. 


"But in their country, everyone keeps quiet about it.  . . . Those so-called secret CIA prisons: who has been punished for that? . . . They are up to the ears in shitty stuff, they're drowning in it, and they still insist on criticizing us.


 ". . . . I am probably a bad Christian, because as a Christian you are supposed to turn the other cheek. I am not yet morally ready for that. If they slap our face, we have to retaliate. Otherwise they'll go on slapping us forever."


                  -------Vladimir Putin, 2012


Source: Philip Short, Putin, (Henry Holt, 2022) pps. 561-2


Thursday, March 14, 2024

"The Rise of the New Normal Reich" by C. J. Hopkins

A tirade about "totalitarian" Covid policies, the book has some virtues and many flaws, but a footnote on page ninety-three exposes the author's argument as an exercise in sheer hypocrisy. 


In the midst of complaining about how the corporate media framed German anti-lockdown protests as a fringe of violent Covid Deniers running amok, Hopkins says this: "Any reference to any kind of 'Deniers' in Germany naturally evokes Holocaust deniers, i.e., nazis."


So all Holocaust revisionists are Nazis? Hardly. More importantly, as Hopkins himself makes abundantly clear, as soon as an intellectual nigger category is created it matters not who is assigned to the demonized space. Everyone is forced to genuflect at the orthodoxy, and independent thought is paralyzed. 


As we know, long before Covid appeared on the scene, this happened in Germany (where Hopkins resides), a state created by foreign military powers occupying the country after reducing it to rubble. Heresy trials are legitimate there, about which Hopkins says nothing, even as he rages against global capitalist "totalitarianism."


If he ever did say anything, he'd be jailed and deported. 


No one - not Jimmy Dore, not Max Blumenthal, not Tucker Carlson, not Hopkins, not Matt Taibbi, not Glenn Greenwald, not a single card-carrying ACLU member, has any problem with this. They're all completely full of shit. Even Noam Chomsky, who at least defended Robert Faurisson's free speech rights when he was brought to court on a charge of falsification of history, considered it a point of pride to remain entirely ignorant of Faurisson's actual arguments.


That's where we are. No one who makes his living on speech actually believes in free speech.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Fighting Wars By The Rules

 Let's All Kill Each Other According To The Rules

I don't understand the Geneva Convention and the whole idea of having rules for fighting a war.  Why?  Is it really more than just a way of reassuring ourselves we're all quite civilized, as we pour our hearts and minds and fortunes into mass killing?  It seems to me like hypocritical bullshit.  If the object is to win, wars should be fought with no holds barred; otherwise, why bother suiting up?  As it is now, a winner is declared, and yet the issue has not been settled by all possible means.

    Additionally, if the object is to kill the enemy, why treat their wounded?  Treating their wounded requires resources taken from your own effort to achieve victory.  Does this make sense if you're trying to win?  Oh, yeah. Civilized.

    My doubts about having rules for combat likewise extend to street fighting.  I've heard guys whine about someone throwing a "sucker punch."  Are they kidding?  A guy wants to reduce your ass to a small bloody pile, and you're going to warn him before hitting him?  Get fucking lucid!  And lose all that dopey shit about fair play.  It's out of place if the object is to win.  (Is it?)

    Also, as far as kicking someone when he's down is concerned, what is the problem here?  Again, the object is to win, yes?  Well if he gets up, you might lose; therefore he must not get up.  He needs to be kicked.  You said you wanted to win.  Or are you people just fucking around?  I suspect that might be the case.  Well, stop fucking around and make up your mind.  You're telling me a man will fuck another man's wife, drive him out of his business, cut him off and nearly kill him in traffic, but he shouldn't sneak punch, or kick him when he's down?  I don't get it.

    Another thing I don't understand is the objection to the so-called dirty play in sports such as football.  These are big, tough guys who are desperate to prove how manly they are; that they're not soft.  That's why they play these games in the first place.  Well, why not let them play "dirty" and let's find out how tough they really are?

    It's been shown that small, dedicated groups of men can easily find ways of policing and disciplining those among them who cross the line.  It's called vigilantism, and it's very efficient.  Please don't tell a bunch of six-foot six, three hundred-pounders in helmets and pads they can't spear and punch and put their thumbs into each other's eyes.

    You'll miss all the fun.  And you'll be keeping them from pursuing their calling at its highest level.

    I also don't understand terrorists who call the police to warn them about a bomb.  Do I even need to explain my dismay at this one?

    You know, folks, if this old world had any imagination, wars would be fought without codes and conventions, alley fighting would be standard, and the only rules in sports would govern the uniforms.  Then we'd have some real fun.

    But I fear that doesn't suit you, and so I return to the notion that produced these thoughts in the first place:  You people shouldn't be fighting at all.

-----George Carlin, Braindroppings, pps. 179-80