Friday, January 21, 2022

Morality and History: The Elusive Search For "The Good Guys"


 The triumph of Union forces over the collapsed Confederacy is typically treated as a quintessential example of the existence of "good guys" in history. 
Of course, the end of slavery constitutes a moral advance, but we shouldn't kid ourselves about there being any "good guys" in the story.
After all, the "good" Union trafficked in black flesh for nearly a century, effected a compromise with defeated slaveholders that allowed them to restore near-slavery for almost another century (the so-called Black codes criminalizing African-American life are in effect to this day), finished off the genocide against dozens of indigenous peoples (the "winning" of the West), slaughtered a couple hundred thousand Filipinos in the name of white supremacy, imposed starvation and chaos on Germany well after WWI "peace" had been declared (paving the way for Hitler and the Nazis), incinerated Tokyo with fire-bombs even more thoroughly than it obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atom bombs, then spread neo-Nazi clone states throughout the "free" world singing the glories of capital accumulation for the few. To this day, there's not a right-wing dictatorship we don't love. 
This is the group claiming the moral high ground.

Monday, January 10, 2022


Some New Year Bulletins from the Garlic



Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki joined in extending deep compassion to all Americans able to afford psycho-social therapy after the brutal experience of heartless horror which took place on 1/6 /21 when murderous lunatics tried to destroy American democracy by storming government headquarters and taking selfies while sitting in congressional offices.


“ We lost more than 150,000 lives in your freedom seeking atomic bombings so we are fully aware of how much suffering you must have experienced.”




Israel Identified as Center of Global anti-Semitism


Israeli Jews, overwhelmingly European, have taken the homeland and brutalized the native Semitic people in a fashion to make all other bigots seem polite humanitarians by comparison, says the center for the study of Racism, Sexism, and anything but their cause, Capitalism.




New Identity Group Demands its Rights


The zombie-vampire coalition has called for a total revamping of American society and a final reckoning with what they claim is the most persecuted, hated disrespected group in America history. Leaders of BEBS (brain eating blood suckers) say they have suffered more than any other identity group and justice for them will involve a total social revolution and transformation of material reality. The two groups have merged to amass greater numbers in a common struggle.

“Our history has been distorted and made millions for producers of hateful movies, TV shows, cartoons and more in which we are depicted as comedic monsters who suck blood and eat the dead but never mention that just like other humans and inhumans who rule them, we love, work, have families just as any other cis-bro genders,bi-polar trisexuals, people of no color, and other set upon minorities. Please spare us a thought so we wont have to suck your blood and eat you. Thanks."



Never Forget the Constant reminder from Consciousness Control:


Trump Still Guilty of being a Capitalist!!!