Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Republicans Announce Coolidge, Hoover, Taft, Reagan to run in 2016!

The Republican party responded to criticism over its numerous candidates inviting late night, early morning and mid-day comedy performers a bonanza by announcing the posthumous candidacies of four more.

Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Robert Taft and Ronald Reagan will be entered in the campaign and participate in debates via recordings, readings, videos and seances . 

"Their policies and philosophies still are what makes this the grand old party the intellectual leader of America's mentally disabled millions who are victims of too much tv, social media, drugs, alcohol, junk food and mainstream bipartisan politics, so why not honor their memory and remind this great nation of just why this great people are as great as we have become following the leadership of these great leaders for this great nation?" said an anonymous latino-gay-african american- christian-zionist white-female spokesperson for the Republican National Committee of Greatness in a Nation.

An anonymous Democratic Party gender fluid, multi cultural, immigrant born of surrogate parents,wall street-welfare collecting bi-partisan veteran of numerous wars waged by this great nation said " this great nation and this great party welcomes the participation of these great candidates and is considering running Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy in our primaries to further the knowledge that we are a great nation of great people who can be lead by dead leaders as well as living because the policies are the same in this great nation." 

Is this a great nation or what?


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