Sunday, January 6, 2008

Venezuelan president confesses to supermodel Naomi Campbell

January 6, 2008, (Translation by Michael K. Smith)

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has conceded an interview to the supermodel Naomi Campbell in which he characterizes the government of the United States as "genocidal" and praises Cuban leader Fidel Castro as "the world leader with the most style."

In the interview, which will be published in the next issue of the British magazine GQ, Chavez brands the president of the United States as "completely insane," and insists that Bush and his cabinet tried to kill him.

The Venezuelan president labels Condoleezza Rice "Secretary of State of a genocidal government," and is delighted that her boss, Bush, is now close to leaving the White House.

"We are witnessing the fall of the Empire. When the world is frightened, it is one step before the fall. Just like in the story, the Emperor has no clothes, and we have seen his ass."

Venezuela is a country rich in oil, which causes the president to state in the interview that: "Oil will run out in half of the globe, but here we have crude for another hundred years."

"Fidel always tells me not to say that, and exclaims that each time I do, I place myself in Bush's (gun) sight," declares the Venezuelan leader.

Chavez says of his country that it is a model of respect for human rights.

"We are beginning a peaceful revolution. We don't have a single political prisoner. We haven't killed anyone. We have prohibited arresting people for political reasons," he stated.

"The presumption of innocence applies to everyone, and here human rights are respected. I don't believe there is any other country in the world with greater freedom of expression than Venezuela," he insists.

On the elegance of the president of Cuba, Chavez pointed out that "his uniform is impeccable. His boots are well shined and his beard is elegant."

Asked by the supermodel if he knows the British pop music group "The Spice Girls," Chavez says he remembers them, although he adds that he knows England's Queen Elizabeth II personally.

When Naomi Campbell asks if he knows the heir to the British throne, Chavez responds: "I like the Prince. Now he has Camilla, his new girl friend. She isn't as attractive (as Diana of Wales), isn't that right?"

Continuing in a frivolous mood, the model wants to know if Chavez would allow himself to be seen with his chest undressed like Russian president Vladimir Putin, to which Chavez responds, "Why not?", inviting Campbell to feel his muscles.

Chavez showed the interviewer his library and its paintings, and confessed to her that he likes to sing.

"If he weren't president, he would be a very successful Latino singer," comments Campbell, who states that she didn't go to Venezuela to judge Chavez the politician, but rather to interview "Chavez the man."

In her final comments, the model reflects that "Chavez says what he thinks," and confesses that he seemed to her a person "without fear, but not threatening or irrational."

"I hope that the relations between Venezuela and the United States improve in the immediate future. Apart from whatever the future may have in store, for me (Chavez) will always be a rebellious angel."

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