Tuesday, September 15, 2009

America's Minority Threat

American minorities have long been defined as racial, ethnic or religious groups by comparison to white Anglo Saxon protestants , the nation’s founding colonist majority. The population has changed radically since our origins and those suffering discrimination have seen that minority definition outlive its usefulness. Groups demanding equality have led to conflicting policies that set a highly visible majority against itself , while a barely visible minority is hardly noticed. That most dangerous minority maintains power with the help of divisive social programs that keep Americans battling over small portions of the society’s massive wealth, while it luxuriates in the nation’s riches.

Old world social divisions were supposedly erased as we advanced to become a middle class nation of affluent equality . But our working class is artificially reduced to competing factions set against one another by a new world ruling power . Middle class unity only exists in unconscious crowds at the commodity consumption mall. When it comes to alleged democracy, citizens are categorized into isolated groups kept apart by those who profit from socializing individual identities. We need to oppose all forms of discrimination, but while most receive at least some attention those of class and wealth receive hardly any at all.

Our dominating minority holds power by cooperating with its members while it forces the majority into competitive war, whether in local markets or on foreign battlefields . It sustains power in a degeneration of democracy that enables it to purchase politicians and send the bill to that majority who pay and suffer for its political perversion. Present social stress can be blamed on a president who looks black but is half white, and the hateful reaction to him by a minority which looks white and is all racist , but its roots are even deeper. Racism is as great a national problem as it was before Obama was born, but the minority group that selected him to be elected by its subjects is the real issue. It is not a race, but an economic class which rules America. That class has long adjusted to the changing face of the nation and through affirmative action seen to it that so-called minorities and women - really the majority - occupy major positions in all corporate institutions , both private and public .

When groups that suffered discrimination see one of their own raised to power status there should be celebration, but with the understanding that only those individual members profit, while most of the group remain at a loss . This social pleasure at individual achievement is programmed into the consciousness of the culture and it helps the controlling minority to maintain its power. The group having one of its members join the upper class strengthens the fable of meritocracy that says anyone can achieve wealth and power in America, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority never do any such thing.

America’s majority tax payers of all races, creeds and faiths have been made to bail out America’s minority tax collectors of banking and finance , and this unnatural fact of the political economy needs to be confronted before it creates further poverty and suffering for the entire population.

When the nation expends hundreds of billions of dollars to fight wars that benefit a munitions industry and a foreign policy owned and run by minorities, it should not glorify one of its fragmented groups being awarded a senate seat or a court appointment. When that nation spends trillions of dollars to bail out minority finance capital it should not glorify one of its splinter groups winning a business contract or cabinet position. Those individuals who meet physical or cultural descriptions common to a narrowly identified group will be acting for the ruling monetary power and against the interest of their disassembled majority. And that majority will continue being distracted by individual success while it pays for wars, economic chaos , ecological destruction and ultimate social failure .

These divisions manipulate us to replace an old president waging supposedly stupid wars with a new president waging supposedly smart wars , without noticing that they are the same wars. Whichever private servant of capital occupies the publicly subsidized housing in Washington, he or she, of whatever imposed identity group label, will continue to slaughter foreigners and squander our wealth on degradation abroad that brings more poverty at home. The only minority that profits from these destructive policies is not the easily noticed scapegoat group at the bottom of the economic pyramid , but the least noticed at the top. That group is really only 1% of the population or less, and though it is mostly white it is integrated enough in its servant class so that the crumbs dropped from its table are falsely seen a full meal by those socialized to accept malnutrition as a healthy diet because the waiter or waitress is “one of us”.

If we are to achieve a truly democratic society our minority consciousness must change to one in which we become united members of a majority. That majority will not tolerate paying off minority investors by laying off majority workers , nor will it allow bankers in debt to be bailed out of their loans while workers in debt are being thrown out of their homes. Anti democratic power must be taken from our most dangerous minority , and democratic control assumed by the real majority. If we go on battling among ourselves over which minority is the chosen one , we will continue paying the deadly price of subsidizing the destruction of everyone’s social, political and natural environment. Only a minority can be ignorant enough to sustain its demise , but only a majority can be smart enough to change its future.


PC Apostate III said...

Sorry, democracy is a farce that has been effectively exploited to get uus where we're at today

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