Thursday, July 2, 2015

New App Protects Hate Speech, Bullying, Death Threats

New App Protects Hate Speech, Bullying, Death Threats

Eleven year old trillionaire web wizard announces revolutionary
free speech tool, “App Yours”, enabling anonymous mayhem to make PC Police crazy.

“Teenagers will be free to bully at will, charging other teens with being ugly, having the worst breath and smelling like stale ashtrays filled with burger juice” said the genius. “Celebrities, political figures and their families can be issued death threats, all minorities can be trashed and there is no chance of prosecution since “App Yours”  (pat.pending) is totally anonymous, paid for with bit coins registered on another planetary system.”

Orders for “App Yours” are being taken at an anonymous online source which had received thirty million requests before this site was the first to reveal its existence.

Supreme Court Does Extensive Cost-Benefit Analysis
Historic Free Market-Private Profit Rulings Find Same Sex Marriage and Fossil Fuel Legal Since Benefits Exceed Costs

Court also rules in favor of capital punishment, meaning that same sex married couples who are invested in fossil fuel stocks and commit murder can be executed. Equal Rights communities rejoice, then collectively vomit.

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